2016 Roskam Opponent Taking on Dem State Rep.

Jay Kinzler, who challenged Peter Roskam for Congress in 2016, was on the Family PAC Cruise with his wife Jennifer.

In the 2016 Republican Party Primary Election, physician Jay Kinzler took on Congressman Peter Roskam.

This time around, Kinzler is running for State Rep. against Villa Park Democratic Party State Rep.  Deb Conroy.

More information on Illinois Review.


2016 Roskam Opponent Taking on Dem State Rep. — 5 Comments

  1. I stand corrected …. I was fooled by his website above, and thought he had run against Roskam in the general election.

    But he ran against him in the primary, and apparently is a good conservative.

    I apologize to all … except Llavona, of course.

  2. OldManWinter – there we have the problem with McHenry County.

    You call Mr Kinzler a Hillary Whore but now put an R next to his name and he is a good guy.

    There is a reason our county has a bunch of RINO’s.

    The McHenry voter looks only at party designation.

    That is why these people run as Republicans.

    Put some effort to vet your candidates.

    Not all R’s are good and not all D’s are bad.

    Understand the issues and vote accordingly.

    To bad as Mr Kinzler could probably beat Roskam in a primary this time (oh wait, McHenry voters also look to name recognition which is why we are always stuck with same people running for office)

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