McHenry Grade School District Paraprofessional Union Rally — 15 Comments

  1. Not very well though out, I agree that wearing red, especially now, definitely conjures up visions of communism and Chairman Mao.

  2. Why would a professional need a union?

    Real professionals, such as accountants, architects, engineers rarely are in unions and they have the competency to negotiate their own salaries and benefits.

  3. They might as well go to the Democrats Picnic in Woodstock, at the Conservation District.

    They can wear their Red for the Blood Drive.

  4. “Wear Red In Solidarity” = Commie organization.

    Is that so hard to understand ?

    Perhaps it would be wise to pursue another line of work that pays more if this
    does not pay enough for your needs.

    No, that would be to difficult

    Much easier to loot the taxpayers of the Sanctuary Sate Of Illinois.

  5. Sunshine nation…communism is here…can you feel it in the air?…uuuuuh…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. The communist party and the “progressive” part of the Democrat Party are probably fairly close in their objectives on how they would like to ruin our Nation.

  7. Where are all the conservative candidates.

    One, possibly two in district 6.

    Tell me this is the best we can do.

    Who will support the brave few on our County Board?

  8. “Even by Its Own Standards, Communism Has Failed Miserably”

    “There is not a single indicator of human well-being where communism achieved superior outcomes to capitalism.”

    Is the NEA (not the ‘Arts’ but the so-called ‘Education’ one) not controlled by communists?

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