Anderson Asks Agenda Items for October McHenry Township Meeting

Bob Anderson

At the McHenry Township Board Thursday night, Township Trustee Bob Anderson is asking that five items be placed on the Board’s October meeting agenda.

This past session a bill was passed that will allow voters to eliminate the office of Township Road Commissioner.

Anderson wants to see a referendum to that effect on the ballot at the March Primary Election.

If it passes, McHenry Township Road Commissioner James Condon would remain in office until the end of his term.

McHenry Township Road Commissioner James Condon walks in the Johnsburg Parade.

Then, the Road District functions would come under the control of those elected to the next Township Board.

The second item would be setting salaries for the McHenry Township officials to be elected just under four years from now.

Traditionally, township boards set those salaries at pretty much the last time allowed by law.

Anderson is on record as saying township trustees should be paid nothing.

Thirdly, Anderson proposes that McHenry Township withdraw from the Township Officials of Illinois.

He bases his opposition to belonging to the organization because it lobbies the Illinois General Assembly.

Fourth on his list is spending McHenry Township taxpayer money to maintain subdivision parks.

Fifth is elimination of a similar subsidy of a subdivision building.


Anderson Asks Agenda Items for October McHenry Township Meeting — 12 Comments

  1. Township Officials of Illinois exist for one reason: I-N-S-U-R-A-N-C-E

    B 4 you go any further, get some quotes for its replacement!

  2. Funny how the taxpayers, throught the township property tax assessment, actually fund a lobbying organization that wants even more of their money.

    Talk about a vicious circle. No wonder the property taxes are sky high!!!

    Good work Bob!

    Cautious voter: are you a township official?

  3. McHenry township provides great service in the things they do.

    Don’t let a grumpy old man ruin something that works.

  4. Bob is one butthurt old man that lost his bid for township highway commissioner.

    Now as a trustee he looks to go after everything he can.

    Stopping the township from taking care of properties with out of control lawns even though the cost is minimum.

    so if you neighbor has a lwan that is not maintained call the county and cross you fingers because booby Anderson doesnt care.

  5. A civil engineer as your highway commissioner or a butt hurt old barber from wonder lake.

    Who would be better to maintain our roads…….

  6. A couple of things need to be addressed.

    Eliminating a small amount of money for people that work on boards is just dumb.

    It is hard enough to get qualified people to run as it is let alone a nominal fee to let them represent us.

    Yes there are some perks but is anyone else running for those positions on this blog?

    Most don’t have a clue what does or does not go into an elected officials time.

    Preparation, talking to constituents constantly, reading, phone calls etc..

    Bob has the luxury of having a barbershop where people come to him and talk to him all day.

    Others don’t have that luxury.

    Now are there elected officials that are unprepared always.

    Those are the ones you need to vote out.

    Talk to some of your elected officials and ask them how much time they put in.

    If they say its not so bad or not that much then they are not representing you very well!

    Because if you do eliminate this body of government and it backfires and ends up costing taxpayers more money you will never ever eliminate another piece of government in Illinois.

  7. Bob Anderson has had the courage to persist

    The sooner Township government is gone, the better.

    It’s been a private piggy bank too long.

  8. Re: “Cautious voter: are you a township official?”


  9. Once again, do a study, show the savings if any.

    It’s not up to King $hit of Turd Mountain.

    Very nice distraction from the real problem, schools and teachers

  10. Truth2Power, This photo is Mr Condon passing out candy to kids in a Parade.

    What do you contribute to the township…

    Go sit in Boob chair and feel good about yourself.

    Why do you hide beside that name???

    Why not just call yourself puss???

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