Nunda Township GOP Meets Candidates

Tom Weber

The Nunda Township Republican Central Committee met Tuesday night.

Candidates for next year’s GOP Primary Election made pitches, as did representatives for other officials up for re-election.

When I arrived, State Rep. candidate Tom Weber has already spoken.

He is running to replace State Rep. Barb Wheeler.

Congressman Randy Hultgren’s assistant Nick Provenzano was explaining that national Democrats are focusing on taking out Hultgren and McHenry County’s other congressman Peter Roskam.

“They are very motivated this time,” Provenzano said.

Nick Provenzano talks to Nunda GOP about next year’s Democratic Party challenges.

“We need to make sure turnout in this district is very high.”

Provenzano explained that it was quite important that Governor Bruce Rauner be re-elected.

Otherwise, Mike Madigan would be able to able to remap even more districts to favor Democrats.

Kevin O’Connell spoke for State Rep. David McSweeney.

Commenting on McSweeney’s vote against the State Aid to Education bill, O’Connell pointed out that it provides $1.5 billion for Chicago schools and allows the raising of property taxes there.

McHenry County Board member Craig Wilcox introduced his candidacy to replace State Senator Pam Althoff.

Craig Wilcox addressed Nunda Township GOP Precinct Committeemen.

He said his time on the County Board had been dedicated to increasing transparency.

Wilcox told of a property tax exemption that Governor Rauner had signed that benefited him.

“It put a duty on me to pay back.”

He pointed out the effective tax rate [determined by dividing one’s tax bill by the value of one’s property] was “pushing 4%.”

He announced his campaign kick-off would be September 21st.

Glenda Miller

McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller said she was seeking another term.

She pointed out that she had increased the investment return for the almost $40 million in the Valley Hi Nursing Home fund.

“I’ve tripled the earnings in three years,” she explained.

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan presented her desire to replace retired Judge Maureen McIntyre on the bench.

“As a little girl, I used to play judge.”

She told how her brothers were usually found “guilty.”

“When my son was in high school, I went to law school.

After attending a class on trials, she decided that’s what she wanted to do.

“I loved it,” she said.

“Judge McIntyre was my mentor. She [handled] my first trial.”

McClellan pointed out that she had replaced a County Clerk who had been in the office thirty-two years.

“Lots of things that needed changes.”

She said she was “not a politician,” but “I am a servant of McHenry County.”

“I can promise equal access to justice.

“I will be there every day.”

Nunda Township GOP Chairman Joe Gottemoller told of being required by the Illinois State Board of Elections to have the Republican organization’s campaign fund audited.

CPA Nancy Gonsiorek explained that there were no standards for such audits and that Gottemoller had sent in receipts and expenditures, which has been accepted.

“We couldn’t find seventy-two cents,” he said.

“We have $1,000,” he pointed out.

Gottemoller also said he was running for re-election and that there was probably a vacancy.

“Mr. [Donald] Kopsell has told several people that he’s not running, so there’s is an opening.”

Gottemoller also reported on precincts without Republican Precinct Committeemen.

McClellan handed out walk lists and precinct maps that she said she had prepared over the weekend, plus Precinct Committeemen petitions and her own.

She said the State Board of Elections candidate guide had been linked to her web site.

“People were confused as to what petitions they were pulling” in past elections, she admitted.


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  1. Re: “McClellan handed out walk lists and precinct maps that she said she had prepared over the weekend”

    We will see an expense in her campaign finance report for the purchase of the data from the County or did she buy the data from the State?

  2. Wow, Glenda Miller looked ghastly last night. I hope she’s doing alright.

  3. Does this goof McClellan really think voters care about her childhood fantasy’s of playing judge?

    And I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Judge Judy.

    Maybe I should run for Judge too.

  4. From above article:

    “Provenzano explained that it was quite important that Governor Bruce Rauner be re-elected. Otherwise, Mike Madigan would be able to able to remap even more districts to favor Democrats.”

    Not necessarily. One or more excellent Republican candidates in the primary could beat Rauner. If not, then Republicans, conservatives, moderate Democrats would just hold their noses and vote for Rauner. Any Republican would be better than any Democrat. The Democrat controlled Illinois Legislature and Democrat Governors Blago (in jail) and Quinn drove this State down to be the worst State fiscally in the U.S.

  5. McClellan tried to play McHenry County Clerk and failed Appallingly.

    We need serious people running McHenry County, such as McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller, not someone trying to live out childhood fantasies playing judge.

  6. What was Gottemoller doing there, spying for his puppetmaster Franks???

  7. Did Mary tell everybody that she is looking for a job for her husband already.

    She wants her husband to be her clerk if she wins judgeship.

    Only one person can appoint clerk for the judges that’s Mrs. Keefe

  8. So let me get this straight you are picking on McClellan because she had a dream.

    Wow you have sunken to a new low.

    We encourage our children to live out their dreams and we are told in America you can be what ever you want if you work on making your dreams come true.

    McHenry County is as cestpool of hate.

    What is wrong with you people?

  9. Um, I think they are picking on her because she is a known crook.

    What is wrong with you, County employee that you can’t see ineptitude in front of your face?

  10. County? If you can’t see the forest for the trees, I am certainly not going to entertain you. Do your own research.

  11. So you got NOTHING other than baseless accusations attacking a hard working person behind an annoyomous name

  12. McClellan, aka “the Crook” had a dream, eh?

    Her dream would become our nightmare!

  13. That $40M at Valley Hi sat virtually idle until a couple of county board candidates called out the Treasurer for poor investment.

    Nice try Glenda.

  14. I am NOT anonymous, you nitwit! Ask Cal who I am.I am Cindy. I will ask him who YOU are, you anonymous fool!

  15. Hey Rickey. I don’t think County is Mary. Mary is not smart enough to find her way in here; and besides she is way too busy looking in the mirror admiring herself.

  16. “County employee” From the legal doc linked above’s summary:
    The significance of the order, as far as McClellan is concerned, is not just the price tag but the sharp criticisms of her in the order, and those criticisms were apt and accurate.

    The plaintiffs had been strung along by McClellan and others at the State’s Attorney’s Office for more than a year, having been incorrectly informed that the Office had not retained the plaintiffs’ criminal case files.

    McClellan had repeatedly denied that the files existed, without knowing whether they did or did not exist and without conducting a reasonable inquiry into the matter.

    She had even threatened the plaintiffs’ counsel that she would seek sanctions against him if he
    continued to request the documents in the face of her denial of their existence. \\

    She also tried to prevent him from searching for the files himself.

    And when the files were finally located she delayed turning them over by advancing a meritless
    claim of privilege.

    It took multiple court orders and more than a year of effort for the plaintiffs to obtain all the documents to which they were entitled.

    The district court did not abuse its discretion in sanctioning her.

  17. Cindy if you are not anoymous why do you give me your contact information and I will be happy to talk to you about your baseless claims. Cal need not be a third party to communication that is open and transparent

  18. If sleazy Provenzano is working for Hultgren it would be a reason to support anyone else.

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