14 (13 GOP) County Board Members Boycotting Special Meetings on Patronage Hiring & Valley Hi Give Franks Victory

These nine McHenry County Board members answered the roll call for the meeting that could have eliminated the positions of Jack Franks’ two patronage hires.

With only nine members answering the roll call Tuesday night (and a tenth arriving a little late), McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks was able to avoid a vote on two resolutions that would overturn his decisions.

Jack Franks in victory after the Republicans presumably under his sway refused to attend the Special Meetings.

The first was whether the County Board would eliminate the two patronage jobs, which are occupied by ghost employees doing tasks quite far from their job title’s description.

Those attending the Special Meetings. Administrator Peter Austin sitting in front, Northwest Herald photographer taking pictures on the right.

The second was to rescind the Request for Qualification for an agent to seek a firm to lease Valley Hi.

Jack Franks was not a happy camper because the people attending the adjourned meetings stayed in the room to listen to Craig Wilcox, Jeff Thorsen and Edgar County Watchdogs John Kraft and Kirk Allen.

Franks ruled there were not quorums and adjourned the meetings.

Kay Bates

Michele Aavang

Joe Gottemoller

Chris Christensen

Jim Kearns

John Jung

Mary McCann

Don Kopsell

Mike Skala

Robert Nowak

Chris Spoerl

Larry Smith

Paula Yensen. the lone Democrat

The names of the fourteen County Board members boycotting the meeting (or in the case of a reported conflict, Donna Kurtz) follow:

All are Republican, but Yensen.

The ten who showed up are

  • Yvonne Barnes
  • John Hammerand
  • Jim Heisler
  • Michael Rein
  • John Reinert
  • Jeff Thorsen
  • Chuck Wheeler
  • Tom Wilbeck
  • Craig Wilcox
  • Mike Walkup

Kirk Allen of Edgar County Taxpayers told of improper activities of the McHenry County Emergency Telephone System Board.

Kirk Allen of Illinoisleaks.com explained what he found illegal in a two-hour search of McHenry County’s Emergency Telephone System.

He said there is no provision in state law for this part of McHenry County government to have a credit card or legal services other than the State’s Attorney.

In addition, he pointed out that the Board had made grants that were not authorized by state stature.

This was said after the meeting was adjourned.

“It’s sad when your elected officials don’t come to listen to you.”

Craig Wilcox presented a timeline to the members of the public who stayed after the meeting:

Chronology for Public Consideration

Nov 8, 2016…General Elections

Dec 5, 2016…New board is sworn in, later that month 2 new hires brought on in process that was neither transparent nor open to the public…Administrator later deems it “Unique situation”.

Oliver Serafini’s McHenry County employee identification card showing he works for the Department of Transportation as well as for the County Board Chairman.  In reality, he was paid out of the McDOT budget.

A Public Relations and a Communication Specialist are hired to fill a Temp Program Manager position and a Utility Coordinator position. Neither do the work associated with the job

Dec 20, 2016…First meeting…consider restructure of standing committees…Human Resources was slotted to be removed, amendment ensured committee was not eliminated

Jan 10, 2017…at Internal Support & Facilities meeting Peter Austin discusses the hirings, Chairman identified the “need”, Peter found a “solution”, acknowledges need to clean up the job descriptions

Jan 12, 2017…Committee on Committee discusses possible membership for HR Committee, becomes contentious issue

Jan 17, 2017…HR Committee not put on the County Board agenda to be established

Feb 13, 2017…process started to call a Special Meeting to Amend Resolution R-201612-12-358 recommending appointments to the Standing Committees…goal is to force the establishment of the HR Committee, which is being delayed by Chairman, and which was not projected for the Feb 21, 2017 County Board agenda…Chairman finally elects to add this topic to the agenda, Special Meeting request not submitted

Bridgett Geenen’s McHenry County employee identification card.

Feb 21, 2017 County Board agenda…Chairman finally elects to add this topic to the agenda, Special Meeting request not submitted

Feb 21, 2017…HR Committee finally selected and established, meets for first time Feb 28, 2017

Mar 15, 2017…HR Committee digs into hiring aspects during meeting. Peter [Austin] states we have an organizational history of not bending rules, claims hiring didn’t add head count or add to the budget, and admits County Board should approve items “when it is unique”

Mar 15, Apr 12, & May 4, 2017…Reclassification of the Job Descriptions Resolution presented to committees in a way to “legitimize” the personnel books

At Mar 15, 2017 HR Cmte…During extensive discussion Peter Austin admits he did not “select” the candidates for the positions, he quote “didn’t want to get in way of elected official” endnote to hire his own staff…this is contrary to 55 ILCS 5, as an elected Chairman does not have the authority of Constitutional Officers.

Craig Wilcox

Resolution Fails HR 4-3, month later fails ISF 6-1, almost another month goes by and in Finance resolution fails to receive motion/second

Throughout April and May many, many letters and postcards from residents concerned about the hiring process, urging board to discuss the issue and resolve it according to County policies

Craig Wilcox

Apr 25, 2017…HR discusses need for alternative resolution to resolve hiring issue, since reclassification had failed in HR and ISF, and was yet to be considered in Finance. Prevailing
belief that there is a requirement for the County Board to provide “Authorization” for Peter’s hiring actions as is detailed in the County Administrator Ordinance, section B.10.Staff, as passed by resolution O-201107-12-032. Attempts made to include alternative resolution as future topic for May 23 HR Cmte Ordinance verbatim words:

“The county administrator may employ staff to assist in the performance of these powers and duties…UPON AUTHORIZATION of the McHenry County Board”

May 16, 2017…Chairman fails to include reclassification resolution on agenda for board meeting…avoiding the responsibility of the board to “Authorize” the actions

May 23, 2017…HR Cmte Chair fails to put alternative resolution on agenda, majority of the committee members provide consensus for Special HR meeting to be called for Jun 13, 2017 per County Board rules in Article 1, Section 3. HR Cmte Chair agrees to press forward with alternative resolution (1:27:20 of recording) and offers the date of Jun 13 (1:30:00 of recording) Jun 13, 2017…HR Cmte Chair unilaterally, with pressure from above, fails to schedule HR Special Meeting, “willfully & knowingly breaking County Board rules”, expressing concern that even if this meeting occurred the Board Chairman would not include it on agenda for Jun 20, 2017 County Board meeting

Jun 26, 2017…Law & Gov’t Cmte meeting…Jun 5, 2017 minutes acknowledge that Chairman Franks “still approving” committee agendas, contrary to Board processes…Chairman Franks joins end of meeting to discuss issues…alleges he is not required do put things on agenda he
considers illegal Jun 27, 2017…HR Cmte Chair explains why no Special Meeting, also alludes to illegality of alternative resolution…majority of the committee members provide consensus to seek SAO on legality of alternative resolution. Later this same day the request was provided to HR Cmte
Chair and County Administrator to submit to State’s Attorney…no action taken by either…reiterated request again on Jul 6, 2017…still no action…again emailed on Jul 9, 2017 Jul 12, 2017…Request finally sent to State’s Attorney office after delays where HR Cmte Chair admits to not reading county email for 10 days. Chairman Franks adds his own very explicit questions to the request
Jul 25, 2017…HR Cmte

Aug 15, 2017…nothing put on County Board agenda by the Chairman regarding alternative resolution or the SAO…board member attempts to initiate discussion of the issue, no real discussion allowed by Chairman The lack of open discussion drives decision to pursue last recourse to County Board members and that is to call for a Special Meeting of the County Board in accordance with Illinois Statute 55 ILCS 5/2-1002, and the County Board rules, Article 2, Section 2, Rule 2.2

Aug 22, 2017…HR Committee cancelled…

This chronology indicates the extensive 8 month process that many county board members have undertaken, following the County Board rules, to try and bring this issue to a full County Board vote. The efforts of conscientious board members to bring transparency to county processes, to include the public concerns, to drive adherence to existing County Board rules and policies, and ultimately to have the County Board vote for or against the hiring process has culminated in this Special Meeting. Once the board votes, hopefully the action will be resolved one way or another, and we can get back to finding ways to govern in a manner that will instill trust and pride in our actions with those that matter most, the residents of McHenry County…

thank you.

Wilcox bemoaned that “a majority of our Board members decided not to see the light of day.”

He praised those who attended the meeting, saying they could see county government in action.

Someone from the audience corrected him:  “inaction.”

Wilcox told of a friend who asked him what was wrong with getting a leasing agent for the Valley Hi Nursing Home.

“If you were selling your home, wouldn’t you get a broker?”

“Would you have done that without asking your wife?” Wilcox replied.

“What if you were working at Valley Hi,” he wondered.  Wouldn’t to have a right to know what the county was doing.

“What if you were an 85-year old resident?” Recorder of Deeds Joe Tirio added.  “Would you be afraid you’d be kicked out on the street?”

A man from the audience said the following:

“We know for a century the County Board Chairman didn’t need a [any employees] and now we need two?”

One of the Edgar County Taxpayers guys offered some information on the McHenry County policy that only the Board Chairman, County Administrator and Committee Chairman could request State’s Attorney’s Opinions.

He pointed out that State law says “any county officer” can ask for an opinion.

“You are a county officer,” he said to the County Board members who remained after the meeting.

“He is obligated by law.

“That policy is not in conformance with state law.

“State law is in your corner.

“We’ve been down this road in many counties.”

Wilcox clarified what Franks claimed in the meeting, that the resolution about eliminating two positions “was to fire two legally hired employees.”

“The positions had been vacant more than 90 days.  They should have been eliminated [according to County Board policy].

“He used the term ‘legal hires’ [quoting the State’s Attorney].  That doesn’t mean they followed County Board Policy.”

Turning to the Valley Hi resolution, Wilcox bemoaned the lack of notice of the Request for Qualifications to the County Board.  He pointed out that nothing was said about it at the Valley Hi Operating Board, which was held the night before the RFQ was posted on the County Purchasing Department web site.

Indeed, a constituent who watches that site informed a County Board member, who spread the word.

“What we wanted was an open and transparent discussion.”

Jeff Thorsen

Jeff Thorsen took the floor and laid out the minimum County Board involvement when a Federal lobbyist was selected.

The Board was given only one choice after a secret two-person committee selected that firm.

He said he didn’t want the same process in determining what to do with the nursing home.

“I happen to be one of the people who things we should explore all options, [but] the public is invested in Valley Hi.

“How often does a county board privatize a politically charged [service]?”

One of the Edgar County Taxpayers noted that there are “plenty of Attorney General’s opinions” on leasing.

Referring to his colleagues who skipped the meeting, Thorsen said,

“These people need to be having that discussion.  They’ll be saying, ‘We’ve made that decision by not showing up.”

Wilcox read emails about Valley Hi from Austin and Franks.

Austin said he forgot to tell the Operating Board the night before the RFQ was posted.

Franks said there was “inaccurate blogging,” but did not specify where.  [Is is nice to again have evidence that Franks reads McHenry County Blog.]

In the Chairman’s email to County Board members, he said, “Nothing will happen to Valley Hi without extensive County Board discussion and debate.”

He added that any change “would have to be improved…and be subject to a vote by the voters.”

Ersel Schuster

Former McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster was upset.

“You need to have this discussion before this crap happens.

“This is absolutely disgusting.”

Schuster was defeated by two County Board members who were no shows.

“I totally agree that there needs to be a full and open discussion,” a man in the audience added.

There was a short discussion about compensation of the firm to be selected to search for alternative management.

Austin pointed out that the firm picked would be paid “from the lease.”

Probably because the patronage hirings and leading out Valley Hi had only been covered on McHenry County Blog, a person asked if the Northwest Herald were going to write a story.

Wilcox told of having a 20-minute interview yesterday, but that no article appeared before the meeting.

The Northwest Herald reporter in the room noted that both pre-meeting and an afer-meeting article had been planned, but that “breaking news” bumped the preview article.

He said that a front page article would report on what happened at and after the meeting.

= = = = =
The Edgar County Taxpayers said they would be making the four-hour trip to McHenry County for the next Special Meeting. They got home about 1:30 this morning. If a meeting lasts longer, I’m wondering if anyone has two empty bedrooms in which they could crash before driving back to Edgar County, which is south of Danville.


14 (13 GOP) County Board Members Boycotting Special Meetings on Patronage Hiring & Valley Hi Give Franks Victory — 57 Comments

  1. Thank you:
    Yvonne Barnes
    John Hammerand
    Jim Heisler
    Michael Rein
    Jeff Thorsen
    Chuck Wheeler
    Tom Wilbeck
    Craig Wilcox
    Mike Walkup

    and Donna Kurtz who agreed to be there by phone.

    And a BIG THANKS to The EDGAR COUNTY WATCHDOGS from ILLINOIS LEAKS for covering this. And of course the McH Co Blog!

  2. Cindy I have read your threads for 2 years and I am not sure you could color within the lines much less make battle lines. You and Orville the loon have a good time together. But watch out for that Orville when cornered he will turn states evidence.

  3. If the 14 no shows support the agenda of Chief Many Chins, they should at least have the guts to show up and vote for it.

    I am prepared to believe that a couple of members had unavoidable scheduling conflicts, but there is no way that 14 did.

    Not bothering to show up is the epitome of political cowardice.

  4. Saloon? You are a complete moron. If you have learned nothing from reading my comments for over two years then you have no ability to understand much of anything. BTW Your screen name tells a lot about your lack of character.

  5. I learned one thing while campaigning many years ago – the public votes for names they know regardless of their performance.

    If, God forgive me, Josef Mengele or Adolf Eichmann were on the ballots in McHenry, people would vote for them because somewhere they heard those names.

    That’s the sad reality.

  6. CP – Name recognition is one thing. It carries some weight but only so much…

    An entirely more substantial cause to consider MUST be that of the endorsements and thousands of dollars of campaign funds raised and used to promote MANY of these names by both the MCGOP and MCGOPAC (the latter of which actually purports to be more of a “conservative/better government” PAC.

    We were told by the MCGOP via the many many thousands of contribution dollars worth of mailings and other literature they distributed, that MANY of these names were in fact “fiscal conservatives” who were “Republican Strong”!

    IS the MCGOP not culpable? I would suggest they absolutely are!

    Then there’s the MCGOPAC that touts itself as being a step above that of the MCGOP.

    This PAC touts itself as promoting the real conservative candidates out there. And of course they promote these mediocre-at-best candidates using monies raised by unsuspecting conservative minded republicans who are naive enough to believe that this PAC actually stands for something more!

    This MCGOPAC took many thousands of dollars in contributions to spend on literature and mailings to do nothing more than promote the same tired names as the MCGOP!

    The only difference was adding their particular MCGOPAC’s brand name to the literature!

    MCGOPAC essentially took money from conservative minded folks to do nothing more than feed them lies as if they had somehow vetted the names they pushed, when in fact the only criteria they used was that the names they promoted had an R next to them!

    Nothing short of fraud in my mind!

    So not being able to pin this one on evil democrats, the mindless partisans will now pull the “RINO” card and talk about electing real fiscal conservatives next election…

    “This time we really mean it, Charlie Brown!”

    Be sure to have your checkbooks handy folks! MCGOP and MCGOPAC will be soliciting your contributions again real soon!

  7. The Majority of this board are as useless as shit-flavored lollipops…

    Sad that some managed to find their way to Franks’ shindig over the weekend but they couldn’t show up for fellow board members’ Special Meeting called due to serious issues?

    What’s the matter?

    You couldn’t Party with Franks and then go against him by showing up a couple of days later to do YOUR FRIGGIN’ JOBS!?

    -Getting rid of his two unauthorized tax-funded patronage hires IS YOUR JOB!

    -Censuring Franks while admonishing the county administrator, for keeping Requests for Proposals to privatize our county nursing home from Board Discussion and the public eye IS YOUR JOB!

  8. A few special meetings right before the next primary could be a very effective tactic to smoke out the RINOs.

  9. You have the list right here that Cal printed on this page.


    This is what cowards do.

    This is a typical Democrap ploy.

    No way any of the fourteen are Republicans or people with a conscience.

    These fourteen people are despicable.

    They are Nero’s puppets playing their fiddles.

    They are morally reprehensible.

    They take our money for their elected positions and refuse to represent us.

    They have broken God’s law.

    Thou shalt not steal.

  10. 14 elected officials that care little about transparency and who, buy their actions last night, have approved corruption.

  11. To short of notice for the meeting, two weeks at least.

    Before calling a special meeting like this, the conclusion should already be known.

    Ex military Wilcox should know not to start a battle if it isn’t already a given you’ll win.

    Planning to win requires seeing the whites of their eyes, shoots into the dark are wasted gov time and $$$$.

  12. Oh! But, the group who showed up did win!

    Once the meeting was published they were in a ‘can’t lose’ position.

    The ‘no-shows’ have confirmed one thing: They are ‘in the pocket’ of the”round mound” bully.

    The ‘no-shows’ represent the “round mound” – not the taxpayers.

    Anyone at the meeting last night knows that the “round mound” bully actually attempted to have the Board members who did show up ARRESTED!.

    The “round mound” screwed up on this one – he should have encouraged his minions to show up and simply vote NO.

    With no members from D-6 showing up, it is very apparent why the ‘flee party’ Democrats from WI chose Harvard to hole up!!

    Say what you want about Brettman, historically he has proven he works for the taxpayers unlike the current FOUR from D-6.

  13. Once again, its too little too late, County Board, and where was newly appointed Board Member Spoerl?

    We know that hefty insurance coverage for McCann and too many others outweighs any sense of duty to the taxpayers.

    Other excuses?

    If YOU county board members had failed to attend when Franks started throwing out the rules, he would not have had a quorum to dismantle the Board.

    Clueless or cowards?

  14. Two days of notice, poorly written resolution that does not really do what you think it does.

    They gave that position- (Forget that Franks is in it) the statutory authority to hire.

    The board is to blame.

    The county goes out for literally thousands of RFQs- it is a request- not a decision.

    This board demonstrates over and over how unskilled they are- they make this grandstanding ridiculous moves that do nothing but demonstrate that they are crazy.

    Wilcox is merely trying to raise his profile so he can run for Senate.

    To Nob’s point- How do you bungle this so badly?

    He could have called a special meeting right after a committee of the Whole- what was the urgency?

    The ten that showed up demonstrated they are not interested in good governance as much as grandstanding.

    And the tin hat crew on this blog can’t see that Jack is winning because your “heroes” are just plain stupid.

    Hey Cindy- Wilcox is morally reprehensible – ask him why he does not pay property taxes.

    I find it fascinating that he is “disabled” enough to not pay property taxes but he can play 18 holes at a political golf outing.

  15. Connect- you say “The ‘no-shows’ have confirmed one thing:”

    Actually, I would say they confirmed two things..

    They also confirmed that MCGOP and MCGOPAC are not to be trusted.

    Many of these no-shows were endorsed by these two organizations.

    We were told that many of these no-shows were ” Republican Strong”
    And good “fiscal conservatives.”

    And they collected TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in contributions to spread these lies to us!

    Will MCGOPAC apologize for their horrible endorsements?

    Will they admit they never vetted these officials before endorsing them?

    Will they apologize to mr. foglia and others for the substantial contributions they solicited from them, and were given because of MCGOPAC bearing false witness as to these candidates/officials character?

    For all those expressing disappointment, frustration, anger at the actions and inactions of these officials, might I suggest you remember this when these two organizations solicit you for contributions next election season.

    Keep your money in your bank account and spread the word. Until these organizations develop some semblance of integrity they are not deserving of your monies.

    Our continued contributions to these two organizations leave only ourselves to blame.

    I for one will begin a campaign of my own creating an awareness of these two organizations and that they are not to be taken at their word.

  16. Big Difference, “Inish”.

    The Board discusses RFQ’s in the public board meetings they don’t (or shouldn’t) go off on their own and put out RFQ’s on things behind the backs of others without discussion and exposure of such intention.

  17. I am very disappointed in this cowardly action of our County Board members for succumbing to the bullying tactics of the chairman.

    We now know who NOT to support and vote for in upcoming elections.

    Spread the word.

  18. It is my information that every single Board Member was contacted and asked to sign the petition for the meeting and told what date would be selected as that was printed on the petition.

    It had been going around for almost two weeks prior based on the dates of some of the signatures.

    So there is no argument that the notice was insufficient.

    They all knew about the meeting.

    At least two, McCann and Kurtz, were out of town on previously scheduled vacations but they could have participated by telephone if a quorum had been present and the attendees had voted to suspend the rules.

    However, since no quorum arose, it never got to that point.

    I believe most of the Members who did show up were the ones endorsed in the primaries by MCGOPAC or MCGOP.

    Some who were endorsed had jumped ship already by the time of this meeting so there was no surprise there.

    Reinart did show up but was late so he is not in the picture.

    Those who did not show up, with the exceptions mentioned, are now the “Franks Followers” for the balance of the current term.

    This was the litmus test.

    They are the majority.

    The rest are in the minority.

    Some of those in the minority may not be around for the next term either, so unless there is a major effort to recruit people to run in the primary, it’s over folks.

    Petitions can start being circulated September 5th.

    Last day to file is December 4th.

    It’s time to put down the keyboards and pick up the pencils.

  19. 14 Cowards!

    If the 14 support Jack Franks, they should of at least mustered the courage to make their arguments.

    They didn’t because they knew it could be used against them in their next campaign.

    I understand the dilemma.

    How does one defend the utter betrayal of the taxpayer’s they claim to represent?

    So they chose to take the most cowardly action.

    They will live with the shame.

  20. So keep your money, Federal Farmer.

    Don’t tell other people what to do with theirs.

    Candidates are People.

    People are organic.

    Are you telling us you never voted for someone who had all the great characteristics of a candidate you’d vote for and once you did – they caved, pivoted or did something you didn’t approve of???

    Wow, tell us how you did that, Karnack!

    Did you answer Cal yet on ‘why YOU didn’t run for school board (and I’ll ad ‘or county board’)?’

  21. People will still donate to people they “hope” will do the right thing.

    Funny, one guy who I would not endorse because he had no voting record, (so there was no way to know what he’d do) is Hell-bent on doing the Right Thing!

    Good for him and I’ll be supporting him all the way.

    Big disappointment in the new candidates that won, (aside from Wilcox) and HUGE disappointment with the seasoned board members who all spoke about how dangerous Franks is and now they don’t show up to rectify the situation. (Joe Gottemoller)

    The 14 didn’t show up to do their jobs, and the one arriving late, well they’re as useless as a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest, aren’t they?

    One of the best take-aways from the article on the NWH

    “The ones that didn’t show up, denied the public the opportunity to hear the discussion and there’s nothing more wrong than that!”

    Vice Chairman, Jeff Thorsen

  22. Kurtz was out of town and would have been willing to call in. She had also signed the petition.

    So it’s just “13 Cowards”.

    Thanks to Mike Tryon, Karen McC, and Bruce Ruaner, all Republicans, Franks can vote to break ties so you need two people to flip to switch the majority.

    The purpose of this meeting was to see if that could happen.

    It didn’t.

    Of those up for re-election who did not show up or were understandably absent are:

    D1: Nowak, Spoerl

    D3: Gott, Kopsel

    D5: Jung

    D6: Aavang, Smith

    If some of those claim they were on vacation, they still could have signed the petition for the meeting when given the chance so there is no excuse for not doing one or the other.

    Nowak is recovering from a motorcycle accident but could have called in under the Board Rules.

    The FIRST day to file petitions is Monday, November 27th. Right after Turkey Day. Skip Black Friday and go and get signatures.

    If you have time to post here at all times of the day and night, you can run for County Board, or help someone else who is doing it.

    No more excuses.

    Stop talking and start doing.

  23. INISH…I find it fascinating you think your judge and jury to call out a “DISABLED PERSON”.

    How dare you!!

    My family members gave their life/health for your freedom.

    Yes some are disabled, you would never know it if you met them.

    I hope you never do!

    You should be grateful they served.

    Thats the least an God fearing American should do.

    Property taxes… really?

    Thats all you got?

    He could have done nothing and yet chose to serve-yet again.

    To clean up what is salvageable in this broke state!!

    Stick to the topics.

    We (voting public) are not interested in what fascinates you!!

    We are grateful for our freedom and in case you have been living under a rock… freedom isn’t “FREE”!

    “I find it fascinating that he is “disabled” enough to not pay property taxes but he can play 18 holes at a political golf outing”.

  24. Sweded – you and the others from your MCGOPAC knew full wow that many of the names you were endorsing in your mailers and literature stood for nothing and were, what you would otherwise call, “RINOS”!

    You guys were doing nothing more than listing R officials. You knew they weren’t Fighters, you knew they weren’t fiscal conservatives, yet you endorsed them anyway because you needed contribution monies for other elections that you had a vested interest in!

    We can get more specific if you’d like but I will say to that.

    But in the meantime you guys whored yourselves out.
    Now, you should at least have the decency to step up, own what you did, and apologize to those whose money you took and to those you lied to by vouching for these mediocre-at-best officials.

  25. Semper Fi (Sweded) – continuing to muddy The Waters by suggesting these were only “candidates” that you endorsed . but many of these candidates were also incumbent officials whose records you knew were garbage yet you endorsed anyway.

    And again you endorsed with contributions made by those who believed you were endorsing true fiscal conservatives.

    MCGOPAC was nothing more than an absolute redundancy of the efforts made by mcgop!

    But you guys pretended to be something different, something more!
    And you knew you were being quite disingenuous while you were doing it!

    All I’m suggesting is that you guys take a look in the mirror and ask yourselves when you put your head on your pillow at night if you really feel good about misrepresenting your intentions to people while taking their money and using it for purposes entirely other than what you tell them they are for.

    Quit trying to convince yourselves that you are part of the solution when you are very much part of the problem.

  26. I happily invite representatives from MCGOPAC to discuss this in an open, public, town hall type forum where we can speak more specifically, with some accountability, rather than these ambiguous generalized comments being made behind screen names.

  27. In terms of last year’s endorsements, some unknowns were endorsed because the people they were opposing were known bad quantities.

    A couple have disappointed, but there weren’t really any choices.

    I’m sure it was hoped that they would be grateful for the support and follow the program but Franks has too much power and money to throw around.

    People are in fear of him.

    Some have stood up to that.

    Some have caved.

    Some are just waiting for him to leave for greener pastures.

    At this point it will accomplish nothing to call, write etc the Feckless Franks Followers.

    They have made their calculations and have decided that it is better to have him on their side, or at least not opposing them, than to please their constituents, who are not paying attention for the most part anyway.

    The only remedy at this point is to defeat them in March.

    The only way to do that is to have candidates.

    The only way to have candidates is to file petitions between Nov. 27 and Dec 4.

    The only way to file petitions is to circulate them, which can be done starting Sept 5th.

    Don’t wait until the end to do the circulating.

    You can use the circulation period while the weather is nice as an excuse to meet as many voters as possible.

    Every candidate should plan on getting 1000 signatures.

    Have your campaign literature already done and give it to them when you ask for signatures.

    Then just file two times the number needed and hold on to the rest.

    Send those people letters thanking them for signing your petitions after you get on the ballot and ask them for help and/or a contribution.

    Then hit the streets in January as best you can given the likely weather. Hit another 1000 before the election. Not the same ones you already have contacted.

    That will give you 2000 contacts and probably many households will have two voters.

    Don’t rely just on mailers and signs.

    If you do this you will probably win.

    THEN you can do something.

  28. I have two bedrooms at my house that the Edgar County Watchdogs can use whenever they want.

    You have my number Cal..

  29. Would be nice to have a press release from those absent to hear their side of the story.


    Hopefully Edgar County Watchdogs will post a video of those who spoke after the meeting was cancelled.


    Following is a list indicating who was present or absent at the Tuesday August 22, 2017 county board meeting that was cancelled due to lack of quorum.

    How many were required to make a quorum?

    As a commenter mentioned, the Board Chair can cast a tie breaking vote.

    The number in parantheses indicates when the term of office expires.


    Board Chair

    Jack Franks (2020) – Present


    District 1

    Yvonne Barnes (2020) – Present

    Thomas Wilbeck (2020) – Present

    Bob Nowak (2018) – Absent

    Christopher Spoerl (2018) – Absent

    He was appointed July 13, 2017 to replace Andrew Gasser.

    Mr. Gasser resigned April 21st due to winning the Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner primary election held February 28th, and then the general election held April 4th).


    District 2

    James Heisler (2018) – Present

    Donna Kurtz (2018) – Absent (apparently on vacation, signed the petition to hold the meeting, and would have called into the meeting if necessary)

    John Reinert (2020) – Present

    Jeff Thorsen (2020)- Present


    District 3

    Chris Christensen (2020) – Absent

    Joe Gottemoller (2018) – Absent

    Don Kopsell (2018) – Absent

    Mike Walkup (2020) – Present


    District 4

    Kay Bates (2020) – Absent

    John Hammerand (2018) – Present

    Chuck Wheeler (2018) – Present

    Craig Wilcox (2020) – Present


    District 5

    John Jung, Jr (2018) – Absent

    Michael Rein (2018) – Present

    Michael Skala (2020) – Absent

    Paula Yensen (2020) – Absent

    Ms. Yensen is the only Democrat on the Board, other than Board Chair Jack Franks.


    District 6

    Michele Aavang (2018) – Absent

    Kim Kearns (2020) – Absent

    Mary McCann (2020) – Absent (commenter reported she was on vacation)

    Larry Smith (2018) – Absent


    District map:


  30. @Grateful is that Democrap Mary Margeret-Maul (losing county board candidate) hoping to get Wilcox on something she thinks he kept secret?

    Like covert dealings stuffed in the dark hairy bowels of Jack Franks bung hole.

    The rantings by a couple here are of those who are unhinged.

    thats entertainment

  31. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears free and clean!

    It’s gonna be a very busy Fall and Spring here in McHenry County.

    Lot’s of peeps ready to do a lot of talking and walking.

    If you are a Republican with anything to hide, you might want to step forward and step up.

    It’s coming to a head whether you like it or not!

    Hiding out, is not going to be an option!

    Woof Woof.

  32. Mark: 13 are needed for a quorum.

    Franks does not count towards the quorum.

    People can call in to vote but the call ins cannot be used to establish a quorum.

    If Reinart had made it in time, there would have been 10, still 3 short.

    Had another three been there, and Reinart been on time, then Kurtz could have at least possibly voted.

    In any event, the time for talk is over.

    The time for action is at hand.

    Stop blogging here and start preparing your walk pieces.

    In ten days from now you should be hitting the streets with your petitions, or have signed on to another campaign.

    Get off of this blog.

    Stop slinging mud at each other.

    You are wasting time and energy that could be devoted to a solution.

    I am signing off.

    See you in March.

    Swampbuggy Out.

  33. Christensen! OUT!!!

    Kopsell! OUT!!!

    Bates!!! OUT! ! !

    Lady McCann!!!! OUT!

  34. Oh and that goes double for the phony ‘GOATT-MAULER’ aka ‘The PoS Shyster’

    plus the weenies Skala, Nowak and Mr. Onion-Reek Jung!

  35. Dont forget little Miss Aavang the crypto-Democrat and her little pet Kearns.

    They must be electorally guillotined for their boycotting ways.

  36. Cindy, you are greatly misinterpreting..
    That is exactly my point!
    The left/right paradigm is a sham and MCGOPAC continues to perpetuate it by making blanket endorsements of R candidates and officials, touting their picks as”conservatives” regardless of their horrid track records.

    Their only real criteria is that they claim to be “Republican”!

    They are entirely a partisan PAC paying zero regard to principles or policy!

  37. Federal Farmer? I don’t think you get it. There are no political parties. Period. It’s all a game.

  38. Reinart didn’t make it on time for a reason!

    That was planned all the way.

    Well I would have made it but…

    It’s called a ploy to make it looked like a good intention and play both sides of the fence.

    Look at the prevailing wage vote and who caved.

    The people that did realized when they voted that way that Jack was not going to let up on them.

    I.E. Donna Kurtz and Jim Heisler.

    Now they figured it out so stand for something or stand for nothing.

    The people that didn’t want to have a open and transparent discussion only failed their constituents.

    Should the county board members that came to this meeting not show up to another meeting that they think a resolution that they don’t like?

    Or show up and have a transparent/open discussion and vote up or down?!

    Or is it that the ones that didn’t show don’t want to be put into a bad situation to actually have to vote on this?!

  39. Endorsements are as useless as Polls.

    Stop listening to partisan paid for bs and think for yourselves.

  40. Nob, I agree!
    Furthermore stop giving your money to MCGOP and MCGOPAC!

    Do Republicans really need to give them tens of thousands of dollars for them to distribute mailers saying “vote for Republican candidates”?

    It’s absurd!

    If your goal is to elect R’s then keep your money in your bank and go hope for R’s!

    But stop being fooled as if they are giving you any more than that! Quit spending your own money against yourselves.

    I consider myself to be a strong Republican and I will be spending money on a campaign telling Republican voters not to contribute to MCGOP or MCGOPAC!

    If you stand for anything, to help spread the word and stop contributing money to those who stand for nothing but pretend they do!

  41. Swampbuggy – you have a very diplomatic way of skirting the issue. You sound like someone I know! But in this you are dead wrong and you will be held accountable publicy, beyond this blog.

    You say “some unknowns were endorsed because the people they were opposing were known bad quantities.”

    But as you know, incumbent officials were also endorsed by your MCGOPAC!
    Officials who were known to have horrible track records.

    They were endorsed and promoted with mailers and literature paid for by us!
    Why? Because they were R’s and you were seeking contribution money for a candidate that you had a vested interest in.

    You knowingly lied to us and sold us out for a personal gain!

    Plain and simple!

    This election you are going to do it again and for the very same reason… To support a candidate that you have a vested interest in!

    This time you will be held accountable and it will be very public and money will be spent to demonstrate what it is you are doing – lying to voters for personal gain!

  42. Federal Farmer? Although you are late to the game, I sincerely admire your dogged determination. Your stance may have been helpful many years ago in a more Elysian era. As it stands there is nothing that hasn’t been a huge pack of lies. Waking up to the fact that you have been lied to is horrendous, stressful, and completely life-changing. Kudos to you for being partially awakened. And kudos for picking SOMETHING to have a zeal for while others are just watching everything swirl around the bowl.

  43. Jack Frank’s is 1 dem. He is spaking the republicans butt . love it. 1 man hahahahaha.

  44. No No

    Exactly why voters did not want an Executive Chair–too much power for 1 person, regardless of who it is.

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