An Example of Why the Advice, “Be Careful What You Post on Facebook,” Is Good Advice

This 4th of July weekend, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks posted a photo of himself with a big pike.

He, his father and Democratic Party poohbahs go fishing in Canada the end of each June.

Nothing wrong with that, but most people can’t afford such a luxury.

The advice I’ve heard given to political candidates is that they should try to look like their constituents.

Taking trips to Canada, Cuba and other places that normal McHenry County residents can’t afford is one thing.

Broadcasting that information in a Facebook ad seems a bit risky.

But, there is still another risk.

Someone may decide to add some text to one’s Facebook post and re-post it, as you can see below:

Here’s an unintended consequence


An Example of Why the Advice, “Be Careful What You Post on Facebook,” Is Good Advice — 16 Comments

  1. You must hate Trump.
    You must hate Bruce Rauner who dumps $50MM into races.
    Most people can’t afford such a luxury.

    What a 🤡

  2. There are tons of average citizens that take vacations that cost more than a fishing trip.

    Posting pictures on Facebook can be a problem at times as proven here.

    Political games are at a all time high.

  3. Anyone that posts anything of the CIA’s Fecebook is a fool to begin with.

  4. Just goes to show the outright contempt Franks has for his constituents and the taxpayers of Illinois.

    While people and businesses are fleeing the state and the rest of us are struggling
    to pay insane property taxes and somehow provide for our families,

    Jack arrogantly flaunts his get together with fellow DEMOCRATS.

    Further, not all people that can afford an international fishing excursion are
    elected officials from a state that is in fiscal collapse with no chance
    of recovery at any time in the near future.

  5. 23 “Republicans” on the county board, who can’t even come together on an issue like Prevailing Wage, and Jack is the problem?

    In the meantime, all this talk around the county on CUTTING tax levies, only because of Jack!

    Oh, and who led the effort to do away with IMRF pensions for county board members?


    And who fought it??

    Your MC Reoublicans!!

    Face it, you people aren’t genuinely interested in “Good Government” or lower taxes, you serve only your beloved, and quite fraudulent party which has accomplished nearly squat in this county and state.

  6. Boy you guys sure hate Jack Franks.

    You ever think that if he had an “R” after his name instead of a “D” he’d be your hero?

  7. Naw, he’d still be slimy bottom feeder like most politicians regardless of party.

  8. Franks is bi partisan – that’s why he get things done unlike hyper partisan ingrates who swear allegiance to a corrupt good old boy system that left McHenry county with the highest property taxes in the nation and a dwindling population. Franks is the guy cleaning up the local GOP mess.

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