Cities and Villages Asked to Follow Rahm’s Lead

Here’s an email from the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus that some might find of interest:


Earlier today, Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced the attached resolution calling on Governor Bruce Rauner and the State of Illinois to establish a “Bill of Rights” for individuals covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) Policy which will be rescinded in six months.  The Bill of Rights would guarantee additional protections for so-called “Dreamers” against deportation as well as access to state scholarships/financial aid and state certifications/license needed for certain jobs.  There are currently 40,000 DACA youth that live, work and study in Illinois, the greater majority of which are in the metropolitan Chicago region.

Mayor Emanuel has asked us to extend an invitation to you to join him in being a signatory to a letter to the Governor urging the State of Illinois to do all it can to remain a welcoming place for DACA youth.  The letter is still being drafted, but it will include similar language to what is used in the attached resolution and press release.

If you are interested in adding your name to the letter, please let me know.  I have asked the Mayor’s Office to provide the final draft so I can forward it to you for your review before it is sent.

In addition, the Mayor’s Office is interested to know whether individual municipalities in the region are considering adopting a resolution similar to the one introduced today to the Chicago City Council.  They are interested in partnering with you on other efforts to protect the Dreamers.  If this is something that you would and your community would be interested, please let me know and I will pass word onto the City

Dave Bennett, Exec. Dir., Metropolitan Mayors Caucus

P.S.  The resolution presented at the Chicago City Council, calls on the Governor and State to enact the following to protect Dreamers:

  • Ensure that Dreamers can remain in their jobs: In Illinois, Dreamers can become bar-certified attorneys but lack access to licenses and certifications in other fields such as health care, education, social work, and real estate.  Governor Rauner and the Illinois General Assembly should change the law to allow Dreamers to enter additional professions and remain in those professions even after DACA expires.
  • Strengthen deportation protections for Dreamers: In December of 2016, Mayor Emanuel invested $1.3 million in a legal defense fund that has provided assistance to more than 14,000 Chicago residents and trained 350 Chicagoans to serve as “community navigators” that help guide their neighborhoods through the immigration process.  Illinois must establish its own legal protection fund to build upon the protections offered to Chicago residents through the City’s fund.
  • Tighten protections in the newly-passed Illinois Trust Act: Governor Rauner recently signed the Illinois Trust Act into law and established important protections for undocumented residents.  The law prohibits local governments from detaining undocumented residents on behalf of ICE.  At the same time, the Trust Act allows home rule municipalities to opt out of the law and permits governments to communicate with ICE about detained individuals prior to their release.  Governor Rauner and the General Assembly should strengthen the Trust Act to prohibit any cooperation or communication with ICE when it comes to Dreamers and disallow any local governments from exempting themselves from these new Dreamer protections.
  • Allow more Dreamers to go to college: Today, the State of Illinois does not allow Dreamers to access financial aid or scholarships to attend college at a more affordable price.  As part of the Emanuel Administration’s Star Scholar Program, Dreamers that graduate from the Chicago Public Schools with a B average can attend any of the seven City Colleges of Chicago with a full tuition scholarship that covers books. Governor Rauner must follow Chicago’s lead by fighting to pass the Student Access Bill (SB2196), which would open up state aid programs to nearly 2,000 Dreamers.  And the State should also review and strengthen tax incentives for individuals to donate to scholarship funds that support Dreamers.


Cities and Villages Asked to Follow Rahm’s Lead — 18 Comments

  1. I was informed that Algonquin Mayor John Schmidt as signed this letter to the governor and will be presenting the resolution before his board.

    Lakewood President, Serwatka declined both.

  2. I have a message for Rahm and the State of Illinois.

    It is time for Illinois to come up with signs that Warn Tourists.

    Enter At Your Own Risk, Gangs Have Guns, You don’t.

    Hey folks make it fun, fill in the blank.

    My kind of Chicago is________________________.

  3. From “The Land Of Lincoln” to “The Land Of The Illegal” under the lawless DEMOCRATS.

    This is what is known as “soft fascism”.

  4. Schmidt wants Taxpayer money for scholarships to be given to Illegal Aliens.

    Why not lower costs for the Taxpayers’ children?

  5. Rahm is a terrible leader and mayor.

    He is a famous for making a statement in D.C. about not letting a crisis go to waste.

    He should not even be a mayor given that he did not meet the residency requirements of Chicago to be a mayoral candidate.

    But, that did not matter in that the Democrat flavored Illinois court somehow found that Rahm was eligible to be a mayoral candidate.

    Among his disgusting decisions and remarks was saying to the fast food chicken restaurant that they were not welcome in Chicago.

  6. Now, that’s funny, Federal.

    What could possibly go wrong with a mayor of an Iclei city signing on to Rahm(Son of an Irgun Terrorist and a Mossad Agent)’s agenda?

    Wake up Algonquin, you fools!

  7. The State of Illinois is completely broke, and Rahm wants to give financial aid and scholarships to people who shouldn’t even be in this country in the first place.

    It must be some of that fiscal sense that he picked up when he was working for Obama.

  8. Billy?

    Didn’t you mean WITH Oblablah?

    The two fairies go way back in history all the way to their good ol’ days in Boystown, Chicago.

  9. Please confirm that Algonquin is moving to become a sanctuary village.

  10. The issue is that Schmidt is signing onto the Rahm political stunt.

    Does this means that he intends to turn Algonquin into a Schmidt House?

  11. Rahm’s an emotional basket case or actor?

    If he and Boehner got together, there’d be another flood.

    My children did not receive free lunch, afterschool programs, top of the line music and the arts, dance clubs, mentors, automatic college enrollment and possibly tuitions, and the list goes on.

    Whose child is left behind?

  12. Welcome to RAHMERICA!

    Where Federal law is suggestive but not mandatory at his whim.

  13. You guys aren’t embracing the rich, cultural diversity that is brought to us by the dreamers.

    DACA= Drugs Are Constantly Available

  14. Based on this story and others:

    Is the mayor and City Council of Chicago PURPOSEFULLY not addressing gang violence which kills more young people that any war the U.S. is currently engaged in?

    I use the term “PURPOSEFULLY” because a certain demographic of Chicago is fleeing the city!!

    Based on the information posted at the above link, segregation is returning to Chicago at a rapid pace!

    But what else should we expect, don’t the Democrats have a history of being segregationists?

  15. In my opinion, the only concern in Chicago is the continued and unfettered flow of illegal drugs into the city.

    As I said before, every effort is made so that only the criminals are armed.

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