Dennis Road Culverts Now Protected by Concrete

The steel bridge borrowed from Commonwealth Edison is gone from Dennis Road. Now vehicles can drive across the bridge without fear of ruining their undercarrage.

The subdivision south of Algonquin Road a bit east of Pingree Road now has a bridge that vehicles can traverse.

Driving over the Commonwealth Edison-constructed bridge or parking on Dennis Road before the bridge were the choices subdivision residents during construction.

This is the bridge where successive storms washed out the gravel between three culverts.

There was a good flow in the creek flowing over the Lake in the Hills Dam the morning after another deluge.

Now both the upstream and downstream sides of the culverts are protected by concrete.

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser reported on the repair of the bridge at Tuesday’s Township Board meeting.


Dennis Road Culverts Now Protected by Concrete — 18 Comments

  1. What was done is and improvement over what exsisted, and the contractor did a good job.

    Yet Andrew should of went with his first choice a box culvert.

    Debris will still be a maintenance problem that in the long run will cost more over a open throut system.

    The Army corp and IEPA factor as a excuse not to not go with the better system was showing Andrew’s inexperience with dealing with gov agencies.

    His efforts have been good, but …..

  2. Andrew has been crusified all over social media that it took to long.

    Yet we had 20 inches of rain in a 2 weeks time.

    The delay to instal the box culvert would have added weeks.

    The job was delayed because of something he couldn’t avoid…the weather.

    Yet the same few cronies just seem to bring up everything and anything to bring this guy down.

    Miller lost, time to deal with that fact and move on.

    Can’t change the fact people voted for someone different.

  3. Don’t pay any attention to The Nob Joe. As you can tell from reading his posts, he is ill educated.

  4. Well Joe and Abe, for the record it was a mistake when Miller put those three culverts in instead of a box culvert in the first place.

    This is an improvement over what was there, but not the best solution becuase of the debis problems.

  5. I really wish Andrew Gasser would comment here more often. He refuses to answer any of the nob’s questions and frankly I am puzzled why he would not go with a box culvert like is proposed in Venetian Gardens.

  6. More: a greater or additional amount or degree.

    Lorax is asking Andrew to comment on comments directly like he did before becoming Road Commissioner.

  7. Lorax, check out Facebook, Andrew does make some comments there.

    Cary Grove Politcs on Facebook, seems to be more active than this blog.

    Video’s even, like the problem with Lake Killarney in flow of smelly crap.

  8. Video’s would increase those coming here Cal.
    Expensive to add?

  9. Unfortunately I hate culverts for the reason that they almost completely block fish passage and crystal creek is a gem of Mchenry county with a very very good smallmouth bass population, second healthiest creek of all the fox river tributaries from the headwaters down to the IL river.

    I agree with the Nob that a Box Culvert would have been much better, but I also understand that you can not hold homeowners hostage.

  10. A box culvert would have extended the project well into the fall which in Oct. you can get snow.

    With all the rain we had you can’t assume what the weather is going to be in the future.

    More rain, less rain?

    You can’t just say I want a box culvert and start tomorrow either.

    You still have to pull permits, expense ect.

    This is the only access into this subdivision from what I have read.

    Plus a box culvert would have taken longer as far as building also.

    How much longer well that may depend on the weather again.

    So if Mr. Gasser went with the box culvert and it didn’t get done this year or much later everyone would be blasting him for that.

    He is in a no win situation that Bob Miller created!

    All the cash that Algonquin Township brings in HE could have fixed this problem years ago!

    Bob Miller is the expert right?!

    His expertise didn’t help the citizens of Algonquin Township!

  11. Rip the surface off, bring in rap and other rock to temp stabilize the driving area, two days max.
    Get Engineers to size box culvert to already rotting three culverts so flow rate is approximately the same.
    Biggest wait is on new box culvert delivery.
    Emergency, Army Corp and IEPA would not of taken so long to inspect.
    Call to Pete R. would help also.
    Two working days max to rip out three and replace with one.
    Reuse of materials already there. One more day for surface repair. All done before winter and could of been almost all done in house before the election.
    Yes IMO it should of been that way already.
    Rusted out culverts had concrete poored into the bottems because they were so bad reducing flow.
    Problems Houston!
    Experience matters!!!
    Any experienced people want to debate my time line, fine go for it.

  12. Can someone explain all the Gasser hate, without resorting to names or personal attacks?

    The guy seems pretty genuine.

    Let the coal industry die, legalize marijuana, support professionals.

    Stop calling news fake, stop using the phrase “snowflakes” as it only shows age and ignorance.

    The border wall is a waste of time, 54 billion extra for the military is a waste, letting China take the lead in technological development will cost the future of our children – and I feel no pain for the !% living on an ocean front property who don’t want wind farms 10 miles off the shore – try living next to neighbours.

    And in honor of no one here talking about Saturdays White Supremecy rally in Virginia – isnt it ironic the white rapper Macklemore, Grammy winner from some 3 or 4 years ago – who wrote music basic on unity and democratic ideals no has the number one neo-nazi look.(

    To go out in a blaze of glory – I feel Donald Trump has not the experience, the correct candor, nor the proper character to be the leader of our great nation.

    To attack affirmative action, when Jared Kushner was a product of the white version?

    THe news is a joke – I agree.

    But it ain’t fake people unless your clicking click-bait-purposively leading to you articles designed to push whomever agenda you support.


    There’s a lot of rhetoric going around since Saturday talking about the Democratic parties past -then completely neglecting and negating the current political climate.

    Here’s a hilarious video made by “PragerU”, not a University, but a Youtube channel “founded in 2011 by radio talk show host Dennis Prager and radio producer and screenwriter Allen Estrin” — enjoy

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