Robo-Call Attacks Jim Heisler

Missed my phone yesterday, but others in Crystal Lake received a robo-call bashing McHenry County Board member Jim Heisler for raising taxes.

“Paid for by Drain the Swamp” the caller said.

Heisler and Donna Kurtz have terms expiring next year.

Door-to-door negative pieces have been distributed as well.

They say they come from “Drain the Swamp – McHenry County.”

There is no way to identify the source of these political messages, but my guess is that is from the Jack Franks side of the political spectrum.

Neither Heisler nor Kurtz have been Franks puppets.


Robo-Call Attacks Jim Heisler — 12 Comments

  1. My search for the number that called says this number belongs to R_ S_ in Woodstock, Illinois.

    I was totally irritated by this call because I could not understand a word the person said.

    All I could make out was Jim Heisler at the end of the call.

    I was so beside myself because I don’t like him at all.

    I think he is a go along nitwit on everything.

    It made me angry that someone would go though all the trouble to leave messages and take up everyone’s time on with this nonsense; and yet have it done by someone that couldn’t even speak clearly enough to be understood!

    Waste of time for all.

  2. More silly DEMOCRAT gibberish, just like we hear from that mentally disturbed school teacher
    who posts here.

  3. I would bank on the Heisler/Kurtz fliers coming from Franks’ camp, as they used the same door-to-door delivery system (kids) for the pro-JB and Jacko fliers that were left in my door the other day.

    This county will be going down in flames thanks to Jacko.

  4. Heisler has raised taxes.

    No argument with that.

    The dirty tactics alone (ghost pacs) make me like Heisler more than I do.

  5. Heisler is not the type of person the McHenry County Board needs now to fight Franks.

    It was spineless wastrels like him that created the terrible preconditions for the Franks Empire.

    The number of real conservatives, historically, on the County Board was always low.

    Yeah I know, losers like Jung will crow they’re conservative, but the fact of the matter is that they weren’t, and they had bad instincts and practically no understanding of the demographic, economic and political nightmare Illinois sadly has become!

  6. Anyone ever go to Heisler’s Bootery on a Sunday afternoon and wait for service while Jim is sleeping in the back?

    Time for old, sleepy business owners and lawyers to retire. You are doing us no favors.

    Let’s see young, fresh, faces; some millennials.

    If we have any left around that afford to live in McHenry County.

    How about Matt Cannizzo from Americans for Prosperity.

    He would be great on the County Board!

  7. Regardless of what he has done in the past, Jim Heisler has been a stand up guy all year against Chairman Franks.

    His store has been picketed by District 150 and afterwards they tried to strong arm him and Kurtz to sign a union loyalty oath, which they both refused to do.

    Now they are being targeted.

    Similarly Chuck Wheeler has stood up to the union.

    He is also being targeted.

    This is clearly a District 150 deal, probably in league with Franks who is trying to silence internal Board critics, but without his fingerprints.

    Meanwhile it is going to be verry interresting what will happen with the Jesse White announcement.

    (1) if you are going to retire, why have a dinner and make a big announcement?

    (2) why, as Secretary of State, would you do it before the state County Board Chairmen?

    This only makes sense if Jesse is going to be throwing his weight behind one of the County Chairmen to succeed him.

    Tic, tock.

  8. Heisler is part an old problem in Mchenry Co.

    He’s a milque-toast who’s getting toasted.

    He’s not the sort to leave his cracker-barrel 1880s bootery, and give Franks the boot.

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