Details of the Judge’s Decision in Scott Milliman Case – The Zane Seipler Deposition

This is part of Judge Frederick Kapala’s decision against former McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Scott Milliman’s in his suit for wrongful termination.

Milliman’s Deposition in the Seipler Case

Seven years later, on November 23, 2010, Milliman testified at a deposition in a case pending before this court brought by former McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Zane Seipler.  See Seipler v. Cundiff, et al., No. 08 C 50257 (N.D. Ill. 2008).

Based mostly upon statements to him by Jose Rivera, a friend of Nygren, Milliman testified to widespread corruption and criminality on the part of Nygren, including

  • ticketfixing and bribery,
  • fraudulently procuring Small Business Administration (“SBA”) loans,
  • trafficking of illegal aliens, and
  • soliciting the murder of a former judge and an internet blogger.

Specifically, Milliman testified that Jose Rivera told him that Nygren was involved in a bribery scheme beginning in 1999 or 2000 wherein Nygren fixed no valid driver’s license tickets for Mexicans.

According to Milliman, Rivera told him that an individual ticketed for driving without a valid license would pay a $1,000 bribe, which was split between Rivera and Nygren.

Nygren would then contact McHenry County State’s Attorney Gary Pack and have the prosecution “nolle prossed [meaning dismissed].”

Milliman also testified that Rivera told him that Nygren received $10,000 for assisting a business owner regain his liquor license.

Milliman testified further that thereafter Rivera and the business owner also bought more than $5,000 worth of raffle tickets at a 2002 political function for Nygren.

Milliman also claimed that Nygren ran a scheme that involved securing fraudulent SBA loans.

Milliman explained that Rivera and Nygren would recruit an undocumented Mexican to fill out an application for an SBA loan, and the proceeds of the loan, less $10,000 for the Mexican, would be split by Rivera and Nygren.

The Mexican would then default on the loan and return to Mexico. Rivera told Milliman that he and Nygren sent the Mexicans to someone named “Maria” at Elgin State Bank for the SBA loans, and then later to Home State Bank.

Milliman claimed that Rivera and Nygren, attempted to recruit him into the scheme sometime in 2001 or 2002 during a meeting at El Grande Buritto in McHenry, Illinois.

As to trafficking undocumented aliens, Milliman testified that Rivera and Nyrgen attempted to recruit him to participate in a scheme to bring undocumented immigrants into McHenry County from Mexico for a price.

According to Milliman, Rivera and Nygren were bringing individuals from Zacatecas, Mexico to Stone Lake Apartment Complex in Woodstock, Illinois and receiving $1,100 a person.

As to solicitation of murder, Milliman testified that he knew of two incidents where Nygren had threatened someone’s life.

First, in 1999, Nygren asked Milliman to push retired McHenry CountyCircuit Court Judge Conrad Floeter, who was serving as the campaign manager for Nygren’s opponent for Sheriff at the time, in front of a train while Floeter was handing out campaign literature on a train platform.

Milliman explained that he and Nygren were also on the platform near a parked train passing out Nygren’s campaign literature and as they approached Floeter–who Milliman said was wearing a three-foot tall hat “like the one on Sesame Street”–Nygren leaned over to him and said “push him in front of the train.”

According to Milliman, he looked at Nygren, said “whatever,” and then turned and walked away. Second, Milliman testified that, in 2009, because of comments by a local internet blogger named David Bachmann made about Nygren, he asked Milliman to “hang” Bachmann and to “make sure, damn it, that it looks like a suicide.”

According to Milliman, on the next day, Nygren, who seemed like he “was really not himself,” told Milliman he would “take care of it himself.”

When asked whether he had reported any of Nygren’s criminal conduct to law enforcement authorities, Milliman said that he had reported his concerns to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) in 2007.

Later in his deposition, Milliman explained that there came a point where he could no longer tolerate Nygren’s unethical and illegal conduct so he called Patrick Fitzgerald, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, and reported Rivera’s involvement with Sheriff Nygren.

According to Milliman, Fitzgerald said that he was already aware of some situations concerning McHenry County.

Fitzgerald asked Milliman if he was willing to sit down and talk with some officials, Milliman agreed to do so, and then Milliman met with two FBI agents.

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More to come, including the Judge’s critique of the contents of this section of his decision, which found against Milliman.


Details of the Judge’s Decision in Scott Milliman Case – The Zane Seipler Deposition — 14 Comments

  1. It took Judge Frederick Kapala three years to dismissed this case.

    I could dismiss this case in three seconds.

  2. Case should never have been dismissed. Just the connection to the SBA alone should have hung everyone involved. Your hair would curl if you even suspected how deep this goes. What I know about the lesbian run SBA and SERCO alone would be enough to make anyone shake in their boots. This is criminal how no one understands how this connects to everything (and I do mean everything) that you have ever known about snuff films, pedophilia, human trafficking, murder, mysterious plane crashes, libor loans and Benghazi! Something smells very badly about this situation.

  3. I have said too much already.

    Do your own research, Gus.

    I can give you a hint.

    Try going to abeldanger dot org and doing searches there.

    You will understand mostly none of what you find. It took many years to put all the pieces together.

    But once you catch on to the lingo and keep at it, you will see the truth clearly.

    Brave souls like Milliman and Bachmann get shoved aside trying to uncover the little leads. They had no idea what they were up against.

  4. The Case might have been dismissed, but Nygren has not, this is now a Public Record for all to see. Nygren has a History.

  5. another?

    How many more brave souls do you think are now going to come forward?

    Buried history is useless.

  6. Judge Kapala wrote, “According to Milliman, on the next day, Nygren, who seemed like he ‘was really not himself,’ told Milliman he would ‘take care of it himself.’”

    That “next day” was September 17, 2009.

  7. Cindy, do not put much thought about what Watching on has to say, He was very active with AZsupporter during the Zinke campaign.

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