The 2017 Family PAC Cruise with Ted Cruz

The Illinois Family Institute’s Dave Smith and State Rep. Brad Holbrook arrived before boarding time.

The Family PAC Cruise on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan is my favorite fund raiser.

People lining up to get a seat on the deck and maybe even under the canopy where they would be dry from predicted rain.

People arrive early to get a seat on the main deck.

When Ted Cruz arrived, Algonquin’s Gene Brown was one of the first to chat with him.

The views are spectacular and I enjoy chatting with people I haven’t seen in a year.

Ted Cruz wondering who was taking so many pictures of him.

My friend Gene Brown asked me to take a photo of him and Cruz.

After I took about twenty and the conversation was over, the Senator looked at me with that “Who is that guy taking pictures?” look.

My drinking of Diet Coke on the cruise added 36 cents to the coffers of Cook County.

This year, the boat was packed because U.S. Senator and, more importantly, former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz was the honored guest.

There were Republican Party officials on conservative side of the political divide.

Jay Kinzler, who challenged Peter Roskam for Congress in 2016, was in attendance with his wife Jennifer.

In his speech, Cruz spoke of the difference that a Republican President has made.

David Smith introduced his wife Natalia to State Senator Dan McConchie.

He specifically pointed to Hillary Clinton’s not being President.

Brad Holbrook, Bob Vanden Bosch and Peter Breen pose for a photo. Breen recently replaced Steve Andersson as GOP House Floor Spokesman.

And Neil Gorsuch’s serving on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Kendall County Republican Party Chairman James Marter and State Rep. Allen Skillicorn.  Marter ran in the GOP Primary Election against U.S. Senator Mark Kirk.

Cruz divided his speech into three parts:

  • Truth matters
  • Freedom matters
  • The Constitution matters

Former State Rep. Penny Pullen, seated next to State Rep. Jeanne Ives, converses with Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran.

“When you’re speaking the truth you have power,” he said.

Former State Rep. Bob Biggins, Rick Baker and State Rep. Peter Breen hear the food from Harry Carey’s.

“Conservatives nationally [say] what they believe.

State Rep. Tom Morrison was caught talking on the lower deck.

“This country remains a center-right country.”

Jo Ann and Robert Bednar. Bednar has run for office in Lake County.

Discussing freedom, Cruz described it as “a liberating concept.”

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz didn’t get much time for himself on the cruise.

He told of his Dad’s being a prisoner in Cuba, how his father thought he could achieve freedom in the United States.

Cruz said the rulers of Chicago and Illinois base their power on “a lie.”

“How may years have Democrats ruled Chicago?” he asked.

Lots of people wanted their pictures taken with Ted Cruz.

Reflecting his father’s experience, Cruz said,

“Thank God some liberal didn’t come along (in Austin) and put his arm around him and offer the advice not to learn English,” the Senator said.

A view of the Chicago Skyline from Lake Michigan.

Turning to the U.S. Constitution, Cruz praised its proclamation of the natural rights that all are endowed by their Creator with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness resonate today.

The Constitution protects freedom and truth, he said.

Concerning the events in Charlottesville, the former Presidential candidate declared,

“The Nazis and the Klan and white supremacists are scumbags.

“Every nut bag has the right to protest.

“\Everyone of us has a duty to call out the lies…of the bigotry [they speak].”

A view of Trump Tower down the Chicago River.

Turning to Washington, he said, “Quite simply, we ought to act.

“If we fail to do it (deliver on our promises), then this will be one of the most heart breaking Congresses in a long time,

“Let’s do what we said we’d do.”

Ted Cruz chats before the boat left the dock.

Cruz is up for re-election next year.

He said there were two ways to run:

  1. scared or
  2. unopposed

It was dark when the boat returned to the pier making the lights new ferris wheel quite visible.

He related a fundraising pitch.

The candidate says, “We’ve got all the money we need, but it’s still in your pocket.”

Concluding Cruz vowed,

As long as there is breath in my body, I will fight for truth, freedom and the Constitution


The 2017 Family PAC Cruise with Ted Cruz — 21 Comments

  1. Cruz is the kept and controlled opposition … he’s a sham. Cindy’s right.

    Most of ship o’ fools are good people, just deluded.

  2. So Tad thinks Cal is over the top with taking pictures and Cindy and Ricky thinks he’s a fool.
    Wow special.

  3. You are an idiot, nob! What Rickey and I said and agreed upon was that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Where do you get your completely slanted ideas from, Moderate?

  4. Where is an iceberg when you need one? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. Sunshine blogger, I’m afraid you misquoted our favorite cuban Rafael Eduardo Cruz. “As long as there is money in my pocket, I will fight for truth, freedom and the Constitution.” Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. Interesting statement from Rafael Eduardo Cruz: “If we fail to do it (deliver on our promises), then this will be one of the most heart breaking Congresses in a long time,…” Of course, republican incompetence is only “heartbreaking.” tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! This is a betrayal to Real America! Why did Rafael Eduardo Cruz choose liberal Cook county to fill up his pocket instead of riding a hay truck and driving all the way to beautiful rural, family-values, compassionate conservative, McHenry county? Oh, I see, a reality check for my compassionate conservative brothers and sisters…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. If life is truly a battle over one’s own ignorance, Angel’s battle is uphill all the way.

  9. Nob, you idiot, do you not recall that I occasionally refer to Cal as being naive? This is what is meant by that.

  10. Funny how the Jacko-backers (or should that be ‘slackers) pile on Cindy who’s only pointing out well-suppressed facts.

    It was indeed a ‘ship of fools’ if those conservatives dreamed Cruz was one of them. He ain’t!

    He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing so to speak … and they are the defenseless sheep herded onto a skow to bow and scrape to a false idol! [But maybe ole Ted was the judas goat, too!!!]

    I usually embark upon that ginboat myself. When I found out the horrid Cruz was going to be the keynote toastee, I called FamilyPac to protest, only to be told, ‘He’s a big name and draw, and he’s already accepted our invitation. What could we do?!”

    I replied, ‘Then count me out!’

    Good reading:

  11. Put these in your pipes and smoke it!

    Cruz is an insider who poses as an outsider.

    Cruz is a: Harvard Lawyer, member of Bush Campaign Team, Member of Bush Transition Team, member of Bush Federal Trade Commission, member of Bush Non-Justice Department.

    He threw Middle Eastern Christians under the the bus.

    He’s a high powered lawyer-politician with heavy links to the likes of Goldman Sachs and boasts neocon advisors and supporters including gambling magnate and human-monster Sheldon Adelson.

    Cruz is is a proto-type of what is still so very, very wrong with America’s business and political leadership elite.

    interesting article:

  12. Cruz will make a fine Supreme Court Justice, hopefully replacing Ginsberg.


  13. Oh, oh! Another compassionate conservative death threat? Tic, tock, tic, tock…

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