Vincent Giangrasso, R.I.P.

My father-in-law, Vincent Giangrasso died Friday morning.

Below is his obituary:

Vince Giangrasso on a cool mid-June family gathering in Wonder Lake.

Vincent Giangrasso cherished husband of Orlanda (nee Ropele); loving father of Donna (Doug) Pittman, Joseph (Mary) Giangrasso MD, and Michele (Cal) Skinner; adoring grandfather of Kevin (Ann) Pittman, Kristy Fritz, Joey Giangrasso, Marisa (Nathan) Hentis and Steven Skinner and great-grandfather of Vincent Fritz and Hunter Pittman.

Visitation Monday, August 21, 2017 at Christ the King Catholic Church, 5006 East Wonder Lake Rd., Wonder Lake, IL 60097 from 9AM until time of Mass of Christian Burial at 11AM.

Interment St. Mary Cemetery, Evergreen Park, IL at 2PM.

Arrangements by Dalcamo Funeral Home. Visit the website to sign guestbook [or comment below].

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An article about their July 26, 2017, 70th wedding anniversary is here.


Vincent Giangrasso, R.I.P. — 30 Comments

  1. So sorry for the family and friends loss . . . prayers being said for all.

    But God has a plan and Vince Giangrasso rose to his calling.

    God Bless All Of You.

  2. I read about his life in the link you provided to their 70th anniversary.

    Looks like a life well lived!

    I hope to do half as well.

    My condolences for his passing, and prayers for you and your family’s grief during this sad time

  3. Condolences.

    He was a true Gentleman, and lived to see his 70th — a special grace given by God.

    Following his funeral. a great darkness will immediately befall the land … fitting!

  4. Condolences to the families, Cal.

    Mr. Giangrasso lived a full and righteous life indeed.

  5. Looked like one heck of a guy.

    That wedding picture is a beaut!

    May he rest in peace.

    Doodie, Cal puts obits on his blog of noteworthy community members.

    Can you try not to be an ass ?

  6. We don’t care now.

    He will have plenty of company from the other soulless miscreants who
    frequent this blog.

  7. My 64 year old brother died July 30th, so I can relate to how you must feel Cal.

  8. Put Mr. Giangrasso in the “they don’t make ’em like this, anymore” category.

    What a wonderful life!

    Thoughts to your family, Cal.

  9. sorry aobut your father in law best to your family prayers to them all

  10. Our family’s heartfelt sympathy to Michelle, you, and the rest of the family.

    God be with you in this time of sorrow and best wishes that you can soon begin the celebration of his wonderful life.

  11. Oh yes God will be right there gathers the dearly departed to his loving bosom, this the guy who supposedly let his kid be nailed to a cross. Blahahahaha, it is such nonsense

  12. Doodie (as you are so appropriately named) God didn’t ‘Let’ Jesus do anything.

    Jesus came forth to sacrifice himself to atone for mankind’s sins.

    He stepped up and that’s the beauty of his sacrifice.

    Dear God, this worlds going to Hell and shows no signs of stopping.

  13. Regardless of Doodle’s beliefs, there is a time and a place for everything.

  14. It is not regardless. That type of thought is the reason we are fighting wars and watching our nation slide into oblivion. And He is holding us responsible for those sins. God will not be mocked. Things like Doodie will find that out too late. Cp is right that this is not the proper place for those things.

    May God provide the peace that passes all understanding for all the souls affected by this wonderful man’s life. May you find joy in the fact that he ran his race. He is now enjoying his eternity and hearing “Well, done thou good and faithful servant.”

  15. The repugnant ‘Doodie’ must be none other than Bobby Miller, aka Booby Miller

    He’s the Crooked Patriarch of the Miller Dynasty that lost it all when the people of Algonquin finally woke up to his help-thyself scams.

  16. Cindy, I have to admit it:

    When I read your first post above, I laughed so hard I inhaled the chocolate milk I was drinking at the time.

    That was a real hoot and comment hard to top on many, many levels!

    You’re the best!

  17. Sorry, swordfish. All glory goes to God. All my comments are Holy Spirit lead. I am only the messenger.

  18. The Holy Spirit needs some guidance. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  19. Notice how Angel hides out in all-white McHenry County so she won’t have to live with the failures of Democrat governance.

  20. Charlie, Angel is a Male and a School Teacher . . . what else do you need to know, oh yes and his Tick Tocs are about to run out.

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