Messge of the Day – Front Page

Tuesday’s front ┬ápage of the Chicago Sun-Times is so innovative, I think it should be shared:

The Chicago Sun-Times has fun with its name by replacing it with the sun in total eclipse.


Messge of the Day – Front Page — 8 Comments

  1. Looks like the eclipse shows 95-99 percent moon, 1-5 percent sun.

    So, is the front page of the Times implying that it is the “Chicago Moon Times”?

    Is the Times “mooning” us?

  2. An omen – the death of Chiraq.

    Thank the first DEMOCRAT you see today for making it all possible.

    And especially The Merchant Of Death, Rahm Emmanuel.

  3. Chiraq.

    The sanctuary city known around the world for its gun violence.

    Heard that our Governor wants to make the State a “Sanctuary State”.

    We apparently have leaders in Illinois, and big cities around our Nation, who are morons.

  4. Cal, do you every worry that you are presiding over an openly violent, no-sense-of-humor-having mob in the making?

    Just wondering.

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