Glenda Miller Plans August 20th Fundraiser

McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller has a fundraiser scheduled for Sunday, August 20th, in Crystal Lake at LaBimi’s.

More details are below:


Glenda Miller Plans August 20th Fundraiser — 9 Comments

  1. I find it interesting that you do not question that glenda miller got MBA paid for at tax payer expense her friend pam Palmer approved it and you want to talk about others when the patronage is going

    On within your very preview but you choose to attack others rather than those abusing the system

  2. Do other public sector employees, such as teachers, get some amount of tuition assistance from we taxpayers for taking courses in their pursuit of a masters degree?

  3. There you go again County employee, attempting to blind voters from the real McHenry County embarrassment by attacking others.

    Glenda Miller didn’t hire her husband for that free handout paycheck, Glenda Miller genuinely cares about the people, not about her paycheck like other politicians.

    It is understandable that Pam Palmer recognized Glenda Miller’s proficiency and her sincerely, and invested in improving Glenda Miller’s education to serve McHenry County for many years onward. Pam Palmer made the right decision as we have all benefited by Glenda Miller’s professionalism and kindness.

  4. Bred Winner – Yes, school districts routinely cover the cost of advanced degrees for their employees. So does much of the private sector, too.

    Usually the only caveat is that the degree be job-related (i.e. a Master’s Degree in mathematics for a math teacher.)

    Seems to me you could brush up on baccalaureate degree knowledge…. it is “us” taxpayers, not “we” taxpayers.

    You need a third-person pronoun after the preposition “from.”

  5. Glenda Miller had her daughter working in the recorders office and she was voice

    Behind unionizing but failed.

    So Phyllis fired her.

    As far as Glenda being the beacon of light she is clueless.

  6. A lot of teachers take the easy way out and get a taxpayer funded master’s degree in education.

    They usually get a pretty good pay bump for getting one.

    Education degrees at any level are usually a total joke.

  7. I know someone who got a Master’s just so she could retire well.

    She never taught a day after that.

    (Of course she left Illinois!)

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