McConnaughay, McConchie, Althoff React to Senate Democrat’s Passage of 32% Income Tax Hike

A press release from State Senator Karen McConnaughay:

McConnaughay Reacts to Budget, Tax Hike Votes

SPRINGFIELD – State Sen. Karen McConnaughay (R-St. Charles) offered the following reaction after the Illinois Senate voted to pass a permanent income tax hike and a budget, absent any substantial reforms.

Karen McConnaughay

“Throughout months of bipartisan negotiations I had real hope that we were going to come together to pass a budget, along with reforms that would put us back on track to fiscal solvency.

“We had an amazing opportunity before us to come together and create a better future for our children and grandchildren.

“Instead, what we got was more of the same kinds of actions that got us here in the first place.

“To say I’m disappointed about today’s legislative action would be a massive understatement.

“However, I remain committed to working together to make Illinois the state it once was and, with real reforms, can be again.”

And a press release that arrived almost simultaneously from State Senator Dan McConchie:

Sen. McConchie responds to budget plan

Springfield, IL… State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) releases the below statement following the House and Senate passing a budget plan, which includes a major tax increase:

Dan McConchie

“To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. Raising taxes and failing to address any of the fundamental issues that plague our state is detrimental to taxpayers.

“We’ve seen this before and it doesn’t work.

“This is the exact same failed approach the state took in 2011—increase taxes without addressing the underlying issues hurting our state.

“Continuing the mistakes of the past will not bring us a brighter future.

“This budget plan is bad for businesses and especially bad for families, and it certainly isn’t attracting people and businesses to Illinois.

“We had a real opportunity to come together and find bipartisan compromise. Unfortunately, today was a missed opportunity.

“Although I am saddened by the votes today, I remain committed to working to make Illinois competitive and a state that people can be proud to call home.”

He added,

“This budget plan is bad for businesses and especially bad for families.”

A press release from State Senator Pam Althoff:

Althoff on budget plan: “Hardest votes I’ve ever taken”

Springfield, IL… State Senator Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry) releases the below statement following the House and Senate passing a budget plan:

Pam Althoff

“We all know that this state is in dire need of a balanced budget and structural reforms.

“However, as much as we want this uncertainty to end, I could not vote for the budget plan that passed today.

“I know we can do better, and I know that together we can present a plan that is bipartisan and is good for taxpayers.

“I know a budget is desperately needed, and I know people are struggling in this state.

“Believe me, these were some of the hardest votes I’ve ever had to take during my time as a legislator.

“But I couldn’t vote for something that permanently raises taxes and does nothing to address the fundamental issues that plague our state.

“This budget plan does not help taxpayers and does not attract new people and businesses to this state.

“There is more work to be done to ensure that we are working in the best interest of all Illinois residents.

“I remain committed to working to making Illinois a place that we all can be proud of.”


McConnaughay, McConchie, Althoff React to Senate Democrat’s Passage of 32% Income Tax Hike — 16 Comments

  1. We all expected the Democrats/Progressive to become more oppressive.

    That’s their M.O.

    What McConnaughay, McConchie, and Althoff should have done is not only call out the Dems, but severely admonish the Republicans who voted for this also!

    Like Rauner had the guts to do!

  2. Rauner does not have guts.

    Unless you consider he gutted Illinois with his inability to get the job done.

    Althoff and McConnaguhy and McConchie knew they were out numbered so figured why bother.

  3. Illinois residents and businesses will be reacting too.

    They will be abandoning Illinois in ever increasing masses.

    If you think there are problems now wait a few more years,
    when all the Boomers retire we will flee from this rolling dumpster fire of a state.

  4. Twitter

    Governor Bruce Rauner channel

    July 3, 2017 at 1:12 PM

    “I will veto Mike Madigan’s permanent 32% tax hike.

    Illinois families don’t deserve to have more of their hard-earned money taken from them.”

    – Includes a 1:49 video.

    Hover the cursor over the bottom of the video and click the speaker icon to activate the sound.

  5. Joseywhales, Like anyone could’ve done better in a state run by democraps and RINOs?

    Obstructionists to a plan that would have worked.

  6. Illinois is prime example of need for distributed autonomous organization.

    Consider Woodstock Illinois CUSD 200.

    D200 Teachers are more highly compensated than Centegra nurses.

    D200 Administrators there are more highly compensated than Centegra doctors.

    Teacher’s response to this point in recent school board election: “Without teachers we wouldn’t have nurses”.

    These State-employed teachers and administrators won’t budge on their 1%-er compensation package entitlement demands even in the face of a budget crisis resulting in the failure of payment of doctors and nurses ( who treat children).

    That represents a direct inverse correlation between State employees’ personal interest motivations and their willingness to suffer even minor personal inconvenience on behalf of children requiring medical treatment.

    There seems to be no human solution for such a problem created/perpetuated by a group of irrational hypocritical organisms like us Illinois residents.

  7. Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed the tax hike.


    Now the bill goes back to the General Assembly to see if the State House and Senate have the votes to over ride the veto.

    The House Speaker, Michael Madigan, already said the House would not have such a vote today.

  8. I wish we could get a little specificity here.



    Balanced budget?

    Sure-what specifically are you going to change?


    Sure, what will you agree to to appease the other side?

    I’m so sick of hand wringing and finger pointing.

  9. The Illinois Senate overrode the Governor’s veto on all 3 of the budget bills.

    Senate Bill 6 (SB 6) – Spending Bill

    Senate Bill 9 (SB 9) – Revenue Bill

    Senate Bill 42 (SB 42) – Budget Implementation (BIMP) Bill


    Now the bills go to the House.

    Michael Madigan has already said the House will not vote on the bills today.

  10. The bills were too complex and moved too fast as amended for anyone other than a select few were involved in crafting the bills to fully understand them.

    The legislative process in Illinois is broken.

    The House Speaker has too much power (more power than the House speaker in most other if not all other states).

    The so called “balanced” budget is not sustainable to fix our long term problems.

    Problems including the myriad of pension games such as:

    – Pension benefits were hiked while pensions were already underfunded

    – Pension contributions diverted to salary hikes which hiked the pension payout

    – State hikes did not consider local fiscal health and vice versa.

    – Pension benefit hikes and retiree healthcare benefit hikes were not properly vetted before the public.

    – Collective bargaining hikes were not properly vetted before the public.

    This state is a fiscal farce.

  11. Typo.

    – Salary hikes did not consider local fiscal health and vice versea.

  12. Re: ““Believe me, these were some of the hardest votes I’ve ever had to take during my time as a legislator.”



    Read the platform written by those you represent!

    My interpretation from her comment is that she has a real problem NOT adhering to the wishes of Madigan and the communist party!

  13. Is it true that Karen McConnaughay hired an interior decorator for her office at taxpayer expense?

    Crusts for the peasants, cake for the lords and ladies…

  14. (Oh, sorry, make that “cake and hypocrisy for the lords and ladies”)

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