Franks Wins TRO Against LITH Sanitary District

If you just read the Temporary Restraining Order against the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District by Judge Thomas Meyer Monday morning, it sounds like a great victory for McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

The approximately 13 acres of Kane County real estate that the District plans to purchase in mid-August is held up until the next court hearing.

The District is purchasing the land to build a lift station to serve a future development. Additional customers would spread the fixed costs of the treatment plants among more customers, the plan being to lower fees.

The hearing is set for August 16th at 1:30, which is before the scheduled closing date on the property.

However, the findings in the motion are “not binding beyond this preliminary hearing,” Judge Meyer told the attorneys.

Incumbent Trustees (not the ones Franks appointed) agreed to maintaining the status quo.

The State’s Attorney’s “facts” were allowed in the document only because they were needed to fulfill the requirements of the law with regard to the issuance of a TRO.

The court order is below:


Franks Wins TRO Against LITH Sanitary District — 8 Comments

  1. A victory for the taxpayers, smaller government and against nepotism!


  2. It is not a victory for anything. At least not yet. And apparently, you have no idea what smaller government means. This would lead to a bigger hunk of pie for one small disgusting emperor who has no clothes.

  3. Moderate did you miss the part where the closing Is scheduled after the temp order expires?

    Especially the part where the judge makes clear it’s only until A hearing can be held.

    Wow, what a victory.


  4. I have a feeling you are an existing commentor using a new handle.

    No one is that overtly hostile their second post.

    Maybe the return of Klaatu under a new pseudonym?

  5. So says Jack Franks’ biggest cheerleader and attack dog on the blog.

  6. And you were an idiot straight out of the box. What’s your point there, sleuth?

  7. Sunshine blogger, please modify this headline immediately. I suggest “Something smells fishy in the court.” Alongside, you may re-post Franks’ picture in the boat from a few days ago. You may photoshop the image, so Franks is holding Lady Justice instead of a canadian fish. This will make my compassionate conservative friends feel a little better. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. It is a new day.

    That means another $25,000,000 interest on the unfunded liability for the 5 state pensions (TRS, SERS, SURS, GARS, JRS) accrued to be amortized through the year 2045.

    Pension interest on unfunded liabilities is such a great use of taxpayer dollars.

    It was such a good idea to hike pension benefits while pensions were already underfunded and salary hikes were being distributed.

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