County Board Attendance

While I was searching for McHenry County Board members phone numbers and email addresses, I happened upon a button that says, “County Board Attendance.”

Hoping to find that the lack of attendance from last night’s two meetings had been posted, I clicked on it.

There I was surprised to find that each meeting is not listed.

There are just totals for each month and data has been entered only through July.

Attendance at County Board meetings is shown on this panel in the County Board Attendance section of the web site.

Looks as if under McHenry County Board chairman Jack Franks there is usually only one Board meeting a month, so it will be easy to see if August numbers show nine members with three meetings and the rest with one.

Former Board member Ersel Schuster is responsible for attendance information being made readily available.

Kay Bates

Michele Aavang

Joe Gottemoller

Chris Christensen

Jim Kearns

John Jung

Mary McCann

Don Kopsell

Mike Skala

Robert Nowak

Chris Spoerl

Larry Smith

Paula Yensen. the lone Democrat

The names of the fourteen County Board members boycotting the meeting (or in the case of a reported conflict, Donna Kurtz) follow:

All are Republican, but Yensen.


County Board Attendance — 4 Comments

  1. Meant to post this here.

    Not a single member from district 6 bothered to show.

    Very disappointing.

    I’ll be voting for any challenger in the spring and spreading the word.

    These board members are scared of the great and powerful bully on the playground.

    Show up and vote yea or nay.

    At least bring it out in the open for discussion.

    It’s called transparency.

    It’s called doing the job you were elected to do.

  2. Yensen was “let go” from the United Way, and is unemployed.

    Why isn’t she able to make meetings?

    Great example of a public servant…NOT

  3. Did the “cut 10” Chairman show up in his $ golf shirt with County logo?

    Which ups the cost significantly.

    Does Franks have a clothing allowance-paid by taxpayers?

    What other County officials and employees have a clothing allowance?
    besides sworn law enforcement.

    And,while we’re at it, who gets a County car,insurance and other unknowns.

    Sounds like something out of the Bob Miller playbook.

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