Mary McCann Promotes Soda Tax at Board of Health Meeting

No tax was paid on this McHenry County soft drink or the ice within,

A Friend of McHenry County Blog reports that McHenry County Board member Mary McCann, the County Board’s liaison to the Board of Health, promoted a local soda tax at last night’s meeting.

Mary McCann

I tried to find the recording, but was surprised to discover that it is not posted.

Looks like a real opportunity for additional transparency for McHenry County government.


Mary McCann Promotes Soda Tax at Board of Health Meeting — 25 Comments

  1. So, I take it she’s not going to run for reelection next time around?

    Because proposals like this are so wildly unpopular that a ham sandwich could run against her and win.

  2. I hope that none of the Board members in District 6 run for re-election.
    They are all a disgrace.
    We need Ersel back.

  3. Good old district 6; not to worry help is on the way.

  4. Really, what an asinine idea, lower my tax bill and add a soda tax.

    One way or another government will get their money.

  5. The appalling stupidity of our elected “officials” bogles the mind as to how we have been able to survive this long without them telling us how to live.

    How dare this numbskull bring up something so outrageously dumb while the people of this county are already suffering from the ineptitude of the elected board members to address any real problems?

    Where’s that ham sandwich? It could make MUCH better decisions on governance.

  6. Talk about stupidity.

    How about a tax for all people whose last name starts with “Mc”.

    Just as dumb as a soda tax.

    If we are going to put extra taxes on food, what next?

    Tax on cookies?

    Tax on potato chips?

    Tax on high cholesterol foods?

    Tax on high sodium foods?

    Where does it end?

  7. More taxes. She looks like she eats a lot of pork.

    Tax the pork.

    You can’t make this bull shit up folks$

  8. Cry of the Liberals (and some RINOs) – but it’s for the children !

    Just another Liberal tax scheme.

    Indeed, Liberalism is a mental disorder, and a very dangerous one at that.

  9. “But it’s for the children” is the Taxwinkel/Cullerton/Madigan/Rahmfather go to line of BS.

    They say it so often it becomes true, to the low IQ among us.

    Tax the pork

  10. McHenry County Board Members up for re-election in 2018

    District 1 – Bob Nowak & Christopher Spoerl

    District 2 – James Heisler & Donna Kurtz

    District 3 – Joe Gottemoller & Don Kopsell

    District 4 – John Hammerand & Chuck Wheeler

    District 5 – John Jung & Michael Rein

    District 6 – Michele Aavang & Larry Smith


    Up for re-election in 2020

    District 1 – Yvonne Barnes & Tom Wilbeck

    District 2 – John Reinert & Jeffrey Thorsen

    District 3 – Chris Christensen & Michael Walkup

    District 4 – Kay Bates & Craig Wilcox

    District 5 – Mike Skala & Paula Yensen

    District 6 – Jim Kearns & Mary McCann


    Primary Election – March 20, 2018

    General Election – November 6, 2018

  11. Mary T. McCann represents District 6 at the McHenry county board. She has been a member since 2006. Mary T. McCann is 71 years old. Mary T. McCann lives in Woodstock, McHenry county, Illinois. Mary T. McCann is involved with the community as Woodstock District #200 Key Communicator, owner of McCann Berry Farms, and Specialty Growers of McHenry County. Mary T. McCann has business experience as Project Management/Organizational Development Consultant and Small Business Development Consultant. Mary T. McCann has never been arrested or convicted of a crime. Mary T. McCann attended the University of Chicago and Barat College in Lake Forest, Illinois. Mary T. McCann may or may not have an issue with sodas. Mary T. McCann was never affiliated with the Viet Nam Veterans Association nor with the right wing terrorist group the “Legion of Justice.” It is very worrisome and somewhat alarming to notice Mary T. McCann is a retired teacher. She has also recently spoken to Jack Franks, current president of the McHenry county Board. Mary T. McCann is a Republican. Jack Franks is a Democrat. The next Presidential General election will be November 3, 2020. Our sunshine blogger loves to take pictures at empty cups of fast food soft drinks. Tic, tock, tick, tock…

  12. Jack Franks is not the president.

    He is the chairman of the board.

    Big difference you liberal twit.

  13. I like what Kearns has said in the meetings at times, but his votes and actions don’t always match his bluster.

  14. According to Mark, Angel is currently a teacher.

    That explains ninety percent of the problems in our great country.

  15. Hmmmmmmm.

    Mary, I have a counter proposal; actually two:

    1.) How about a special tax on YOU of $10,000 for every time you you come with an imbecilic scheme?
    I’ll even go easy on you, the tax would only be imposed for publicly-issued imbecilic schemes.

    2.) How about a special monthly tax on YOU for every of $500 for every tenth of a decimal point you are over the CDC’s recommended MI index for your wight & height

    see CDC calculator (scroll down):

  16. Put her in crook county with all of the other nuts..

    I like old man winters idea.

    The tax he is speaking about would have collected many, many thousands for all of her stupid ideas.

    Is she part of taxwinkle from Chicago to come up with her stupid ideas.

    Are you sure she is a republican?

    It ideas are more like a democrat.


  17. The most recently available public information indicate Mr. Llavona is an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher at Maine Township High School District 207.

    Maine Twp HSD 207 draws students from Park Ridge and Des Plaines in Cook County.

    The four high schools in the district are Maine East in Park Ridge, Maine South in Park Ridge, and Maine West in Des Plaines, and Robert J Frost Academy in Park Ridge.

    The teacher union is the Maine Teachers Association (MTA), IEA-NEA.

    IEA = Illinois Education Association.

    NEA = National Education Association.


    Here is the recent salary history (pensionable income, obtained from the pension fund by Open the Books) of Mr. Llavona:

    2016 – $132,720 (22nd year teaching)

    2015 – $130,356

    2014 – $126,791. > Widget > State > Salaries > Recipient Name > Llavona Angel > select Illinois > Search


    If Mr. Llavona never received another pay hike after 2016, and retires with 35 years of service, his starting pension would be $99,540.

    Since he is in Tier 1 TRS (Tier I) with 35 years of service, the calculation for starting pension is 75% of the average of the last 4 years worked.

    The pension would increase 3% a year.

    Thus after 24 years his pension would double to about $199,080.

    Thanks to one sentence added to the state constitution on December 15, 1970 the pension benefits are contractual and cannot be diminished for impaired for existing workers, only for new hires.

    The sentence did allow legislative pension benefit hikes to underfunded pensions, and that was done repeatedly from 1971 – 2011.

    There are a few exceptions in other pension funds (Mr. Llavona contributes to the TRS pension fund) such as the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund for Chicago Public Schools employees was at one time fully funded or close to it.

    The sentence did allow unlimited salary hikes even though pensions were already underfunded, and that was done repeatedly and continues to this day.


    As posted today in a comment under another article, the Commission on Government Forecasting And Accountability (COGFA), which is part of the legislative branch of Illinois government, issued a Special Pension Briefing in September 2016.

    Adding up the rows in one column of one chart in that briefing and multiplying the total by 7% (average rate of return for state pension funds), indicates taxpayers are on the hook for at estimated $252,152.7 Billion from 2017 – 2045

    That is $252,152,700,000 just for interest (not principal) on the unfunded liability, just for the 5 state pension funds.

    No one in their right mind should believe taxpayers should pay $252 Billion dollars in interest to fund pensions.


    So those benefiting have various explanations for the mess, including:

    A pension is a promise.

    It’s the law.

    The employers and the state shorted their contribution to the pension fund.

    The money that should have gone to pension contributions was spent elsewhere on pet projects.

    We (employees) did everything we were asked to do.



    However, the supporters of these pensions don’t explain the problem with the huge interest cost on the unfunded liability.

    They don’t explain how benefits were repeatedly hiked even though pensions were already underfunded.

    They don’t point out, we had no mass pressure or protests to stop the benefit hikes until pensions were fully funded.

    In fact the special interest groups lobbied for most if not all the benefit hikes.

    They don’t point out, we had not mass pressure or protests to minimize salary and current benefit hikes until pensions were fully funded.

    In other words, they wanted to have their cake and eat it too, and they want the taxpayers to pay for the party.

  18. I ask the Angel again. Tickle, Tickle.

    I have made half your salary and half your pension.

    Send me your address so I can send you my Real Estate Tax Bill.

    I can’t HEAR you Angel!

  19. They’ve given you a number and taken away your name

    tick tock
    sunshine blogger
    lover of life

    While kissing persuasive lips
    Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrow

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