Karen McConnaughay Seeking To Become Senate Republican Leader

State Senator Karen McConnaughay chats with constituents in Algonquin.

State Senator Karen McConnaughay, who represents Huntley, southern Crystal Lake and parts of Lake in the Hills and Algonquin is running to be top Republican in the Illinois Senate.

Opposing her is former GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady.

Will this be a girls vs. the boys contest?

Or will it be a Chicago metro area vs. Downstate contest?

Fewer and fewer Republicans are being elected from Cook and the collar counties, while formerly conservative (more than Chicago pols anyway) Democratic Party State Senators are retaining their seats outside of the Chicago area, commonly called, “Downstate.”


Karen McConnaughay Seeking To Become Senate Republican Leader — 6 Comments

  1. Madigan has to be annoyed with having to send another Republican to obedience school.

  2. She’ll be a perfect go-along replacement.

    Unless, of course, we are actually looking for a legitimate Republican leadership!

    But, I don’t suppose that would be the case for our Illinois GOP.

  3. Bill Brady shouldn’t get to lead the Republicans after he endorsed Quinn’s spending plan.

    And remember, voters rejected him too, back in 2010, when he ran for governor (against Quinn).

  4. I wouldn’t support Brady.

    He’s a RINO.

    May as well run as a Democrat!

    She’d have my support.

    Of course would have to see who else is in the running.

  5. She’s a well built woman.

    Lets hope she’s built for tough decisions and hard work.

    That’s what it’ll take to beat the Madigan Machine and save IL.

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