McHenry Fiesta Days Parade Participants March Through the Rain

The McHenry Fiesta Days Parade was almost over, but I was still hanging around to see if the Republicans would have an entry.

Single payer health care supporters marched in McHenry.

As rain and, then, hail began an entry of liberals appeared supporting universal health care.

Some had the foresight to bring umbrellas and slickers.

They wanted a single payer system.

One was waving an Illinois flag. Others were carrying signs.

A man was walking in what look like scrubs.

A man wears scrubs.

A sign on my side of the street said, “Don’t privatize the VA.”

A sign against privatizing the Veterans Administration was a new issue for me.

In the center of the street was a vehicle calling for Medicare for all..

“Medicare for All” reads the sign on the vehicle.

Men carrying signs followed the vehicle.

Democratic Party activist Terry Kappel carries a sign that I can’t make out.

Another man behind the vehicle carries another sign.

“Medicare for all, Saves money, Saves lives” reads this guy’s sign.

Here’s what the entry looked like going away.

The back of the entry.

The Republican Party did not have an entry.


McHenry Fiesta Days Parade Participants March Through the Rain — 16 Comments

  1. They want Medicare for all because they are broke and can’t afford it, just like our government.

  2. Oh my gosh.

    The communists will be the death of the country.

    I guess they haven’t had enough of the crazy expense yet, so they want to increase it some more.

    Hope they really enjoy waiting in very long lines for less care than they have now.

    Great planning, you dopes!

    Who are these nitwits that can’t think for themselves yet their hand is always out?

  3. The guy with the really stupid sign about NOT privatizing the VA really likes the long lines and mounting deaths of veterans waiting (sometimes years) for not forthcoming care.

    They apparently can’t wait to have the same system for themselves.

    You fools!

  4. BTW fools,I HAVE medicare.

    Been paying for it for years (forced) and have NEVER used it once.

    Good luck with that crap care,too!

  5. Looks like the cast from “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.

    At least the stinking Socialists got a shower today … and it was free !

  6. You all are uneducated and only call names like school yard bullies. Grow up.

  7. There was no name calling.

    Being discerning is NOT being a bully.

    Get a clue about life, karma.

  8. Yeah? No name calling? What’s “Big tranny?” Are you just blind to your own ridiculousness?

  9. How is telling the truth name calling? You are an idiot Joek. You want ridiculous? Look at the photos again.

  10. Not a man in the march.

    Aging hippies are sad and desperate looking.

  11. For those posting negative comments, if you make less than about $200,000 a year, you should be out there with them.

    You are being played.

    Btw, many out here fighting are north of that line because we care about others.

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