GOP Members of County Board Seek Two Special Meetings Wed. Night

A press release about the call for special McHenry County Board meetings by Republican County Board members:

Special Meetings, McHenry County Board

Two Special Meetings of the McHenry County Board have been called by Republican members for Wednesday, August 23, 2017.

The first meeting will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Meeting Room at 667 Ware Road, Woodstock, and will address the issue of recent patronage hirings.

At a time when the County Board has been working to reduce expenses, these hirings – unauthorized by the Board – have more than doubled the budget of the Chairman.

The second meeting, which will commence immediately upon completion of the first, will address the possible lease or sale of Valley Hi Nursing Home without County Board input.

These are open meetings and the public is encouraged to attend and give comments during the “Public Comments” portion of the Agenda.

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Here is the call for the meeting to eliminate the positions being used to finance Jack Franks’ patronage hires:

This is the call for a Special County Board meeting to consider eliminating the positions used to pay Jack Franks’ patronage hires. Signing the petition are Jim Heisler, Donna Kurtz, Tom Wilbeck, Jeff Thorsen, Mike Walkup Michael Rein, Chuck Wheeler and Craig Wilcox.  All the other members of the County Board are Republican but Paula Yensen.

The resolution to be presented appears below. It appears that the rumor of the State’s Attorney’s Opinion that the County Board can eliminate positions gains credence.

The resolution that would eliminate the positions into which Peter Austin place Jack Franks’ patronage hires.

Here is the call for a special meeting to consider Jack Franks’ Valley Hi action which appears to be leading toward privatization of the McHenry County Nursing Home without direction from the County Board:

This is the call for a Special McHenry County Board meeting to consider the lack of transparency in Jack Franks’ seeking someone to market the Valley Hi Nursing Home and to cancel the Request for Proposal to implement that task.  It was signed by Jim Heisler, Donna Kurtz, Tom Wilbeck, Jeff Thorsen, Mike Walkup, Michael Rein, Chuck Wheeler and Craig Wilcox.  It appears that Kay Bates signed the petition, then withdrew her signature.

Here is the resolution to be considered at one of the 7 PM Wednesday night meetings.  The content of Franks’ action which displeased at least these County Board members can be found in this article:


GOP Members of County Board Seek Two Special Meetings Wed. Night — 18 Comments

  1. Now we’re talking.

    And Again, we won’t see this in the local NWH (Numb-Nuts Herald)

    Only on the McH Co Blog.

    Did Kay Bates really cross her name off of the ‘Request for Resolution Reinforcing the Board’s commitment to transparent govt process?

    Talk about numb-nuts…(shaking my head)

  2. Where’s District 6….hello?

    Are you working for the people?

  3. In the meeting portal at the County Board website, only one meeting is listed.

    Both items are on the agenda, but the transparency measure is listed first.

    I wonder if Jacko will claim the notice is somehow defective because it’s not the same as what was requested by the Board members.

    Nothing coming from him would surprise me.

  4. WOW, someone finally is standing up to this out of control Chairman.

    Nice to see his behind the scene shenanigans exposed and put to the test.

  5. D-6 wake up call!

    Aavang and Smith can be voted out next year!

    Not sure if Schuster is running again but we do have one great candidate by the name of Orville Brettman.

    Apparently Aavang is already bad mouthing the guy saying she is ‘afraid’ of him!

    If the fear is relative to retaining her job at the Farm Bureau or her seat on the Board, I can understand it.

    If it is anything else, she may be guilty of ‘fear mongering’.

    There is no hiding the close relationship between Aavang, Smith, McCann and the “round mound”.

    Thank you to the eight signers of the special meeting call.

    Even if they are not successful, we will have a better indication of who works for the taxpayers and who does not.

  6. Off story a tad.

    Richie Durbin visited Marengo yesterday

    Dem slam on this county is in full Monty.

  7. I normally listen to the meetings from the comfort of my home office, but this one will be too good to not attend in person.

    Counting RINOs; nothing could be more fun.

    A big THANK YOU to the brave eight.

  8. Brave 8?

    Everyone on the damn board should have signed those things, including the one democrat Paula Yensen if, IF they are truly working for the people!

    Kay Bates now has given documented, signed and initialed proof that she is running scared of an overaged playground bully.

    Too bad Kay.

    You had a chance to redeem your last 9 months of absolute worthlessness to the people you represent.

    The rest of you wusses are ridiculous wastes of time and are in the same sinking boat as Kay Bates!


  9. I would have been VERY surprised if Paula Yensen put her signature to that paper.

    She has been seen at meetings Jack Franks participates in – and he has said to her, and I quote “thanks for the support.”

    She is not for the people – she is for Jack Franks.


  10. And it appears so are the other lame board members and Kay Bates.

    Can’t even do the right thing when it’s presented to them by one of the few obvious leaders on the board.

  11. Tomorrow should be the determining factor in how McHenry County voters vote in the next couple of elections.

    We don’t need people on the County Board that don’t have a spine to stand up to a Chairman who thinks he’s the only one on the Board and can do whatever he wants behind their backs and who considers himself above everyone else. He makes his own rules.

    If these two Resolutions don’t pass tomorrow we definitely need a new Board.

    We need a Board that does what we elect them for.

    A County Board Chair that hires 2 employees, without approval, to do his job and promote him at taxpayer expense not to mention circumvents the Board needs to be reeled in.

    He wants all other departments to cut their budgets and he wants to increase his by well over $100,000 for two positions that were never needed by any Chairman in the past.

  12. Only 8 willing to do their G– Damed jobs!

    Surprised Kearns didn’t want in on this, he knows what a POS Franks is!

    And what’s Barnes’ excuse?

    The rest I Know are worthless chicken shits and not cut out for the job.

    Time to start advertising for candidates and kick these idiots to the curb!

    Christensen, Bates, Reinert, are jokes and will be one termers, if they last that long.

  13. Yes, Sue. Common sense tells you that someone is using Common Core to arrive at that convoluted situation.

  14. Meaning Sue said it very well. Even the clowns that are perpetrating the fraud should be able to understand it.

  15. How can this waste of time bullshit be seen as serving the people?

    You want our county board to be in the healthcare business?

    Are you out of your tree?

    Follow suit of Lake County and sell Valley HI- it doesn’t serve the purpose of its mission anyway but competes with private providers.

    It is apparent no on eon this blog really has a clue about the financials of Valley HI or the reality of healthcare economics.

    And this ridiculous BS about his hires- MOVE ON.

    He had the right to do it- even if he shouldn’t have- the county board screwed up and left a loop hole big enough to drive a truck through.

    How about you recruit some fiscal conservatives with some example of personal success instead of the Jackass you all seem to applaud who can barely tie their shoes?

    You are destroying this county.

  16. Mary Margaret Maul (Inish) you’re missing the point – on purpose, I believe.

    The County can privatize the County Nursing home but it should be discussed in public forum and be put to referendum.

    Not put out for RFQs or RFPs and kept on the ol’ QT from the board and the voters (both who made it happen to begin with and the taxpayers have invested in it) It’s also one of the few taxing bodies that is run very well.

    Let the people decide and let the board in on it.


    On the Patronage Hires: The taxpayers should realize that Franks “Cut 10” was a ruse as he dragged the County ass-kissing Administrator around by his ears and told him to make this happen so the Chairman could have someone to do HIS WORK and another to do Campaign work for him on the taxpayers dime. We shouldn’t have to pay for Franks political paybacks or his campaign!


    He didn’t have authority to hire them to begin with!

    Tell us what the loop hole was that allowed Franks to hire these two tax sucking hires tripling the cost of Franks elected office?!

    He didn’t go thru the proper process because Lord Fontelroy thinks he’s special and doesn’t have to follow the rules!

    What Jackass do people applaud that can barely tie their own shoes?

    The ones destroying this county are the Franks ass-smoochers not willing to do their jobs!

    Edgar County Watchdogs cover this week’s Special Meeting of the McHenry County Board and includes VIDEO:

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