Lakewood Flood Update

Lakewood Village President Paul Serwatka sends another email to inform residents of flood relief news:

Flood Update – Some Good News

Just wanted to provide a brief update.

I have been in ongoing conversation with Crystal Lake Mayor, Aaron Shepley and their City Manager, Gary Mayerhofer regarding our ability to divert some of our sewage burden into their system.

For some time now their system has been running well over capacity and they were not able to take on anymore. This morning their levels were low enough that they felt they could safely allow us to tap into their system and relieve some of our burden.

At approximately 5:00pm we began pumping 300 Gallons Per Minute from our system directly into theirs. We pumped continuously until approximately 10:00pm and will resume pumping again tomorrow at 7:00am – continuously for a minimum of 12 hours.

A Press Release on this went out this evening. You can read the Press Release as reported on McHenry County Blog, HERE.

We will also continue running the two waste hauling semi-tankers throughout the day tomorrow, while simultaneously pumping continuously into Crystal Lake’ system.

It is expected that that these systems running in tandem will make substantial headway.

Prior to deploying the semi-tankers last Saturday, our wet-well was well near the 17 ft. mark.

I am told that the 13 ft. mark is the approximate “Danger Level” with regards to sewage back-up into homes.

This evening, after all supplementary pumping ceased, we were at just over 14 ft.

Julie (Heather) Meister has coordinated with the American Red Cross who have delivered the cases of drinking water, Clean-up Kits, toiletries, etc that you’ll find strategically place along Broadway Ave. near the Porta Potties.

We also have water-testing kits, bleach and chlorine tablets available at our Village Hall.

*** We have been advised to inform residents to either pour bleach or drop chlorine tablets into accumulated basement water to kill bacteria, etc.

Julie (Heather) has also been coordinating quite a bit with McHenry County’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) for additional resources and has learned that Lakewood has not established any type of “Disaster Plan” as recommended by the McHenry County EMA. We are told that Lakewood is one of the few communities in our county that does not participate/work together with McHenry County EMA.

Julie (Heather) is currently working toward other resources including a “TIDE Truck” to assist in laundering clothes and possibly even mobile bathing/showering facilities.

We are also scheduling Special Brush and Debris Pick-Ups as well.

Julie (Heather) and our staff have been making many intra-day flood crisis related updates to the village website, Below is a link to the Flood Crisis Updates Page:

I Strongly encourage you to SHARE this email with neighbors and PLEASE encourage them to join my Lakewood News email distribution list to stay informed on MANY important village related issues moving forward, by simply sending an email with their name and address to: .

I will continue to update you as we move forward and I promise you, we are working diligently to get through this.


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  1. Way to come together for the good of the residents, Mayor’s Serwatka and Shepley!

    Hope to see more of this from you both in the future!

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