Edgar: “Rauner Can Have His Cake and Eat It, Too”

Friday the Chicago NPR station, WBEZ-FM, interviewed formed Republican Govenror Jim Edgar about the tax hike.

The most interesting thing said was Edgar’s comment that current Republican Govenror Bruce Rauner could “have his cake and eat it, too.”

I hadn’t put my thoughts into those succinct words, but I agree.

Rauner had made no secret that he wanted the income tax raised from 3.75% to 4.95%.

Now he has it, but since he vetoed it and mainly Democrats voted to override his veto, he can blame Mike Madigan and John Cullerton.

Talk about having it both ways!


Edgar: “Rauner Can Have His Cake and Eat It, Too” — 16 Comments

  1. Governor Rauner did not receive anything close to the number of reforms he wanted in exchange for the tax hike.

  2. That’s because Rauner wants all the benefits and none of the blame. Madigan is his perfect straw man.

  3. Sure Moderate, he ran for office and spent millions of his own money just to blame Madigan, not to reform government.

    Another day, another $25 million wasted on pension interest for the 5 state pension funds.

    Money which could have gone to benefit the program of your choice.

  4. Sad commentary on the part of “Moderate” but indicative of a Progressive.

    Public policy apparently has more to do with ‘blame’ and ‘credit’ then it does with what is morally or even fiscally correct / responsible.

    Rauner (even though you may not agree with his ‘social’ attitudes) is actually trying to solve a severe problem while ALL the Dems / Progressives / Indivisibles are willingly exacerbating the problem.

  5. Crawl back under your rock Edgar.

    You put the State on this path in the 90’s and your only legacy is you narrowly avoided jail time.


  6. Moderate never fails to seize an opportunity to make a fool of himself.

    Unfortunately, this state is full of his like thinking comrades which explains
    the circumstance we find ourselves in today.

  7. Rauner wanted the same 32% income tax increase, and he just got it.

    As for his “reforms,” not one of them would have benefitted the average citizen, except term limits (and you’ll notice he excluded the Governor’s office from his term limits demand).

    If any of you really believe that a pro-abortion pro-immigration RINO billionaire does ANYTHING out of his “love for Illinois,” I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that’s priced just for you…

  8. Illinois Policy Institute

    Rauner’s Reform Demands: From 44 to 0

    by Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner

    June 27, 2017

    “Gov. Bruce Rauner has compromised over and over to strike a deal, to the point of abandoning every reform he once demanded.

    But not matter how much Rauner gave, House Speaker Mike Madigan never budged.”



    Don’t want reform?

    Enjoy paying $25 million dollars per day in pension interest for the 5 state pension funds.

  9. Rauner’s unmet demands?

    Term limits and union busting.

    He held Illinois hostage for two years over term limits and union busting.

    And if we hadn’t sunsetted the tax increase, we’d be out of the hole already.

    He’s just useless.

  10. Rauner, you should remember, was not in office when the 67% income tax hike passed by Democrats sunsetted.

  11. Plus, the Democrats did not pay off bills with the old income tax hike.

    They used the money for other agendas and barely made a dent in the backlog of bills.

    Why would they do anything other than rob the masses to pay for votes?

    Never underestimate stupid people in numbers; especially when you pay them or give them “favors”.

  12. Little Jim and Big Jim would know about eating Cake on our dime.

    Fricking expert’s.

  13. So right nob, they are a part of History, that we should not forget.

  14. Edgar should know, the weirdo Scientologist Edgar was a far bigger crook than Blago and Ryan ever were!

    “Edgar ran for office in 1991 on a pledge to make Illinois’ then temporary tax increase permanent. After beating Democrat Neil Hatrigan, who campaigned against the tax increase, Edgar told Illinois Issues magazine that the state simply could not afford to lose the tax dollars brought in by the old tax increase.
    “There’s no way you can make that amount of cuts without cutting into programs that I think everyone agrees are necessary,” Edgar said in 1991.

    Noticing a theme here?  

    Rather than addressing structural problems with structural fixes, Illinois politicians like Jim Edgar opted instead to paper over the crisis and push it off until later — all at the expense of the beleaguered Illinois taxpayer.  

    Yeah, that’s worked out well, hasn’t it?

    Edgar’s administration wasn’t scandal-free, either:

    Top aides to former Gov. Jim Edgar and Senate President James “Pate” Philip were among a lineup of powerful political insiders named as unindicted co-conspirators in a multimillion-dollar state contract scandal that led to federal convictions of an influential consulting firm, its founders and state bureaucrats, according to court documents released Wednesday.
    The firm, Management Services of Illinois Inc., a major political contributor to Edgar, was found guilty of bilking the state out of $12.9 million on a contract it held with the Department of Public Aid to cut welfare costs by identifying insurance coverage for public aid recipients that would replace government-paid health-care benefits.

    Finally, on a weirder note, back in 1991 Edgar designated March 13th as “L. Ron Hubbard Day” in Illinois.  

    Yes, that L. Ron Hubbard.  

    Founder of Scientology.  

    Edgar said at the time that Hubbard’s “writings on the mind and human spirit have helped millions of people lead better lives. His literary works have enriched the lives of many readers” and “has solved the aberrations of the human mind.”

    He rescinded the proclamation a mere 26 days later.”

    excerpted from: http://www.illinoismirror.com/sorry-but-jim-edgar-really-just-wasnt-all-that-great/

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