Serwatka Reports on Lakewood Flooding

From Lakewood Village President Paul Serwatka:

Flood Crisis Update

I spent some time today in the Gates, before and after today’s storm.

As expected, the continued rain has only exacerbated the crisis.

Earlier we had a downed powerline on Broadway. Police and Fire were attending to this when I left.

There was a large tree branch blocking the north side of Lake Ave. near Cumberland. I alerted Public Works to this and they were enroute to handle it when I left.

Loch Glen also began experiencing substantial flooding near Redtail and Loch Glen Drive due to blocked drainage of a retention pond. I alerted Public Works Crews to this and this was added to their list.

As I drove through Turnberry, an entire full grown Weeping Willow was uprooted and toppled over, blocking Turnberry Trail. Residents informed me this had happened within the hour. I alerted Public Works Crews and this too, will be addressed today.

I have had ongoing conversation with our Public Works Supervisor and Wastewater Plant Operator and at approximately 6:30pm I authorized approximately 20 Waste-Hauling Semi-Tankers to come in and begin pumping out water from strategic areas to be hauled and dumped at our wastewater facility.

Part of Lakewood’s sewage treatment plant.

This will be an ongoing effort throughout the night. Once this effort is completed we will assess whether the effort was worthwhile or not and go from there.

It is a very real possibility that this will be an entirely futile effort, but there is also a possibility it will provide SOME relief. As more rain is forecasted, I must admit I am sceptical, but I want everyone to know that we really are trying everything.

I truly wish there was more I could do.


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  1. Did the Lakewood taxoholics, RINOs, democrats and loons blame Serwatka for the deluges???

    That’s about their low wattage speed!

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