Governor’s Press Release on Sanctuary State Bill

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Gov. Rauner signs TRUST Act

New law will help law enforcement focus on reducing crime

CHICAGO (Aug. 28, 2017) – Gov. Bruce Rauner today signed Senate Bill 31 – the TRUST Act – which will continue Illinois’ history of welcoming immigrants and help law enforcement focus on stopping violent crime and protecting Illinois residents.

“Illinois has been welcoming of immigrants for a long time, and this bill will continue that tradition,” Gov. Rauner said.

“It also makes clear that stopping violent crime will be law enforcement’s mission rather than working on federal prerogatives that a federal court has found illegal.”

The Northern District of Illinois federal court has found that immigration detainer orders from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are illegal.

SB 31 reinforces that court ruling.

Furthermore, under the TRUST Act, law enforcement shall not stop, arrest, search, detain or continue to detain a person solely due to immigration status.

Instead, detainment will require a warrant issued by a judge.

The new law will improve connectivity between immigrants and law enforcement, making Illinois safer for all residents.

“It breaks my heart to see the senseless violence going on in our streets, especially when that violence is inflicted on innocent children,” Gov. Rauner said. “We need to prioritize our resources for the prevention of violent crime.”

The TRUST Act makes clear that Illinois will be a good partner with the federal government, and law enforcement will continue communicating with federal immigration and law enforcement officials.

“The Illinois TRUST Act brings us a step forward in the right direction to ensure that all Illinois residents are treated equally and with human dignity by the federal government,” said state Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Cicero), who was a chief co-sponsor of the bill.

“Immigrants in our community should not have to feel unsafe when they go to work or take their children to school,” said state Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch (D-Hillside), who was the primary sponsor of the bill in the House. “This legislation will ensure that proper legal procedures are being followed and provide peace of mind to members of our community.”

SB 31 was the result of compromise and negotiations. It is supported by law enforcement, including the Illinois State Police, and immigration groups.

“The TRUST Act does not prohibit state and local law enforcement from working with federal law enforcement, and it does nothing to change law enforcement’s ability to arrest and detain individuals who commit criminal acts and hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” Illinois State Police Director Leo P. Schmitz said.

“No person should fear the police, and everyone in Illinois should feel welcome and safe to contact the police for safety.”


Governor’s Press Release on Sanctuary State Bill — 5 Comments

  1. I will never vote for this louse again … even if he runs against Toni Taxwinkle, Quinn again, or even, yeah, I know, it sounds terrible, Señor Llavona!

  2. Pollspeak Translation : Welcoming ILLEAGLE ALIENS.

    Rauner has just committed an UNTRUSTWORTHY ACT, and he must never be reelected.

  3. Thank you Governor Rauner for doing the right thing. That does not mean, though, you have any chance in November 2018. And speaking of 2018, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Will Rauner even make it to November?

    Will he lose the primary?

    As bad as Kelly comes across, he now has a real chance to defeat Rauner.

    Rauner has abandoned any semblance of a ‘reformer’. He has succumbed to the Progressive ways of his spouse and others around him.

    Let’s closely monitor campaign contributions from here on.

  5. Senate Bill 31 (SB 31) was signed into law as Public Act 100-0463 (PA 100-0463) on August 28, 2017 by Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.

    Here is the bill status page for SB 31.

    From that page, on can click on various underlined words to arrive at the roll call (Votes) and text of the bill as signed by the Governor (Full Text > PDF).

    The text is four pages.

    It is much easier to read than the automatic voter registration law that was also recently signed by the Governor.


    Following are the State House and Senate Roll Calls.


    Senate May 4, 107 – 31 Yeas, 21 Nays, 1 Present, 6 Not Voting (NV)


    House May 29, 2017 – 62 Yeas, 49 Nays, 0 Present, 5 Not Voting (NV), 2 excused absences (E)

    Those Not Voting (NV):

    Mark Batinick, Republican, Plainfield office

    David Harris, Republican, Mount Prospect office

    Frances Ann Hurley, Democrat, Chicago office,

    Sheri Jesiel, Republican, Gurnee office

    Grant Wehrli, Republican, Naperville office

    Democrats voting no:

    Jerry Costello II, Red Bud office

    Michael Halpin, Rock Island office


    Senate concurrence vote (after House modified the bill) May 31, 2017 – 37 Yeas, 17 Nays, 0 Present, 5 Not Voting (NV)

    Those Not Voting (NV) were all Democrats:

    William Haine, Alton office

    Mattie Hunter, Chicago office

    Bill Cunningham, Chicago office

    Ira Silverstein, Chicago office

    Patricia Van Pelt, Chicago office

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