Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik Breaks Court Suit Silence

Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik is a happy lady.

In court proceedings before Judge Michael Caldwell Friday, sources tell me that she received permission to access all records at any time she wants.

I haven’t seen the court order or gotten the take of Algonquin Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser or his attorney Robert Hanlon, but Ludaski posted the following Friday:

I have been quiet long enough.

I went to court today for my hearing to get an injunction from Judge Caldwell to ensure I have access to the records that as my duly elected position am by law supposed to have.

I have been constantly met with obstruction and games.

My hopes are that this silly lawsuit that Mr. Gasser brought me into will soon be resolved.

My hopes are that I will be able to concentrate on the job I was elected to do instead of constantly dealing with immature games.

This is the 3rd time Judge Caldwell has ruled in my favor.

I wonder what else I will face from some at the Algonquin Township.

I will continue to defend myself and will prevail.

Thank you all for your support.


Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lukasik Breaks Court Suit Silence — 16 Comments



    Andy is an idiot.

  2. In her favor? I was told it was an agreed order.

    More lies from Karen Miller. I mean Lukasik.

  3. Thewholetruth, you’re implying someone would agree to an injunction against them in an order?

    Cal needs to post the order, we will have to wait to see if it says “agreed order”

  4. Yes do post the order xall or do you only do that for orders who favor your Team?

    I hear the order also says she is the custodian of all records, what a waste of money by the high away commissioner and that jerk kid..nick..

  5. Im sure she will now release the detailed negotiations for the 150 no doubt in these records.

    After all the former commissioner strapped the taxpayers with a very expensive contract.

    Do we have all the private emails or the napkin detailing this patronage protection agreement?

    Glad Karen can do her job and share this with us or confirm that there are no records and a great fraud was committed against the taxpayer.

    Will be interesting to see which way it falls.

  6. If you do the job you were elected to do Marc or Chuck did this wouldn’t be happening

    Don’t kook at security Systemin on east main again paid by the people along with phone bills has for there cars……….


  7. I did not understand a word you said, Tam. Could you put that in English, please?

  8. Judges don’t type up orders in court. the second page is typed. That means lawyers agreed and typed it up for a judge too sign it.

    Lukasik pretends like it is some big WIN to have access to records she already had access too.

    Its dumb.

  9. ‘Dirty Gasser’ is just proof that Andrew is doing right by the township and taxpayers.

    Keep doing the right things Andrew-

    That’s why the voters put you there.

  10. Hey Mr. Chu Lei Tam: Please return to China and surrender your H1B visa.

    There, please go back to school and try to learn English and write coherently.

    You can always come back and get a state job in Illinois because aliens will always be favored over native citizens and bring so much diversity, being a Communist Party official and all.

    Hey Karen Lukasic: Your childlike rants and attention-seeking antics are VERY entertaining, if not illuminating.

    I hereby nominate you, over HRM Tina ‘Big as a’ Hill, to be crowned this year’s official:

  11. LOL, but no, Truth2Power; the poster ‘DirtyGasser’ (Anna Miller) should get that award … she really deserves it!

  12. I am sorry. I KNOW drama queens. Dirty is NOT a drama anything! Just a foul-mouthed moron.

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