The Next Big Illinois Tax Hike

Dennis Byrne picked up on a comment made by Senate President John Cullerton that I and most readers of the Chicago Tribune missed.

Democratic Senate President John Cullerton suggested Thursday that paying down more of the bills would require raising taxes even higher, or making steeper cuts to what he described as an already “Spartan” budget.

Bryne asks,

When will they be back for another tax increase?

Because everyone, I mean everyone except the most partisan among us, knows that the 32 percent tax increase won’t be anywhere near enough to solve Illinois budget crisis.

Given the choice of cutting the budget or raising taxes, Bryne and everyone else who has followed what Democrats do in Springfield know the answer.

Now get ready, folks, for the next crisis that is sure to come. And we’ll repeat this kabuki dance all over again. I can hear it now: We must have another tax increase, now. Without any reforms.

Damn if it isn’t Groundhog Day over and over again.


The Next Big Illinois Tax Hike — 9 Comments

  1. We are the lab rats that pay for the experiment, the cage, AND the cure!

  2. The next tax hike, and it’s coming, will be taxing the pensions of retirees.

    Not a matter of if, but when.

    All Madigan and the Ponzi Party has to do is figure out a way
    to sell it to (FORCE IT UPON) the masses.

    And with the help of turncoat backstabbing RINOs it will be done.

    If you’ve ever considered fleeing Illinois, especially if you’re a retiree, now would be the time
    to do so.

  3. When the voters get rid of Madigan and cullerton?

    All they care about is that their union backers collect big money.

    Not only get them out of office ,run them out of the state.


  4. After this attack on our great state, Honest Abe Lincoln must be in tears right now. Support unions. Volunteer in your local public school and thank a teacher. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Well Cindy, listen to Angel, and Thank A Teacher . . . the IEA and Local Teacher’s Unions help put the Democrats in office.

  6. The usual Illinois two wolves and one sheep, pondering a vote, on what to have for dinner.

  7. Starving the beast involves cutting off funding (feeding) sources.

    The new sources of funding in Illinois seem to be themselves funded with public funds.

    Cutting off sources of public funding such as:



    Enterprise Zone

    Tax Credits (for specific projects/hiring)


    would move Illinois further down the path toward its inevitable outcome.

  8. Attacking feeding sources involves citizen involvement at specific ground level:

    research legal standards allowing specific funding activity
    research and prosecute violations of legal standards in the process of specific funding activity

    IRS Taxable Fringe Benefits
    describes specific standards and limits for employee perqs.

    Schools and townships and other public big-money industries regularly allow employees fringe benefits.

    If public employees had to pay taxes on the fringe benefits as the law requires, they might decline these fringe benefits.

    It may be that the public employer (for example, school district) ‘picks up’ the employees’ tax payment, as an ADDITIONAL FRINGE BENEFIT.

    It may be that the voting public is oblivious of such practices, and might start to understand the enormous disparity between publicly disclosed pay and real life remuneration amounts.

    It may be that such an epiphany alters voters’ decisions at the polls.

    It is the taxpayers’ responsibility to do their own research/activism, as there is no collective bargaining/protection entity who is enriched by research and enforcement of ‘taxpayer rights’.

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