Anonymous Attack on Crystal Lake County Board Members

Covering the area around the old Aldi’s in Crystal Lake (Algonquin Township Precinct 2) were crude leaflets attacking McHenry County Board members Donna Kurtz and Jim Heisler.

Notice the attempt to make people think it comes from conservative Republicans.

The no-way-to-contact committee is called “Drain Swamp – McHenry County.”

Donna Kurtz

Now, if the committee could be contacted, I think I see a copyright violation. That surely looks like a 2012 photo I took of Donna Kurtz.

What do you think?

These anonymous attackers can keep their identity secret until they spend $5,000, which they never do.

This technique first popped up in 2010 when John O’Neill had the audacity to run as a Republican against State Rep. Jack Franks.

You can read the 2010 negative piece on O’Neil here.

Leaflets attacking other McHenry County Board Republicans have appeared elsewhere, but no one sent me copies.


Anonymous Attack on Crystal Lake County Board Members — 13 Comments

  1. 20, 30, or 40 years ago that might have been a more unique piece by the Democrats.

    Now it just sounds like Jack Franks talking.

    When’s he’s not asking for the their support passing one of his endorsed resolutions.

    Not saying Jack Franks had anything to do with it.

  2. Has all the ear marks of Jack Franks slampaign, (note the new word) very similar to what he’s doing to Donna Kurtz and Chuck Wheeler…. have you seen these?

  3. On the blitz piece that Cal is complaining about you might want to comment that everything on it is true and it is not anonymous, it says who paid for it.
    It’s the truth.
    Cal ought to be complaining about the actions of Kurtz and Heisler. Kurtz voted against cut 10 and was recently fined nearly $2.000, Everything on the piece is completely true

    The real question is why does Cal support these tax hikers? Heisler and kurtz are the reason we are over taxed They both voted to tax to the max for valley hi which is not even on this blog all piece,

  4. Moderate – get a clue…

    Kurtz can vote for tax hikes and reckless spending if she wants to.

    And she’ll still be touted as “Republican Strong” and garner full support from MCGOP, MCGOPAC and the rest of the self-purported “conservative” frauds.

    Because, at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is the “party”!

    Taxpayers be damned!

  5. Poor Patrick – his absolute “hate” pours from his fingertips.

    Blind “hate” never ends well.

    The real problem is the “round mound” – not a political party.

    Based on posts in this blog and elsewhere, neither Heisler nor Kurtz is known as being “Republican strong” but the “round mound” is a “liar”.

  6. Does the “old Aldi’s in Crystal Lake” have security cameras monitoring the parking lot?

    If so, the tapes could be accessed to identify the culprit(s) who was/were distributing pollution.

  7. Conservative Voter –

    I’m just stating what the mailer’s I received said.

    The mailers paid for with contributions by Republicanism who were told to support these phony conservative candidates.

    MCGOP and MCGOPAC endorses Kurtz and many others as “Republican Strong” conservatives.

    You want to address problems?

    You might want to start in your GOP.

  8. I believe my source meant the houses in the neighborhood north of the old Aldi’s, not the building itself.

  9. If the piece is not anonymous, perhaps you could provide contact information for the committee whose name appears on it.

  10. It’s funny that Kurtz and Heisler are targeted in this piece as Illegally taking taxpayer funded pension illegally.

    Didn’t Joe Gottemoller, Mike Skala, Michele Aavang, Larry Smith, John Jung, Mary McCann, Paula Yensen(when she was on the board), Bob Nowak all do the same thing as well?

    And I am not sure Illegal is the right term because there was no indictment anywhere.

    So where is the illegal part?

    It says taking a pension?

    Has any member taken a IMRF pension penny yet?

    Looks like slander to me!

    As far as the Tax Freeze it was a non binding resolution.

    Just like the $15 minimum wage resolution the state passed.

  11. Re: “Didn’t Joe Gottemoller, Mike Skala, Michele Aavang, Larry Smith, John Jung, Mary McCann, Paula Yensen(when she was on the board), Bob Nowak all do the same thing as well? ”

    What about the recent former Alg. Twp. employee, Chirikos, when he was on the Board?

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