Specialized Recycling Back at Algonquin Township, Minus Paint

The sign at Algonquin Township says specialized recycling sans paint will be available on Saturday.

The sign in front of the Algonquin Township complex indicates residents can bring specialized recycling will resume this Saturday, July 29th.

55-gallon drums of paint looking for a safe home.

When we last looked at this program newly-elected Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser was saying that there were lots of fifty-five gallon drums of paint sitting on township property with no agreement with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency of how to get rid of them.

Paint left at Algonquin Township when Commissioners changed without a disposal plan.

In addition, there were plenty of five gallon cans.


Specialized Recycling Back at Algonquin Township, Minus Paint — 15 Comments

  1. When will the township start a nail salon, too? Or a restaurant?

    That’s just as extra-statutory as this debris pick up.

  2. Agreed.

    If you’re having monthly recycling you’re probably consuming too damn much.

    Don’t compete with he Mchenry County Defenders.

    Let them go there.

    This takes staff, overtime, volunteers, and it’s wear and tear on the township facilities.

    abolish this to save money!

  3. The program has a significant number of people in the township that like it allot.

    Paint recycling was very popular.

    Nunda has a licence that Alg could share, as they shared before the last election.

    If it cost $10k a month total cost, $80k a year, that would be about a $1.00 per resident.

    Wow let cut and save me a Buck?

  4. Didn’t you work there Nob and get a nice check every recycle event?

  5. Yes some years ago.

    The pay was relative to the work.

    Volunteer when paint is part of the deal then tell me what you think it’s worth to you to keep being there every month.

    Rain or shine, hot or cold.

    People like the program, or Andrew would of shut it down already.

    Political pressure can change a person’s talking points real fast.

  6. So people will just flush their paint, pour it in the manholes or hide it in the garbage, this is nonsense, the actions of a mean little man which screws everyone.

    By the way I understand pinky has a wife and children living in another County.

    Are we sure pinky really lives Here?

    I’ll purplish wife’s contact info shortly and a very interesting conversation with her about pinky

  7. Doodie is this you?: http://algtwsp.com/images/Content/Home/Bob_Miller.jpg

    I guess your days are spent idling now … no township checks to cash. Awwwwww, so sad!

    Maybe you can be Jack Franks’ footman. Jacko does insist that his retainers and servants wear livery though!

    I wonder if he has a set of costumes in your size.

  8. People who recycle can recycle thru The McH Co Defenders and the paint can be recycled there or at Ace.

  9. Doodie
    Sounds like church lady has your ear;both of you should get a life.

    Just because people:”like”
    something is no reason that government should assume responsibility. (This message goes to Doodie too)

    How many at Miller wine and cheese
    fundraisers were promised a job at the Township?

  10. People like protection, so by your logic the gov shouldn’t supply ot just because the citizens like it?
    Provide for the general welfare, means nothing then right?
    For a $1.00 taxation and help in not filling up our garbage dumps, I’m for gov involvement.The private sector isn’t jumping at the opportunity to make my Buck, or if they are please give me that info.

  11. The issue is recyling, waltzing to try and change the subject is wasted typing.

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