Eliminating a Sanitary District, DuPage County Style

The Daily Herald had an article last Tuesday about the DuPage County Board’s efforts to eliminate the small Highland Hills Sanitary District.

It’s located near Lombard, supplying water and collecting sewage for about 465 homes and businesses. (Lake in the Hills Sanitary District has over 10,000 customers.)

Another agency, the Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District, treats the sewage.

The plan is to turn water supply over to county government and the sewage to Flagg Creek.

The Highland Hills Sanitary District is in financial trouble, the article reports a consultant found four to five years ago.

After the assessment, county government surveyed the residents.

296 of 351 customers supported disbanding the sanitary district.

So, DuPage County will take over water supply, going from good well water to Lake Michigan water, and another sanitary district will take over the sewage end of the operation.

There was no estimate of any savings in the article, if any, but the $500,000 in reserve will go toward the $1.1 million of estimated needed improvements.

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