Lakewood Flooding, Sewage Featured on WMAQ-TV

The story can be found here.

Lakewood resident Sara Ryerson was one who was interviewed.

Shari Lederman was talked to the TV camera.

Village President explained Lakewood’s response to the flooding.

Newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer Julie Heather Meister explained the situation.


Lakewood Flooding, Sewage Featured on WMAQ-TV — 6 Comments

  1. Why wasn’t our sunshine blogger featured in the news? Or even his icky cat? He is, without a question, the voice of red, rural, compassionate conservative McHenry county. I know, he wants to spare us from fake news. The only real news are featured here in our glorious sunshine blog…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Still waiting for my call back from Crystal Lake Streets and Sewer.

    I am a resident of Crystal Lake and want to know what can be done to help out our neighbors and many good friends in the gates.

    I sure hope I am not being stone walled because of some bad feelings about the past transgressions regarding the sewage going back to ancient nunda times.

    I wanted to work back channels, but with a lack of response I am now forced to deal with this so publicly.

    I am urging the leadership of Crystal Lake to do the right thing and help these folks out.

    Let’s not turn this beautiful community into Flint Michigan over political egos.

    They can’t drink their water, sewage in their basement like the third world.

    If there is capacity at the Crystal Lake sewage plant it needs to be used.

    Do the right and Christian thing and put an end to this whole horrible ordeal.

    It is clear how bad these people are suffering and if something can be done it should.

  3. Always love it when my house and my yard is in the news for flooding…..

    Not really.

    Sara, her husband,kids, my wife and I got through the last 4 days because we have amazing neighbors.


    Flooding in their basement…..

    We’re going out and buying generators….

    The sumps aren’t keeping up?

    Neighbors brought over more pumps.

    All the food is wasting away cause we didn’t have power for 10 hours on Monday….

    Neighbor after Neighbor brought food and water over.

    Our amazing neighbors got us through all of this.

  4. Just saw the press release about the sewers.

    Thank you Mayor Shepley for doing the right thing!

  5. Lakewood has never seen such a hands-on leader as Paul has been.

    He’s out here one night at 11 p.m. Then we see him out again the next morning at 8 a.m.

    We continue to receive email updates of pumping progress, warnings, suggestions and added resources.

    Lakewood has never been this informed or in touch with their leaders in all the years I lived here.

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