Orville Brettman Calls Out Michele Aavang and Larry Smith on Boycotting County Board Meeting

Orville Brettman

The following robo-call was sent to potential constituents in District 6:

Good Evening.

This is Orville Brettman candidate for McHenry County Board here in the sixth District calling.

Your elected representatives Michele Aavang and Larry Smith took a dive last night.

They refused to do the job they were elected for.

They skipped two county board meetings dealing with illegal hiring and bidding processes

Aavang and Smith are up for re-election next year.

I’m Orville Brettman and I’m running against them.

I’ll do what you elect me to do.

I won’t deliberately boycott meetings to protect corrupt practices.


Orville Brettman Calls Out Michele Aavang and Larry Smith on Boycotting County Board Meeting — 16 Comments

  1. ANY Republican who boycotted that meeting, IMO, will not be a county board member when their term is up, period.

  2. ALL 4 need to be replaced.

    McCann has done NOTHING for her constituents….self serving.

    Hoping Ersel comes back. One of the few that has sense and does the right thing for the people.

  3. Well I now have a list and next election I will be hard at work

    PS go gettem Orv…My moneys on you

  4. Orville you’re a political hack. How about working together instead of ripping people apart. Stop being such a partisan fool. It’s the county board. You aren’t trump. The board does not need any more dysfunction than they already have. The problem with government is the hacks trying to blindly follow one party or platform over the other. How about looking at the issues instead of party partisan lines.

  5. Make the Viet Nam Veterans Association great again! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. Orv is a true patriot.

    He burgled Democrats in the 70’s and will do it again to Jack Franks!

  7. The call was to the point and we need people who call it like it is!!

  8. You’ll have my vote.

    I hope Ersel runs again too.

    Smith and Aavang both need to go bye bye.

  9. I don’t think a bigger idiot can be found on this blog. Angel!!!! Do NOT mess with the Marines! You have to be THE MOST despicable excuse for a human commentator ever.

  10. Make the legion of justice great again! Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  11. People hate robo-calls.

    You may drive more away than gain by using them.

    Just saying.

  12. Robocalls are awesome. You get to listen any time you like when your machine picks them up.

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