Speculation of Judge Michael Caldwell’s Retirement Unconfirmed, But Retirement Party Scheduled

Judge Michael Caldwell

A reader calling him or herself “Publius” wrote the following in a comment under the article about appointed Judge Robert Wilbrandt’s Meet and Greet:

“Judge Caldwell announced his retirement yesterday.”

That would have been on Wednesday.

I contacted the McHenry County Court Administrator, who is out of the office, and received a call from Chief Judge Mike Sullivan.

Chief Judge Michael Sullivan

Referring to my question about whether Judge Michael Caldwell was planning to retire and, if so, when, Sullivan replied,

“I have not received any official retirement letter from Judge Caldwell, so I have no information on that.”

While Judge Sullivan spoke precisely, members of the McHenry County Bar Association received an email today announcing Judge Caldwell’s retirement party at Boulder Ridge Country Club on November 4th.

Unknown is whether Judge Caldwell will resign in time for lawyers to run for his office next year or whether he will delay his leaving the bench so long that a two-year appointment of  replacement will be made.

Judge Caldwell could not be reached for comment.

Judge Sullivan did inform me that Judge Caldwell has a countywide, rather than a district seat..


Speculation of Judge Michael Caldwell’s Retirement Unconfirmed, But Retirement Party Scheduled — 10 Comments

  1. Are local lawyers still bragging about cutting favorable deals with him?

    Mine did.

  2. Charles….you seem to ignore the fact that there is a lawyer on both sides of 98% of cases.

    Ask any lawyer and 99% will confirm that Judge Caldwell is knowledgeable, calm, and fair.

    He is a very good man.

  3. Caldwell … crookeder than a dog’s leg!

    When’s Sullivan leaving?

  4. Caldwell gets reversed all the time.

    Why is that?

    BC he’s a bad judge who doesn’t follow the law, but makes it up along the way.

  5. Be a great party, Chuck e cheese has improved a lot.

    Of course there’ll be no shortage of clowns that night either.

  6. Judge Caldwell is one of the most distinguished, knowledgeable, outstanding judge that mchenry county has.

  7. Michael Caldwell is one of the most wonderful person that I’ve ever met he has a very kind heart.

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