Jack Franks Shows Off Canadian Fish

I recently told you that McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks went on his annual fishing trip in Canada.

That’s the one where people like Jesse White and Ed Burke talk about the future of the Illinois Democratic Party.

Franks recently shared the following photo from the trip.

Jack Franks’ Canadian fish.

It shows a fish he caught.

It seems as pliant as the Republican County Board members he has hooked since talking office.

Was Franks fishing for support for a statewide office?


Jack Franks Shows Off Canadian Fish — 28 Comments

  1. Doesn’t Trumps Travel Ban include Illinois Democrats?

    Northern Pike?

    Looks more like a County Board Member to me.

  2. Patronage hires??????????

    Really and you don’t think the Republicans don’t patronage hire???

    Get real people, I’m a Republican but even realize this.

  3. This picture clearly demonstrates where the priorities of Illinois DEMOCRATS lie.
    Get ready for the coming of Madigan’s income tax hike.

  4. If only he was holding a Bible and a shotgun, I would probably consider him a true conservative. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. I don’t think the problem with the many bad county board members we have is that they don’t “have a spine”

    I think the problem lies in most people’s understanding of why they are there in the first place.

    To really believe that they are there to serve or to get a particular job done is just naive. Foolish!

    The majority are there very simply for a little bit of power, a little bit of prestige, and, of course, health insurance!

    And of course our MCGOP will spend our contribution monies to sell us on the notion that they are all equal, they are all “Republican Strong”!

    Keep your fingers crossed that we get Dave Steiper on board.

    Then you’ll see a board member with principles AND a spine!

  6. No kidding, Paul.

    You are right.

    They wouldn’t have a clue what a spine would be.

  7. Jack has something in common with Rahm, only Rahm sent a dead fish to an Elected Official.

    I guess Jack is probably showing his to the Taxpayers.

  8. a piker caught a pike …. a kind of cannibalism!

    noun, Informal.

    a person who does anything in a contemptibly small or cheap way.

  9. I would encourage Cindy to call me on my cell,
    (815) 267-1997 if she wants to discuss antisemitism.

  10. The term ‘piker’ is a derogatory English regional slang term from ‘pikey.’

    That comes from piker for a tramp or vagabond who was always on the road, who travelled the turnpikes, the one-time toll roads of England.

  11. Pikeys are often associated with those gypsies who distract you at the front door while their cohorts go in the back door and rob you.

    One step below them is your average politician who dresses in a suit and tie and robs you blind while asking for your undying support.

  12. Wow… Google must be sourcing different meanings because the search I made yielded an unsurprisingly veiled antisemitic result.

    pikĀ·er. noun. The definition of a piker is slang for a very frugal or extremely cautious person.

    An example of a piker is a person who will only buy the cheapest of everything…

    What’s the nazi reference Cal always shares?

    Verrrry Inmnteresting…

  13. Moderate must be jewish …. he could find anti-Semitism in a Tibetan prayer-chant or in ancient cave glyphs drawn by troglodytes like him.

    I’m tired of jews being beyond any criticism and imaginary anti-semtism smears.

  14. It could be that Moderate was thinking of the word “Kike”, insulting slang term used for certain Jews.

    The first time I heard the term was within a Jewish Community itself.

  15. Jack, how sad, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Hope you had fun on my dollar?

  16. I am sure my family would fit me into that “piker” definition.

  17. It looks like he’s pulling the classic fisherman stunt of holding the fish away from his body and closer to the camera so it appears bigger.

  18. I wonder what the fish is thinking –

    “Damn, it had to be a Democrat!”

    “Is that hair real?”

    “Wonder if he’d give me a job?”

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