Lakewood Buys 9 Tasers for $12,700

In its relatively short meeting Tuesday night, the Village Board of Lakewood spent $12,700 to purchase nine Tasers.

Trustees Jason McMahon and Carl Davis were absent September 12, 2017.

The price will be paid over five years out of money previously budgeted for other Police Department items.

Examples given were the money not being used to provide the Chief a private car and a private phone.

In addition, a former employee of the Lake in the Hills Sanitary District, laid off when the recession hit, was approved for hire.

A proposal for a $16,700 water and sanitary sewer study, pending looking at the study about which east end residents were told was conducted prior to switching sewage treatment in Conntry Club Additions from Crystal Lake to Lakewood’s plant.

At that time, residents to be switched were told that rates would rise only a little bit.

At the end of the meeting Trustee Amy Odum tried to get the board to go into Executive Session for “the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance or dismissal of specific employees of the village, including hearing testimony on a complaint lodged against an employee to determine its validity,” but was told by the Village Attorney that would be improper because the employee in question was not currently on the payroll.


Lakewood Buys 9 Tasers for $12,700 — 21 Comments

  1. Why does the village need lethal weapons?

    What on earth are they thinking?!

  2. I hope that everyone in Lakewood finally will feel safe!

    All the crime in Lakewood really justifies the insanely priced tasers.

  3. Where are the Edgar county watchdogs when you need them?

    The Village of Lakewood is located in McHenry County in the state of Illinois.

    The Village shares its boundaries with the City of Crystal Lake, Village of Lake in the Hills, Village of Huntley and City of Woodstock.

    The Village covers approximately 5 square miles.

    There are about 650 acres of open space, which equals about 3/4 acre per household.

    There are 6 lakes, including Crystal Lake which is situated partially in the Village and partially in the City of Crystal Lake.

    The Village is home to four golf courses and several natural areas or wetlands, including the Kishwaukee Fen Nature Preserve.

    There are also a number of public and private parks and beaches within the Village, as well as walking and bicycle paths and permanent open spaces in the newer subdivisions.

    The Village of Lakewood is a friendly community providing residents with Quality Living in a Natural Setting.
    Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. Not a big fan of tasers but we see too many incidents where the officer shoots a suspect to death because they were apparently “in fear of their life.”

  5. And you see the same thing with tasers.

    Many have died. Many have brain damage.

    These are very dangerous things to have exactly for the reason you think they are safer.

    They are deadly.

    This is NOT something that anyone needs; let alone a tiny village like Lakewood.

    And NINE!

    Now that is really overkill!

    There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of stupidity.

  6. One wrongful shooting by a policeman, even with insurance can pay for these tasers many times over.

    Prevention against the human animal.

    If it’s sold to gov costs go up, a sad reality of life.

    One local company get tired of all the gov paperwork so they doubled their profit margin.

    The gov agency whined a tad them just paid the higher cost.

    Lawyers and paperwork, costs us all big time.

  7. I’m trying to figure out what the heck Mr. Llavona is getting at, but have made the decision to not read his drivel any more, it’s pointless and he’s not worth the effort trying to figure it out.

    I agree with Cindy that the militarization of the local gendarmes is not such a beautiful thing, especially what it portends down the line.

  8. If an illegal alien becomes a problem in Lakewood, then just have Mr. Llavona on call to defuse the situation … he’s our very own Violent Illegal Alien Whisperer!

  9. Many cops nowadays are incapable of defending themselves in a physical confrontation
    because of hiring restrictions/quotas, thus the need for tasers which are very dangerous
    weapons in and of themselves.

    It’s called a “tactical advantage”.

    Let’s have some “transparency” from the Village Of Lakewood.

    How many incidents have occurred in Lakewood that warrant the procurement of tasers?

  10. None Honest. I don’t think there is a good argument for ANYONE to ver use these horrific weapons on another human.

    And the fact they so many people think these are just hunky-dory is really appalling.

    How many of you idiots that are for this would like to be tasered?

    Step forward now.

    They are going to need practice.

  11. Abe is right, there are many officers who are terrified when confronted by a larger offender who is hostile and they are unable to defend themselves.

    As evidenced by many videos and court cases this all too often ends up with a dead subject.

    Like I said, I am not a fan of tasers but these officers need more options.

    It’s a big mistake to think that small departments don’t run into a holes.

    They are everywhere.

  12. One of the biggest problems with Tasers is that some police officers are far too casual with their use.

    They were originally intended as a less than lethal force option, but far too many times they are used as a pain compliance tool.

    As others have already noted, Tasers can be dangerous and people have died from being tazed.

    One would hope that the Lakewood Police will get proper training in their use, but somehow I doubt it.

  13. Lethal force is supposed to be last report and not because you are scared.

  14. I do not believe abuse of tasers will be an issue in McHenry County.

    Pepper spray is all too often insufficient to stop someone.

    Something in between is neefe

  15. Sure glad Greg Sears didn’t have a taser back in the 80s, Lakewood cops have historically been very amatueristic!

    Maybe not such a good idea.

  16. BTW, how will the Village Of Lakewood’s (PD or otherwise) insurance costs be
    affected now that they have these weapons ?

    Anybody know ?

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  18. The Lakewood Police Department that exists today is an entirely different entity than the Lakewood Police Department that existed just a year ago let alone 2, 3 or 5 or more years ago.

    They have a new Chief who has a ton of experience as an officer and as a chief of a much larger Department. Chief Roth is also a working Chief whose entire reason for being there was to increase the level of training and professionalism within Lakewood Police Department.

    They have also recently hired two new very seasoned veteran police officers who have now taken on supervisory roles in Sergeant positions which Lakewood didn’t have prior.

    They have added police patrols and they are acquiring a lot of training in various aspects of law enforcement – and this absolutely includes training in the use of tasers.

    And all of this has been brought about with in the existing budget for the prior police department.

    More officers, more experience, more training, better equipment, for the same cost. Fancy that!

    Haters can hate, but serwatka made a great call in his selection the police chief.

  19. Taser guns work the same basic way as ordinary stun guns, except the two charge electrodes aren’t permanently joined to the housing.

    Instead, they are positioned at the ends of long conductive wires, attached to the gun’s electrical circuit.

    Pulling the trigger breaks open a compressed gas cartridge inside the gun.

    The expanding gas builds pressure behind the electrodes, launching them through the air, the attached wires trailing behind. (This is the same basic firing mechanism as in a BB gun.)

    The electrodes are affixed with small barbs so that they will grab onto an attacker’s clothing.

    When the electrodes are attached, the current travels down the wires into the attacker, stunning him in the same way as a conventional stun gun.

    The main advantage of this design is that you can stun attackers from a greater distance (typically 15 to 20 feet / 4 to 6 meters). The disadvantage is that you only get one shot — you have to wind up and re-pack the electrode wires, as well as load a new gas cartridge, each time you fire.

    Most Taser models also have ordinary stun-gun electrodes, in case the Taser electrodes miss the target.

    Some Taser guns have a built in shooter-identification system. When a police officer fires the Taser electrodes, the gun releases dozens of confetti-sized identification tags. These tags tell investigators which gun was fired, at what location.

    Some Taser guns also have a computer system that records the time and of every shot.

    Tasers are only one way to conduct current over greater distances.

    The companies that make stun guns specify that the weapons should be used conservatively, only for self-defense or incapacitating an unruly person.

    Unfortunately, stun guns are commonly used as torture devices in many parts of the world.

    Amnesty International reports that a number of governments routinely use stun weapons to extract confessions from political prisoners.

    These officials know that electrical torture leaves less evidence than many other methods.

    The shock from a stun weapon is extremely painful, but it doesn’t leave an obvious wound. So, while stun guns might be relatively safe weapons when used correctly, they can be quite dangerous in the wrong hands. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

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