Jack Franks Receives Mileage, Too

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog pointed out that Jack Franks’ patronage employee Bridget Geenen received four $500 mileage payments (yesterday I assumed they were checks, but they could have been cash) from the County Chairman’s political committee.

Today, take a look what he paid himself:

Jack Franks took three $267 payments for mileage from his Political Action Committee.  One is on the same day that patronage employee Bridget Geenen got $500 for mileage.


Jack Franks Receives Mileage, Too — 33 Comments

  1. Even numbers aren’t a problem, folks.

    These are “tax” returns and rounding is allowed/encouraged.

    Take a look at your own tax returns.

    Consistent charges, month after month, are a red flag though.

    Averaging doesn’t cut it.

    Anything paid to an employee, etc. over and above compensation at the IRS standard mileage rate for ACTUAL miles driven is taxable income.

    How is he (or Geenen for that matter) running up that much mileage while supposedly fully employed by McHenry County?

    Is the mileage incurred on county time?

    Is he/she also collecting mileage from McHenry County?

    Does Jack have a county vehicle or vehicle allowance?

    Does she?

    THOSE are the questions that make this interesting.

    THEY are the red flags that should give pause.

    Maybe we could ask the IRS if they are interested?

  2. Interesting…. Steve Reick did not have ANY mileage listed on his D2’s.

    Where’s he hiding it?

  3. Maybe Steve Reick isn’t taking the deduction, but if he did it’s reasonable seeing he travels to Springfield! Where the hell is Franks going where he needs reimbursement for mileage? You people would smile and nod in approval if he took money out of your own wallets….oh but wait…

  4. Just more evidence of the arrogance of the Public Sector.

    Just got off the phone with my Illinois Atty this AM and the conversation gravitated on to how bad things are in Illinois. Every single time I talk to anyone there it’s the same misery.

    Given this climate, you would think the Political Class would take more care with any perceived impropriety.

    Not in Illinois.

  5. Jack Franks and the PAC would need to explain to the Illinois State Board of Elections, IRS, or US Attorney’s office (depending on where the complaint is filed and if the decide to investigate) how it is that he drove the exact same number of miles in March, April, and May of 2017.

    The reimbursement is per mile driven.

    But for the State Board of Elections, the IRS, or the US Attorney’s office to investigate, someone needs to file a complaint, as was explained in the post linked in the article above.

  6. Franks is the only one affiliated with the county board that has not submitted any tax payer funded requests for attending county board meetings. Unlike all of the Republicans on the board who submit tax payer funded mileage request for driving to Woodstock to do their jobs, Franks is the only one not costing the taxpayers for mileage as he is legitimately having his campaign reimburse him for expenses incurred outside of county work ….

    I’ve never seen Republicans so interested in running a Democrat’s campaign…

  7. Jack Franks appears to be violating State Board of Elections mileage reimbursement rules.

    As reported above, he was reimbursed an identical amount from the PAC 3 months in a row.

    How likely is it someone drives the exact same miles 3 months in a row for political work.

  8. Beginning June 1, 2001, Jack Franks has been receiving monthly mileage reimbursements of identical dollar amounts from his political action committees (PACs).

    June 1, 2001 – December 13, 2006: $186 per month.

    February 5, 2007 – May 28, 2017: $267 per month.

    Total: $44,736.


    The expenditures were from two PACs.

    First came the Citizens for Jack D Franks PAC (committee ID 13681).

    That was replaced by the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC (committee ID 19464).


    Do it yourself (DIY):

    The information is on the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) website.

    http://www.elections.il.gov > Search Options > Expenditures Search > Search > by Committees tab > Committee ID: (type in the committee ID listed above) > Search > Download this List > Tab-Delimited Text File > Save File > OK.

    Remember or write down the directory (path) to the file and the file name.

    The file name is Expenditures.txt.

    Open Excel.

    Choose the path to the file.

    Select All files (*.*) so the text file appears.

    Sort by the Date Modified column so the most recent date appears first.

    Open the file.

    Highlight Expenditures.txt file and click open.

    Choose the delimited option (characters such as commas or tabs separate each field).

    Click next.

    Choose the tab delimiter.

    Click next.

    Choose the General date format.

    Click finish.

    Save the file to a file name and directory you can remember.

    In “save as type”, save as an Excel file, not as a text file.


    Something similar can be done in Google spreadsheet.

  9. I believe Moderate is mistaken.

    Can someone FOIA County Administration for any mileage or other reimbursements that Franks has requested and/or received?

  10. I’ll bet you there are more records at the courthouse sealing claims of pedophilia against former elected officials than requests for reimbursement by Franks for gas.

  11. Instead of betting, submit the FOIA request and stop whining until you have the facts.

    I’m no fan of Franks, but if you are actually a concerned taxpayer, form the conclusion after you have reviewed the evidence; doing the opposite shows all you care about is politics.

    That makes opposition to Franks look bad.

  12. Once a democrat, always a democrat.

    What good is a democrat without corruption?


  13. Well there’s about 192 months of mileage reimbursements from Jack Franks.

    16 years x 12 months per year.

    Plus Bridget Geenen is 68 months.

    So that’s 260 months of flat rate “mileage” reimbursements.

    The PAC was treating it more like a stipend than mileage reimbursement.

  14. None of you contributed to his PAC.

    Franks doesn’t take reimbursement from the taxpayers.

    What are you even complaining about?

    It’s like the old adages, “if you didn’t vote, don’t complain.”

    If you didn’t contribute, don’t conplain.

  15. If someone believes that a licensed attorney has broken the law, a complaint may be filed at ARDC.

    Links to forms are at the linked page, however complaints must be mailed in.

    If the attorney has committed an offense which warrants disbarment in opinion of commission he will lose his law license.

    However the rules governing attorney behavior are not what one might expect, there is a high bar for what is considered an offense.

    Link to Attorney Registration Disciplinary Commission


    Forms cannot be submitted electronically. Return completed forms by mail or facsimile to:
    130 E. Randolph Dr., Ste. 1500
    Chicago, IL 60601-6219
    FAX: (312) 565-2320 or ARDC
    3161 W. White Oaks Dr., Ste.301
    Springfield, IL 62704
    FAX: (217) 546-3785

  16. Campaign receipts or the lack thereof are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

    FOIA is for obtaining government documents.

  17. It would be interesting to see the purpose of each trip.

    The campaign helper (Ms. Geenen) is claiming almost 2x the mileage reimbursement as the candidate (Mr. Franks).

    $500 per month for Ms. Geenen.

    $267 per month for Mr. Franks.

    And as of right now, Mr. Franks is not a declared candidate for any political office.

    Maybe Mr. Franks is considering candidacy for the Secretary of State office.

    That primary election is to be held March 20, 2018.


    – the current Secretary of State, Jesse White, goes on the annual Canadian fishing trip with Mr. Franks,

    – Mr. White has stated he will not run for re-election in 2018,

    – the Secretary of State office has over 3,000 union employees (Mr. Franks has received over $1M campaign contributions from labor unions),

    – and Jack Franks receives the majority of his campaign contributions from outside McHenry County.


    $1M = $1,000,000.

  18. It would be curious how much you scrutinize Republican D2’s for reimbursements.

    Oh wait.

    You won’t.

  19. Provide readers with research similar to Mark’s.

    I’m busy with flooding issues.

  20. A third person was reimbursed a flat amount monthly for “mileage” by the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC.

    That is Linda Dikun, the current Treasurer of the political action committee (PAC).

    From October 1, 2012 thru June 16, 2017, the PAC expended $13,065 to Ms. Dikun for “mileage” and “gasoline.”

    The expenditures are broken down as follows:

    October 1, 2012 to December 27, 2012: $100 per month for a total of $400.

    April 23, 2013 to January 14, 2014: $140 per month for a total of $1,400.

    January 27, 2014: $100.

    February 10, 2014: $140.

    February 15, 2014 to March 16, 2014: $165 per month for a total of $330.

    April 16, 2014 to December 16, 2015: $265 per month for a total of $5,565.

    January 16, 2016 to June 16, 2017: $285 per month for a total of $5,130.

  21. The current flat rate monthly “mileage” expenditures by the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC, as reported monthly in 2017, are:

    Bridget Geenen – $500

    Linda Dikun – $285

    Jack Franks – $267

    Total – $1,052.


    So what are the dates, locations, and mileage for each trip for these three that exactly equals $1,052 per month.

  22. The 2016 monthly flat rate “mileage” expenditures by the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC:

    Bridget Geenen – $250

    Linda Dikun – $285

    Jack Franks – $267.

    Total mileage expenditures by the PAC for those three – $802.


    What is the explanation for Bridget Geenen’s campaign mileage reimbursement suddenly doubling in 2017?

    Suddenly, Ms. Geenen goes from the least reimbursed, to the top reimbursed, in a new calendar year, almost double that of the candidate (Mr. Franks) himself.

  23. Thus from 2016 to 2017, the monthly flat rate “mileage” expenditures by the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC to those three suddenly increased:

    – 100% for Ms. Geenen alone.

    – 32% for the three (Ms. Geenen, Ms. Dikun, Mr. Franks).


    In 2017, the politician (Mr. Franks) is claiming a little over 1/2 the mileage of the campaign helper (Ms. Geenen).

    What Jack Franks campaign events does anyone remember since the November 8, 2016 county board election?

    There was a 4th of July parade in which one of Mr. Franks’ sons also apparently appeared (presumably the alleged death threat scare for the sons safety is now off).

    Anyone remember other events?

    Maybe there are a few, would have to put some more thought into that.

  24. Summary of the flat rate “mileage” expenditures by the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC & Citizens for Jack Franks PACs to Bridget Geenen, Jack Franks, and Linda Dikun.



    Bridget Geenen, $500 per month, total $3,000 (to date for 6 months).

    Linda Dikun, $285 per month, total $1,710 (to date for 6 months).

    Jack Franks, $267 per month, total $1,335 (to date for 5 months).

    Monthly Average (12 months) $1,008 to date.

    Year to date total $6,045 for 6 months (Jack Franks was only reimbursed for 5 months).



    Bridget Geenen, $250 per month, $3,000 total.

    Linda Dikun, $285 per month, $3,420 total.

    Jack Franks, $267 per month, $2,670 total (no reimbursements for 2 months).

    Monthly Average (12 months) $758.

    Annual total $9,090 (no reimbursements for Jack Franks for 2 months).



    – Bridget Geenen, $250 per month, total $3,200 (December had an extra $200).

    – Linda Dikun, $265 per month, total $3,180.

    – Jack Franks, $267 per month, total $3,204.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $799.

    Yearly total – $9,584.



    Bridget Geenen, $250 per month, total $3,304 (an extra $304 payment for November).

    Linda Dikun, $100 & $140 in Jan, $140 & 165 in Feb, $165 in Mar, $265 Apr – Dec, total $3,095.

    Jack Franks, $267 per month (1 month was $597 instead of $267), total $3,534.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $828.

    Grand Total $9,933.



    Bridget Geenen $250 per month, total $3,000.

    Linda Dikun $140 per month (Apr – Dec only), total $1,260.

    Jack Franks $267 per month, total $3,204

    Monthly Average (12 months) $622.

    Grand total $7,464.



    Bridget Geenen $250 per month, total $3,000.

    Linda Dikun $100 per month for 4 months, total $400.

    Jack Franks $267 per month, total $3,204

    Monthly Average (12 months) $550.

    Grand total $6,604.



    Jack Franks $267 per month, Total $3,204.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $267.



    Jack Franks $267 per month, Total $3,204.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $267.



    Jack Franks $267 per month (except 1 month was $236 instead of $267), Total $3,173.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $267.



    Jack Franks $267 per month, Total $3,204.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $267.



    Jack Franks, $0 January, $534 Feb, $120 Mar, $267 Mar – Aug & Oct – Dec, Total $3,057.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $255.



    Jack Franks, $186 per month, $2,232 Total.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $186.


    End Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC.


    Begin Citizens for Jack D Franks PAC.



    Jack Franks, $186 Jan – Jun, $86 July, $186 Aug – Oct, $180 Nov, $186 Dec, Total $2,126.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $177.



    Jack Franks, $186 Jan, $186 Mar, $186 May – Dec, Total $1,860.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $155.



    Jack Franks, $186 Jan, $372 Mar, $186 Apr, $186 Jul – Dec, $1,860 Total.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $155.


    2003 Car

    The PAC expended $3,000 for a car for Debby Franks (wife) in April 2003.

    No mileage for Debby Franks.



    Jack Franks, $372 Feb, $372 Mar, $372 Jun, $186 Jul, $255 Aug, $186 Sept, $186 Oct, $372 Oct, $186 Nov, $186 Dec, Total $2,673.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $223.



    Jack Franks, $201 May, $186 Jun, $186 Jul, $186 Aug, $248 Aug, $186 Dec, Total $1,193.

    Monthly Average (12 months) $99.


    1999 & 2000

    No mileage or gasoline listed for Jack Franks.



    2017 – $6,045 to date, on track for $12,090.

    2016 – $9,090

    2015 – $9,584

    2014 – $9,933

    2013 – $7,464

    2012 – $6,604

    2011 – $3,204

    2010 – $3,204

    2009 – $3,173

    2008 – $3,204

    2007 – $3,057

    2006 – $2,232

    2005 – $2,126

    2004 – $1,860

    2003 – $1,860

    2002 – $2,673

    2001 – $1,193

  25. As noted in the link in the article, here is the State Board of Elections rule about mileage reimbursements:

    “Persons using vehicles not purchased or leased by the political committee may be reimbursed for actual mileage for the use of the vehicle for campaign purposes or for the performance of governmental duties.

    The mileage reimbursements shall be made at a rate not to exceed the standard mileage rate method for computation of business expenses under the Internal Revenue Code.”


  26. Has it been brought to the attention of the Board of the State Board of Elections that the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC was apparently not reimbursing for actual mileage?

    The quoted rule in the previous comment is from page 18 of the “Disclosure of Campaign Contributions and Expenditures and Rules and Regulations” of the State Board of Elections for the State of Illinois, as revised July 2016, clearlys state the reimbursement should be for actual mileage.


    Officers of the Supporters of Jack D Franks political action committee (PAC)

    Current officers:

    Tom McTavish, Chairman

    Linda Dikun, Treasurer


    Previous Officer:

    Margaret Kirkpatrick (resigned March 2, 2011)


    Tom McTavish, as noted last year on the blog, is involved in five organized labor related organizations:



    – Business Manager & Financial Secretary of IBEW Local 117.

    IBEW = International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

    IBEW is the electrical workers union, and Local 117 is based in Crystal Lake.



    – Treasurer of the McHenry County BCTC, AFL-CIO.

    BCTC = Building and Construction Trades Council.

    BCTC’s consist of union locals.

    The BCTC’s in turn are affiliated with a large union umbrella organization named the AFL-CIO.



    – Board Member of the Construction Industry Service Corporation (CISCO).

    CISCO is a joint union labor / union management organization.

    Management in this case refers to companies that employ union labor.

    CISCO advocates for construction projects that employ union labor and coordinates between the various labor and management entities.



    – Secretary of the IBEW – NECA JATC

    NECA = National Electrical Contractors Association.

    JATC = Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee.

    This is a joint labor & management training program.



    – Chairman (current?) of the NE IL NECA IBEW LMCC

    NE IL = Northeast Illinois.

    LMCC = Labor Management Cooperative Committee.

    So this is the Northeastern Illinois NECA & IBEW Local 117, 150 & 461 LMCC.

    Another joint labor management entity, this one consisting of the northeastern Illinois branch of NECA and three IBEW locals.

  27. The complaint process is outlined in the document noted in the previous comment, at the URL in the comment above.


    The entire Article containing the actual mileage rule is more officially referred to as:

    Article 9. Disclosure of Campaign Contributions and Expenditures.


    The actual mileage rule is in 5/9-8.10 in that document.

    More specifically, (a) (9) within that section contains the actual mileage rule.


    The next section (b) on page 19 provides some background on complaints.


    (b) The Board shall have the authority to investigate, upon receipt of a verified complaint, violations, of the provisions of this Section.

    The Board may levy a fine on any person who knowingly makes expenditures in violation of this Section and on any person who knowingly makes a malicious and false accusation of a violation of this section.

    The Board may act under this subsection only upon the affirmative vote of at least 5 of its members.

    The fine shall not exceed $500 for each expenditure of $500 or less and shall not exceed the amount of the expenditure plus $500 for each expenditure greater than $500.

    The Board shall also have the authority to render rulings and issue opinions relating to compliance with this Section.”


    Search on “Complaint” in the document to locate additional information about the complaint process:







    The State Board of Elections has a database of filed complaints.


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