Taxpayers Win Tiny, But Symbolic Pension Victory

Pensions bills are full of stuff that would not withstand the light of day.

That’s why I voted against the vast majority of them.

One of the things I noticed while reading some of them was that lobbyists were included.

Pretty incredible.

They usually were lobbyists for associations representing governmental groups like teachers, municipalities, etc.

When a former Illinois teacher, Reggie Weaver,  was head of the National Education Association, he was in a state pension system, having previously been head of the Illinois Education Association.

In the news most recently, was the pension of Illinois Federation of Teachers lobbyist David Piccioli.

He got legislative approval that allowed him to teach one day and then get a teachers pension.

A Springfield judge ruled that was improper, which was reported last Friday.

Whether the Circuit Court decision will be overridden or not remains to be seen, of course.

You can read the Tribune’s story by Ray Long here.


Taxpayers Win Tiny, But Symbolic Pension Victory — 26 Comments

  1. Outstanding decision from this judge who obviously knows teacher union FRAUD when
    he/she sees it.

  2. Jack Franks and just about every other legislator voted for the law which allowed this substitute teacher for a day fiasco to occur.

  3. I still say Starve the Beast until they clean up the corruption.

  4. That wasn’t a teacher.

    That was a crook.

    And anyone that let this slide, like Mark said, would ALSO be a crook.

    This is why we are in our present predicament.

    People are no longer human.

    They have no integrity whatsoever.

    Diabolical narcissists.

  5. A bigger joke was in Milwaukee a few years ago.

    Gov’t employees could go back and apply previous work in the public sector towards time on their pensions.

    So for example, some employees were using time they put in as caddys on public golf courses when they were teenagers towards their time served.

    It was costing billions until the Journal Sentinel caught on.

  6. Good decision by the judge.

    How much more can the citizens of Illinois endure because of the incompetent legislature in control over most of the past 3-5 decades?

    Illinois is the worst State of 50 in the US in terms of fiscal soundness.

  7. Vets are allowed to buy up to three years of their military time towards a pension.

    They pay their portion and interest depending on when you apply for it verses you DOS.

  8. Vets put their lives on the line for your dumbass. You CANNOT compare them to anything here! How dare you!

  9. Paul Revere is on target …. but the tarring and feathering shouldn’t just end with the human-krill Weaver, EVERY SINGLE ‘LEGISLATOR’ who approved the bill should be tarred and feathered too.

    And the legislators that voted to abstain should be given 25 lashes, also!

    IEA is a criminal enterprise racket ….. where is RICO prosecution!

  10. Why doe this surprise anyone.

    Teach one day or half of year as they do the pension is still what is killing Illinois.


    In a couple of weeks they can go back and start working for their big bucks and benefits.


  11. David Piccioli employment

    1987 – 1997: State employee (legislative aide) in Michael Madigan’s House Democrat Staff.

    Receives a $30,913 State Employee Retirement System (SERS) pension for 10 years of service.

    SERS pensioners also receive Social Security (they contribute to both SERS & Social Security).


    December 1997 – 2012: Lobbyist at the Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT).

    Has a 401K through IFT.


    April 2007: Taught one day as a substitute middle school history teacher in Springfield District 186.

    December 2006: Received his substitute teaching certificate.

    That was his entire teaching career.

    Mr. Piccioli receives a $33,402 Teachers Retirement System (TRS) pension for 8 years of service.

    Since 2007 – 2012 is 6 years of service, it is not clear why the TRS years of service is instead 8.

    While employed IFT, he contributed to TRS.

    Mr. Piccioli is suing to approximately double his TRS pension to account for IFT years of service prior to substitute teaching one day.

    He is thus challenging Public Act 97-0651 (PA 97-0651).

    PA 97-0651, signed by Governor Pat Quinn and effective January 5, 2012, forbids TRS members from including any service time earned as a statewide union employee (for example IFT) prior to joining TRS, in the calculating of their TRS pensions.


    There was proposed legislation to ban all non government employees from participating in government pension plans.

    Not sure of the status of that.

    Pension legislation is endless in our State government and has been that way for 47 years, since the pension sentence was added to the state constitution in 1970.

    That sentence has resulted in endless games and heaven knows how much in legal fees.


    Michael Madigan was the lead sponsor of the bill, Senate Bill 36 (SB 36), that was signed into law as Public Act 94-1111 (PA 94-1111) by Governor Rod Blagojevich on February 27, 2007.

    Here is one sentence from the Bill Status:

    “The fiscal impact of allowing certified teachers to upgrade periods of service in a noncertified capacity in TRS while employed by a statewide teachers’ union cannot be calculated, but is is expected to be minor.”


    The court case David Piccioli v Board of Trustees of the Teachers Retirement System.

    Seventh Judicial Circuit Court in Sangamon County.

    Court Case 2015 MR 000043.


    Illinois pensions are one of the biggest government boondoggles of all time.

  12. Reg Weaver has one of the biggest TRS pensions, thanks in large part to his non government at the labor union counting to his government pension.

    He had 44 years of service (not sure how many years worked).

    He retired on August 30, 2008.

    All Tier I (those who began their career prior to January 1, 2011) Illinois pension recipients receive a 3% annual cost of living allowance (COLA) pension hike.

    2017 – $289,745

    2016 – $281,036

    2015 – $273,113

    2014 – $265,158

    2013 – $257,435

    2012 – $249,937



    National Education Association (NEA) = nationwide teacher union.

    Illinois Education Association (IEA) = state teacher union affiliate.

    The local school districts have a local teacher union affiliate.


    The other major teacher union present in Illinois is the IFT, which employed David Piccioli.

    American Federation of Teaches (AFT) = nationwide teacher union

    Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) = state affiliate.

    And they also have local school district affiliates.


    Teacher union lobbyists in past years were the most powerful lobbyists in Springfield.

    They are not quite as powerful as they once were, but still very powerful.

  13. Cal’s pension is about 75,000 per year. That’s a big pension for such a short timer.

  14. Cindy go back and check you memory banks, I’m a disabled Vet who put my life on the line for your forgetful ass.
    I earned the right to comment as necessary so all know the whole of the problem, not just teacher’s or reg gov employees.
    I suppose you think DOD is the most efficient gov org there is right?

  15. A frequent blog commenter who attempts to insult and agitate with just about every comment is inline to receive a really big teacher pension some day.

    Angel R Llavona

    Maine Township High School District 207

    Here is his recent salary history:

    2016 – $132,720 – approximately 23rd year teaching.

    2015 – $130,356

    2014 – $126,791

    source: Open the Books Widget


    Tier 1 (those beginning their career prior to January 1, 2011) teachers and administrators can retire after 35 years of service at 75% of final average salary.

    Years of service is typically less than years worked.

    For example teachers can exchange 2 years of unused sick days (340 days) for 2 years of service credit, to retire after 33 years worked instead of 35 years worked.


    Final average salary for 35 years of service is 75% of the average of the last 4 years worked.

    So if Mr. Llavona never receives another salary hike and retires with 35 years of service, his starting pension will be:

    $132,720 x .75 = $99,540.


    Mr. Llavona is an English as a Second Language (ESL) high school teacher.

  16. @Mark

    I don’t like the idea of Angel getting a big pension either, but don’t feel too bad about it. He’ll only get pennies on the dollar after a couple of years of retirement.

    By refusing to bargain, the current retirees have made it a mathematical certainty that the pension funds will go bust and the current workers will bear the brunt of it.

    It doesn’t matter what the courts or anyone else says; broke is broke, and there is no way to raise taxes enough to come up with the money to save them.

    The only thing that can possibly save the pensions is Zimbabwe-style inflation that swamps the 3% COLA.

  17. Nob, you nitwit. Your apparent disability is in reading comprehension. Why did you suppose I asked how dare you?

  18. Subject is pensions and people getting a boast from working other places.
    Till you stand the post on your own, talk to the hand Gadfly.

  19. Old Man is apparently the nutcase of the Century.
    Wow, based on his previous comments, I withheld my comments…..he seems to be a conservative, but then again, I’m not sure. Bewildered is my reaction to his ostensibly conservative “comments”.
    But, after a while, you have to stop and say, Wow, disregard what the “Old Man” has to say – for obvious reasons.


  20. Illinois Policy Institute

    Union Lobbyist Denied Part of Teacher Pension After Substitute Teaching For 1 Day

    by Evelyn Hussey

    August 1, 2017

    “But a judge ruled July 25 that Piccioli could only receive the portion of his teacher pension that accounts for years served after his day in the classroom – not the years of work he did with the union prior to stepping into the classroom, according to the Chicago Tribune.”

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