Candidate Petition Party at Nick’s Pizza Sept. 7th

A press release from State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Grassroots GOP “Make Illinois Great Again” 2018 Party

Thursday September 7th, 2017

Nick’s Pizza
856 Pyott Rd
Crystal Lake, IL
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Republican Candidates:
Circulate your petitions

GOP Committeemen & activists:
Meet Conservative Reformers and enjoy FREE pizza


Candidate Petition Party at Nick’s Pizza Sept. 7th — 11 Comments

  1. An excellent slogan. But, it will take many years, maybe decades, to make Illinois great again.

    It can happen if somehow sufficient Republican candidates from around our State step forward, run against the Democratic establishment in Springfield, win elections and kick the Democrat majority out of office.

    Our State in recent years has been the worst State in the Union fiscally.

    We need responsible Republican leadership in our State Capitol just as is in the nearby States of Wisconsin and Indiana.

  2. As long as all power resides in and emanates from Crook County
    the status of Illinois will remain unchanged.
    Springfield has nothing to do with it other than that is
    where the dirty work against the citizenry is legally instituted.

  3. IL and any other state are just reflections of the US economy.

    To make it back to 50s or 60s economy would take another world war that would ruin every other countries manufacturing and not ours.

    Not likely with new tech and easy delivery of the Bomb.

    Try a new talking point, that one is nonsensical.

  4. World wars do not improve economies.

    World wars are engineered to cull the populations and get the agendas for the cabal into alignment.

    The cabal has ALWAYS backed BOTH sides of any wars.

    You are a fool to not pay attention and learn from history.

    Illinois sucks for other reasons.

    The deep state in Illinois is where all the nefarious psychopathic politicos come from.

    Illinois is even more corrupt than most states and that is saying something.

    From “”Jack” the Ripper” to oBlahblah the Illinois Candyman fake junior senator person, we have had an inordinate amount of psychopaths running everything.

    Extremely evil people are based in Illinois.

    A lot of the horror that goes on in the world is planned and based IN Illinois IN “institutions” you have no clue are even operating against all of humanity.

  5. Sweetheart this country was still lagging after the 1929 depression.
    It wasn’t FDR’s socialism that got us out of economic standstill, it was supplying the war effort for countries like Britain, France, and the USSR that finally pulled us out.
    After the war we prospered till the others countries gradually rebuilt.
    We have slowly declined since adding in a growing world economy.
    Ya the industrialists alway hedge their bet.
    From where you said IL sucks we are in agreement.

  6. Nob you are a disrepectful idiot. If I were your Grandmother I would spank your behind for addressing an elderly woman the way you do (CONSISTENTLY).

  7. Who says you’re older than me, same generation I’d bet.
    The disrespect came from YOU first. Any time you want to stop calling names, I’ll be glad to follow suit.
    Think your Grandparents would be happy with your labeling bs?
    Grow up and talk civilized.

  8. Shut up, you moron. I would never ever talk to my Grandmother in the way you do to me. How dare you.

  9. Playing the Old Folks card is nonsensical also.
    Respect is earned on this site, not a given.
    Playing that card is a defensive move that means you’re losing.

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