Barb Wheeler on Retirement from House of Representatives

From Capitol Fax:

Derrick Blakely at CBS 2 on why some House Republicans are retiring…

But Barb Wheeler, who’s also walking away, says those Republican defectors — like [Rep. Mike Fortner, who voted for the budget and tax hikes] — wiped out Rauner’s leverage.

“That’s why I felt that strong betrayal. We were so close to getting real compromise in a budget that was so desperately needed. And our own members had cut that conversation short,” she said. […]

Another reason Wheeler’s leaving: She’s lost hope for Rauner shaking up Springfield, saying, “I’m not optimistic towards further reforms during his tenure.”

With a lack of GOP reforms so far, Wheeler said she believes Rauner will face significant headwinds in his re-election bid. Furthermore, she said she expects, in a non-Presidential year, Republicans will face losses nationally, as well.


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