Nunda Township Road Commissioner Drainage Work Stopped

Drainage work done by Nunda Township Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance has been dogged by citizen complaints since shortly after he took office.

Colby Drive before work began.

Now at the beginning of his second term Colby Drive widening has been halted by the McHenry County Department of Planning and Development.

Trees cut down by Nunda Township’s Road District.

The project is intended to connect North Colby/Stilling to Central Colby Drive.

The lots across which the Nunda Township Road Commissioner seeks to build a connecting road.

Lesperance earned residents’ ire by chopping down trees that the Road Commissioner apparently considered in the right-of-way.

A permit was issued on August 18, 2017.

But that was not what got him in trouble with county authorities.

The work permit was revoked August 22, 2017.

It was the lack of proof that Nunda Township owned the right-of-way between Central Colby Drive and North Colby/Stilling Drive

The result was a stop work order, which you can see below:

Permission for storm water improvements on Colby Drive was revoked.


Nunda Township Road Commissioner Drainage Work Stopped — 12 Comments

  1. How does the County issue a permit, for property destruction or ANY alteration, to someone or entity that may not even own it?

    County should be on the hook, too!

  2. What a piece of work this guy is.

    Not shocking…

    You’d think his new consultant and star employee would have pointed him in the right direction.

  3. Our family did not vote for this dumber than a rock individual.

    He is careless at best.

  4. Re: “Everybody voted for him”

    Total registered voters in Nunda: 28,555

    Votes for Lesperance in primary: 1,348

    Less than 5 % voted for Lesperance.

    He won by 131 votes.

  5. Have fun with this guy – nothing will stop Iron Mike, not even the law!

  6. This guys has no clue…..look at the work his guys did up and down crystal lake ave this spring. The ditches hold water know. Guy has no clue!!! Great job Nunda voters!

  7. Typed to fast…..the ditches now hold water.

    Then instead of putting black dirt down they just threw seed on top of smashed down clay.

    Can’t believe this guy got voted back in.

    Now Miller and his son in law are supposedly on pay roll in some form. Great!!!

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