Message of the Day – A Cat

At least I think it’s a cat.

A Republican Friend of McHenry County Blog snapped this photo of a woman wearing ears and a tail as she walked past the GOP booth.

Is this a woman at the McHenry County Fair dressed up as a cat?

Don’t want to disappoint anyone just in case the woman is not dressed like a cat, so below you can see Keely Cat in one of his favorite boxes:

One of Keely Cat’s favorite resting places.


Message of the Day – A Cat — 10 Comments

  1. This cat is asking for help.

    If any of the readers suspect any type of cat abuse from our sunshine blogger, please call the nearest location of DCFS (Department of Cat and Feline Services) and file a complaint.

    They will immediately sent an officer to investigate.

    Thank you good Lord for our big government…we may be able to save an innocent cat…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Look at the guy behind her!

    He thought it was funny!

    Angel, glad you’re enjoying yourself here you sad, sad bully.

    You’re not changing any minds or making any good points, you’re not going to find your next lawsuit jackpot.

    I can’t wait for classes to start!

  3. The Mrs, Angel is a very lonely person his fallen Angel status gives him the job of talking to the screen . . . it helps is limp ego.

  4. State taxpayers (sales tax, income tax) will fund Mr. Llavona’s teacher pension, which will start at about $99,000 if he never received another raise after 2016, and retires in another 13 years of service (he had 22 years worked in 2016).

  5. I heard about this from my nephew. They are called FURRIES and they identify as part aninals. Ive never seen one around these parts though.

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