Expect TV Trucks at the Courthouse Wednesday

Chicago television stations will probably be ringing the Courthouse Wednesday for the results of  Niceforo Hernandez-Macedo’s hearing.

WGN send a crew to the McHenry County Jail Friday night.

The 20-year Crystal Lake resident, a landscaper by occupation, but not an American citizen, was arrested domestic battery, a misdemeanor.

Friday, Sheriff Bill Prim issued the following statement on the case:

“We have a public act less than a week old with a sweeping effect that has yet to be interpreted by any court.

“Our objective at this point is to move slowly and cautiously, with public safety as our foremost consideration, consistent with constitutional responsibilities.

“We are working in cooperation with the State’s Attorney’s Office and have requested guidance from federal and state authorities.

“The defendant in question is charged with a crime of violence, which makes us even more reluctant to make hasty decisions.

“The Defendant, through his attorney, has agreed to allow us additional time to investigate the matter further by continuing the motion until next week.”

The title of WGN-TV’s story on the internet is

McHenry County case puts TRUST Act to the test

You can see it here.

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The hearing will be before Judge Michael Feetterer at 9 AM in Room 203.

If you want a seat, you should probably come early.


Expect TV Trucks at the Courthouse Wednesday — 12 Comments

  1. Deport immediately and seize ALL of his assets.

    Make an example for ILLEGAL ALIENS to see – NO EXCEPTIONS !

  2. What is it about illegal aliens that brings out this rage?

    Were you bitten by an alien Abe?

    Did one run off with your daughter?

  3. Spoken like a true America hating Liberal, Joek.

    And quite an immature one at that.

    Google search rapes, robberies, murders or crimes committed by ILLEGAL ALIENS and you
    will have your answer.

  4. I searched sexual assault and found Donald J. Trump…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. ICE has the alleged domestic battery perpetrator.

    He is not in the county jail.

  6. There are plenty of white sex offenders being bossed around by other inmates in McHenry County Jail – also white people who beat there wifes, possibly hurt their kids.

    This is universal, and this man should be able to get of jail (NOT FREE) and live – he’s a part of OUR community, has friends, families, co-workers, and co-dependants for example.

    $$$Honest Abe “Deport immediately and seize ALL of his assets.

    Make an example for ILLEGAL ALIENS to see – NO EXCEPTIONS !”$$$

    Proving what, to who?

    Proving the county likes destroying entire families, most of whom who may be legal – too bitter Republicans crying “get off my lawn”?

    The Republicans here insult the progressives that leak in here and use dangerous rhetoric.

    Thanks for the example.

  7. Ken, I think you would think differently if, God forbid, your daughter was assaulted by someone who was here illegally.

    Yes they should be punished but also removed.

    If you look at the Hispanic illegals, it is very commonplace to use multiple names and change it very often.

    I personally believe that violent offenders who are found to be here illegally should be deported.

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