Looks Like My Google Search for Jesse White’s Intentions Didn’t Hit the Right Date

So the following article is based upon a false premise:

Is Jack Franks Ready to Roll the Dice for Secretary of State?

In 2009, when Pat Quinn was running for election as Governor after being elevated when Rod Blagojevich was impeached and removed from office, State Rep. Jack Franks gathered hundreds of thousands of dollars right before the June 30th campaign finance reporting deadline.

That dipped down to about $500,000, but with campaign contribution limits having been imposed the huge contributions Franks gathered in 2009, make $500,000 big money.  (A 2011 rack-up showed Franks had more than about three other potential statewide candidates.)

Jesse White’s charges were really demonstrating their stuff at this Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade. White is holding the Coke-McDonald’s banner over which his tumblers flew.

Now, with Secretary of State Jesse White announcing he will not run for re-election in 2018, it’s Franks’ big chance get an office where he will be able to appoint more than two patronage employees. (And he wouldn’t have to intimidate a County Administrator.)

Franks may have gotten a head start on rivals at the annual Franks’ Canadian fishing trip with Democratic Party biggies like Ed Burke and White.

How would he do in McHenry County?

When discussing a possible Franks’  Secretary of State candidacy with a Republican Precinct Committeeman, I asked, “Would you vote for him?”

The answer:  “In a minute.”

That reminded me of what I was told of the McHenry County Superintendent of Schools.  He had been School Superintendent in Harvard.

The Harvard folks voted for him to get him out of Harvard.


Looks Like My Google Search for Jesse White’s Intentions Didn’t Hit the Right Date — 37 Comments

  1. Uhh… Jesse White just announced that he WAS running for re-election.

    And Jack Franks will never run statewide, because he will never be able to win a statewide Democratic primary.

  2. Gee Alabama, Jesse’s only eighty-three.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  3. White’s previous announcement popped up when I googled the subject matter.

    Thanks for the correction.

  4. Probable scenario:

    Jesse will run and get re-elected.

    Jesse will retire soon after he is re-seated for four more years and the Dems will have Franks take his place.

  5. If Pritzker wins, he will pick a member of the black caucus to be SOS.

    Franks isnt winning a primary or getting appointed for a statewide office.

  6. For once I tend to agree with the Alabaman.

    Fatty Pritzker, despite being a co-religionist of, and rabid Zionist like Franks, can’t dare ‘take’ a seat away from the blacks once they get it (ie, that’s why Clarence Thomas got race-track goer Thurgood Marshall’s seat, etc. etc.)

    Otherwise bad things like this could start happenin’: http://sa-news.com/twelve-black-savages-kick-white-guy-to-death-and-send-photos-from-his-phone-to-his-family-mainstream-media-silent/

  7. The Dem have so many addicted to gov healthcare, and with JB now offering state single payer, he’ll be hard to beat.

  8. Why are all the Cook County Democrats and unions and others outside McHenry County contributing to the Jack Franks PAC?

    Most of the contributions to the PAC are from outside McHenry County.

    The Democrats will only allow a black Democrat to be appointed Secretary of State?

    That is racist.

  9. Re: “The Democrats will only allow a black Democrat to be appointed Secretary of State?

    That is racist.”

    The Democrat Party is historically the party of racists. Why should they change now?

  10. Compassionate conservative brothers and sisters: you do not fool anybody here. We have a president who supported neo-nazis, white supremacists, and the ku klux klan while attacking counter protesters who stood up to evil racists last Saturday. Any person ok with that is racist. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. So if white Democrat JB Pritzker becomes Illinois Governor and black Democrat Jesse White is re-elected as Secretary of State, the prediction by the Democrat commenter is Mr. Pritzker will pick a member of the black caucus to be Secretary of State, thus excluding white Democrat County Board Chair Jack Franks.

    Where is the outrage from compassionate Democrats that all races should be legitimately considered for the Secretary of State office, and it should not be a foregone conclusion that a black would be chosen.

    But if Republican Governor Rauner is re-elected as Governor, the prediction would be irrelevant.


    Watch the Project Veritas series Rigging the Election to learn about Democrat agitators and Democrat agitation techniques.

  12. **the prediction by the Democrat [sic] commenter**

    That would be DemocratIC.

    But yes, I do believe that it is most likely that a member of the black caucus would get appointed to replace Jesse White.

    Jack Franks isn’t getting a statewide office. I’d bet on it.

    The ONLY people that think that Jack Franks is a legitimate statewide candidate are the people on this blog. Jack Franks is a big deal in McHenry County, but no where else.

  13. And in the midst of it all the Great Exodus From Illinois will not only continue unabated,
    but increase in the number of Taxed Enough Already citizens who seek their freedom and liberty
    from the tyranny of the DEMOCRAT party of Illinois.
    And in doing so, they will be taking their hard earned wealth with them before they too
    have been driven into bankruptcy.

  14. So Alabama’s theory as to why Jack Franks receives the majority of his contributions from outside McHenry County is what.

  15. If Jack Franks is no big deal outside McHenry county, why do the majority of the contributions to his PAC come from outside McHenry County.

  16. **So Alabama’s theory as to why Jack Franks receives the majority of his contributions from outside McHenry is what.**

    I’ll ignore the tortured grammar And respond to your statement.

    State Reps (which is what Franks was until very recently, and what he was when he raised most of his money) often get contributions from outside their district.

    Most PACs are located outside of most legislative districts.

    This isn’t actually that hard to understand.

    Further, Jack Franks has a large donor network that allows him to raise money from outside of his district and outside of McHenry County.

    It has little/nothing to do with him being considered a statewide candidate.

    I’ll say it again – the only people that consider Jack Franks to be a legitimate statewide option are those that comment on this blog, and maybe Jack Franks himself.

  17. I am not so sure that Jacko even wants a full time government job.

    He strikes me as someone who is inordinately fond of money, and he’d have to drastically curtail his private sector activities.

  18. During his election campaign for County Board Chair and since becoming County Board Chair most of the contributions to the Jack Franks PAC have been from outside McHenry County.

  19. What is their interest in Jack Franks and / or the County Board Chair position.

  20. I can’t speak for those folks. I am not them. But it isn’t unusual for a county chairman to get contributions from outside of his or her county. For example, Dan Cronin, the DuPage Chairman, has his last ten reported contributions coming from outside of DuPage. Dan Cronin isn’t expected to be a statewide candidate either.

    Once again, Jack Franks will not be a statewide office holder. Ironically, the only people that think that is a real possibility are those of you that hate him.

  21. Chris Lauzen has 7 of his last 10 reported contributions come from outside Lake County.

    Should I continue?

  22. (And that should say Kane County, not Lake County, for Chris Lauzen)

  23. Jack Franks himself said in the past he would like to run for Governor.

    Does Alabama really believe the Jack Franks supporters, labor unions, trial lawyers, and others that have contributed to Jack Franks political campaigns from outside the county do not believe Jack Franks could not be elected to a statewide office.

    And someone that comments on the blog and knows lots about state politics says maybe Jack Franks believes he could hold a statewide political office.


  24. One, I appreciate you refusing to drop your absurd argument that because people donate from outside the district that means those people think he should hold a statewide office.

    But yea, I truly believe that many, if not most, of Franks’ donors do not believe that Franks is a viable statewide candidate.

    And two, I have no doubt that Jack Franks thinks he could/should be a statewide office holder.

    There are few politicians with egos as big as Franks.

    And I have no idea what your third paragraph means or is referring to.

    But Franks would not be able to win a statewide primary.

    Just look at the Gubernatorial primary.

    It sure isn’t a race for who can be as conservative as Jack Franks.

  25. All the trial lawyers, unions, and others from outside McHenry County are contributing to Jack Franks for what reason?

    How do they directly benefit from Jack Franks being McHenry County Board Chair?

    Most of them don’t directly benefit from Jack Franks being McHenry County Board Chair.

    So what are the possible reasons the contributions.

    They plan to support Jack Franks for a statewide office?

    Remember the Cut 10 PAC that has been closed was a statewide PAC.

    The Democrat party believes the McHenry County Board Chair position is so important that that it warrants high contributions from outside the county, so convinces trial lawyers and unions to do so?

  26. Trial lawyers donate to Franks because Franks is a trial lawyer.

    Friends donate to friends.

    Unions donate to Franks because there are unions in Mchenry County that are impacted by what the County government does.

    This really isn’t that hard to understand.

    Or at least I thought it wasn’t that hard.

    I’ll ask again – are Cronin and Lauzen statewide candidates?

    I’m too lazy to look up all their money, but at least most of their recent money comes from outside their counties.

    So using your logic, the only reason those donors would be making contributions to those candidates is because they’re running for statewide office in the future, right?

    But go ahead and keep making silly points because you know how to use google and how to look up campaign contributions.

    I’ll actually talk to people around the state.

    And I’ll say it again.

    The only people that think that Jack Franks is a viable statewide candidate as a Democrat are people on this blog and maybe Jack Franks.

  27. Maybe Jack Franks believes he is a viable statewide candidate?

    First it’s maybe, then it’s no doubt, then it’s maybe again.

    Which is it.

    No relatives are believers?

    None of his friends?

    None of his campaign workers?

    None of his campaign contributors?

    None of the union contributors and the dark suited enforcers that were at his campaign town hall meetings?

    None of the trial lawyers, they just contribute lots of money because they are buddies with Jack Franks.

    Not Mr. Kling the Chair of the former statewide Cut 10 PAC?


    So if Mr. Franks is not interested in a statewide office, why the statewide Cut 10 PAC?


    It is possible all or a majority of the contributors were contributing based on their interest in Jack Franks as a buddy, their interest in the McHenry County Board Chair position, or because they were directly or indirectly asked to do so by Michael Madigan, the Chair of the Democrat Party of Illinois, who places significant value on a Democrat holding the McHenry County Board Chair position.

    Here’s some Democrats from outside McHenry County that have contributed to the Jack Franks PAC since he announced his candidacy for the McHenry County Board Chair position:

    – 42nd Ward Democratic organization, $13,652.

    – Citizens for Jesse White, $250

    – Friends of Cabonargi, $250 (Michael Cabonargi, Cook County Board of Review Commissioner, 2nd District)

    – Committee to Elect Lawrence Walsh (Will County Executive…Jack Franks’ equivalent in Will County).

    – Costello for Congress, $1,000 (former US Congressman Jerry F Costello Sr from Belleville).

    – Friends of Jerry Costello II, $1,000 (current State Representative Jerry Costello II from Smithton).

    – Citizens for Gregory Harris, $1,000 (current State Representative from Chicago).

    – Friends of Luis Arroyo, $500 (current State Representative from Chicago. He was born in Puerto Rico, a US territory southeast of Florida / Bahamas / Cuba / Haiti and the Dominican Republic which is in even worse financial condition than the state of Illinois due in large part to its debt and unfunded obligations).

    – Heather Steans, $2,500, State Senator from Chicago

    – Lester Crown, $2,500, investment broker with Henry Crown & Co (he contributes to Democrats and Republicans)

    – Todd Smith, $2,000, attorney at Rogers Powers and Smith

    – IPACE, $10,000, Illinois Political Action Committee for Education, which is the PAC for the statewide teacher union named Illinois Education Association aka IEA.

    IPACE’s interest in the McHenry County Board Chair position is they think it’s a good idea for school districts to cut 10% from their budgets, so there’s less money for teacher salary and benefits, even though there’s always a crisis in public education fuding?

    – Fred Eychaner, $5,400, Chairman of Newsweb. Big time Democrat donor.

    – Newsweb, $10,000.

    – JB Pritzker, $5,400, current Democrat candidate for Governor.

    – Mary Kathryn Pritzker, $5,400, wife of JB.

    – Pritzker Group, $10,800.

    – John Simmons, attorney at Simmons Hanly Conroy

    – Jayne Simmons, spouse of John Simmons

    – Simmons Hanly Conroy, $10,800.

    – Steven Kling, Real Estate Broker, Colliers International, Chair of former statewide Cut 10 PAC.

    – many more.


    Wonder what happened between Jack Franks and the patronage hire / former Program Specialist in Michael Madigan’s House Democrat organization.

    Things were not going as planned?

  28. You still havent answered my question, Mark.

    Do you consider Cronin or Lauzen legitimate and viable statewide candidates?

  29. The issue of statewide candidacy of Jack Franks has nothing to do with Dan Cronin or Chris Lauzen.

    Speculation and analyses of political contributions to County Board Chairs could be contemplated on any number of people, and you yourself said you were too lazy to do any more than a cursory overview of your point.

    If the contributions listed above to Jack Franks were not for statewide office, then the Democrats place a lot more importance on the McHenry County Board Chair position than a lot of Republicans realize, and they should think about that before voting for him.

    And remember that in each of his nine terms in office as State Representative, Jack Franks voted for Michael Madigan to be House Speaker.

  30. Mark’s logic: Jack Franks receives a lot of money from outside of McHenry County, therefore those donors consider him a viable statewide candidate

    My logic: so, other county chairmen receive a lot of money from outside their counties. Are they viable statewide candidates?

    Mark: uh, that’s not relevant.


    Stop using google for a few minutes and actually talk to some Democrats.

  31. Dan Cronin and Chris Lauzen receive far more contributions from inside their counties than Jack Franks.

    Neither has expressed an interest in statewide office, whereas Jack Franks has.

    Same goes for Lawrence Walsh Sr, Toni Preckwinkle, and Aaron Lawlor.

    The prominent names listed above contributing to Jack Franks have no apparent direct interest in McHenry County, so one possibility is they are doing so to support Jack Franks as a statewide candidate.

    The IEA contribution is a glaring example, as the County Board Chair position has nothing to with school districts.

    The IEA is contributing $10,000 to Jack Franks for support of the Regional Office of Education?

    Or is it just a networked web and the word got to IEA to make the contribution.

    Jack Franks has stated in the past he would like to be Governor.

    The Franks family hosts an annual Canadian fishing trip which Jesse White attends.

    Another possibility is the Democrat party feels its is very important that a Democrat hold the County Chair position.

    Support of the importance Democrats place on a Democrat holding a County Chair position would be the recent effort by Lake County Democrats to make the Lake County Board Chair position voter elected, instead of the current practice of the board appointing one of its members as Board Chair.

    Just as Democrat Jack Franks pushed for an elected McHenry County Board Chair, then after the position was created, ran for and was elected to that position.

    Senate Bill 669 in the 100th General Assembly which was sponsored by Lake County Democrats Senator Terry Link (District office Gurnee), Senator Melinda Bush (District office Grayslake), Senator Julie Morrison (District office Deerfield), and Representative Rita Mayfield (District office Waukegan).

    Terry Link is the Chair of the Lake County Democrat Party.

    Perhaps Terry Link or one of the others would run for the voter elected Lake County Board Chair position if it was created.

    The bill was vetoed by Governor Rauner so it did not pass.

    Whatever the plans of Jack Franks, they seemed to have hit wrinkle around July 31, 2017.

    That was the date on the HR Payroll Advice form for the resignation of patronage hire Oliver Serafini, last day of employment August 4, 2017.

    It was also the date on the job application form of Mr. Serafini’s replacement, Kevin Craver, first day of employment August 7, 2017.

    That was around the time of the biggest Democrat fundraiser of the year, the Chairmen’s Brunch sponsored by the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association (IDCCA) on August 17, 2017, which this year had a record crowd of 1,800.

    At that meeting Jesse White announced he would run for Secretary of State again, after having previously announced he would not.

    Jesse White announced his endorsement of JB Pritzker for Governor on Wednesday August 23, 2017.

    Jack Franks workers have been campaigning for JB Pritzker.

    But the allegation above is Jack Franks would not be appointed to replace Jesse White in the event of a resignation due to the fact the replacement will be black.

    “If Pritzker wins, he will pick a member of the black caucus to be SOS.”

    Subsequently modified.

    “But yes, I do believe that it is most likely that a member of the black caucus would get appointed to replace Jesse White.”

    Jesse White is currently the only black statewide office holder.

  32. Cool… you continue to show you can use Google. And you continue to show that you dont actually talk to Demcorats.

    Jack Franks will not win a statewide Democratic primary.

    And he wont be appointed to Jesse Whites SOS seat if/when he resigns.

  33. So do these Democrats provide a reason for indicating they will not vote for Jack Franks in a statewide Democratic primary.


    Mr. Franks political action committees (PACs) have received $5,937,835 since December 2, 1997.

    His PAC showed $61,355 available as of June 30, 2017, plus $500,996 in investments, for a total of $562,351.


    Jesse White’s current PAC has received $11,949,777 since July 1, 1999.

    The contribution information for his two prior PACs are not available for download to a spreadsheet on the State Board of Elections website.

    As of June 30, 2017, Mr. White’s PAC showed $452,505.


    So as of June 30, 2017, Jack Franks had $109,846 more funds available than Jess White.

    If the original prediction in a previous comment by the Democrat that a black gets appointed to replace a resigning Jesse White as Secretary of State sometime after the March 20, 2018 primary or the November 6, 2018 general election, holds true, it will be interesting to see the funds available in that person’s PAC, if they even have one.


    Democrat Jack Franks was first elected as State Representative on November 3, 1998, defeating Republican Mike Brown by 138 votes (15,575 at 50.22% to 15,437 at 49.78%) in the general election.

    In the March 17, 1998 primary election Mr. Franks defeated Frank McClatchey of McHenry by 411 votes (1,734 votes at 56.7% to 1,323 votes at 43.3%).

    A third Demmocrat candidate, James Kappel, was tossed off the ballot for not completing a statement of economic interest after a challenge by a campaign worker of Jack Franks named Jane Wolf of Woodstock.

    Frank McClatchey himself survived a challenge by the same campaign worker.

    “The complaints state that the petitions were signed by voters who were not registered, or who did not live in the 63rd district, and were circulated by persons who were not registered voters.”



    Democrat Jesse White was first elected as Secretary of State in 1998, defeating Tim McCarthy in the March 17, 1998 primary election (484,798 votes at 55.76% v 384,603 votes at 44.24%) and Al Salvi in the general election (1,874,626 votes at 55.5% v 1,437,420 votes at 42.5%).


    Al Salvi is the brother of current State Representative Barb Wheeler.

    While a Republican candidate, he had a run in with Lois Lerner while she was at the FEC.


    Lois Lerner went on to the IRS which targeted Tea Party groups filing for tax exempt status.

    According to her Wikipedia page:

    “An investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation, completed in 2015, found ‘substantial evidence of mismanagement, poor judgement and institutional inertia’ but ‘found no evidence that any IRS official acted based on political, discriminatory, corrupt, or other inappropriate motives that would support a criminal prosecution.”


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