Sun-Times Runs Photo of Madigan and Andersson

The Chicago Sun-Times probably doesn’t have much circulation in State Representative Steve Andersson’s district.

The Chicago Sun-Times is another paper that featured the photo of Mike Madigan thanking Steve Andersson for his support of the Democrats’32% income tax hike.

Nevertheless, it can’t help to have the photo of Mike Madigan shaking hands with Andersson that ran on front pages in both the Chicago Tribune and the Northwest Herald be the focal point of the Chicago Sun-Times’ two-page spread on the tax hike vote.

Andersson told the Illinois Chronicle:

“I was not elected by Gov. Rauner, I was elected by the people in my district.”


Sun-Times Runs Photo of Madigan and Andersson — 9 Comments

  1. Actually if Ugaste had been his only opposition in the 2014 primary, Andersson would likely have lost to Ugaste.

    Andersson 4,891 votes; Miller 2,558 votes; Ugaste 3,481 votes.

    The majority of voters did not vote for Andersson in 2014 primary.

    Andersson’s best results were in St. Charles Township – not Elgin.

  2. South Elgin IS St. Charles Township. St. Charles, the actual town is NOT in his district.

    Take another look at the map knucklehead!

  3. Birds of a feather ….

    Look at those two congratulating each other for just
    back stabbing the taxpayers, how proud of themselves they are.

    This is nothing to be proud about, but then again this is Illinois ..

  4. YouTube

    Upstream Ideas Channel

    15 House Repbulicans Vote for Madigan’s Tax Hike

    July 9, 2017

    – Includes mention of Steve Andersson

    – Also includes interview of State Representative Allen Skillicorn (Crystal Lake district office, McHenry and Kane Counties)

  5. Durkin needs to strip Andersson of his floor leader job ASAP.

    When the party leadership won’t even toe the line, it’s no wonder that the Republicans are so messed up in this state.

  6. Justin L Fowler of the State Journal Register took the photo of the handshake between Steve Andersson and Michael Madigan, and the Associated Press (AP) further distributed the photo.

    Wonder how many awards it will win.


    Reboot Illinois has a video of the entire State House session that took place on July 6, 2017, including speeches, roll calls, and the infamous handshake.



    Reboot Illinois channel

    Illinois House Overrides Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Budget Veto – July 6, 2017

    published on July 6, 2017

    “The Democratic-controlled Illinois House, with the help of 10 GOP members, on Thursday voted to override Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s budget veto.”

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