Crystal Lake No Longer Overflowing

I haven’t found a resident yet who remembers Crystal Lake’s having breached its banks.

My memory only goes back to 1958 when my family moved here.

The Sunday, July 23, 2017, deluge was enough to send Crystal Lake over its banks at the border of Crystal Lake and Lakewood.  One Crystal Lake observer got 1.3 inches in the backyard guage.

Then, this week, there was sufficient water flowing into Crystal Lake from its small watershed, which ends at the junior college, for water to be flowing over that part of the Main Beach Park west of the outlet to Crystal Creek and the two lots in Lakewood to the west.

From what I have heard local resident Pat McGinnis figured out that the western bank of Crystal Creek was acting as a dam.

Water was on the west side of Crystal Creek. I don’t know if this would be classified as a flood plain because it is higher than the creek.

The stream bank was acting like a berm.

It was flooding Crystal Lake homes.

The back yard of this Crystal Lake home was flooding yesterday.

Water had inundated the craw space of a Lakewood home.

Flooding Lakewood home across the street.  Photo credit Mackensie Garcia.

McGinnis called the City of Crystal Lake and advised them of the possibility breaching the impediment, which was keeping about four inches of water behind it.

I’m informed he was told to wait for City engineers to come evaluate the situation.

He must have gotten permission.

The cut through the western bank of Crystal Creek next to Broadway.

When I checked out the area today, water that had been threatening homes on both sides of the city-village boundary along Broadway was much lower.

A channel was cut through the western stream bank, which allowed about four inches of water to flow to the stream.  This the view from Riverside Drive.

And, water was no longer flowing across Lake Avenue.

Lake Avenue was free of water from Crystal Lake the morning of Wednesday, July 26, 2017.

Funny how Crystal Lake and Lakewood engineers had to have a private citizen figure out what should be done.


Crystal Lake No Longer Overflowing — 6 Comments

  1. Nothing funny about it, Cal. “Normal” people that don’t run for any office are very wise and resourceful. Unlike those who boast of their degrees, common folk actually know how to help each other and know how to take action.

  2. Typo. Our sunshine blogger refers to his memory going back to 1858. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  3. Is the Crystal Creek on public or private property?

    Maybe there should be a public ROW for the creek?

    Without some type of legal control, Gov dudes can’t do much to change the drainage problems.

  4. Crystal Creek is a constantly flowing creek or more of a drainage ditch?

  5. It has always seemed to be a meandering drainage ditch.

    A great place for kids to play.

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