Andrew Georgi Running as Democrat for County Clerk

From the following information from former Hebron Village Trustee Drew Georgi, one can conclude that McHenry County Recorder Joe Tirio will not get a free ride to the County Clerk’s Office:

Andrew Georgi

For those that did not make it to today’s ([last Sunday’s] McHenry County Democratic Picnic, I will be running for McHenry County Clerk in the 2018 elections.

With my 10 years in Marine Corps Administration, almost 20 years in quality control, my time as a Village of Hebron Trustee, and being a part of the McHenry County Democrats for over 10 years, I believe I have the skills, knowledge, an experience to be one of the best County Clerks this county has had in long time.

We cannot let the Republicans and the Tea Party have what I feel is the most important county office and control of the County Election Board and our local elections.

I know with your help I can win this race and help keep our elections open to all.

If you would like to help with a donation, please visit my website, and use the PayPal link to make your donation.

If you like to volunteer, please contact me at I thank you for your help and support. Andrew “Drew” J. Georgi Jr.


Andrew Georgi Running as Democrat for County Clerk — 11 Comments

  1. I am happy to announce that our paparazzi freeloader sunshine blogger and the entire community of this compassionate conservative sunshine blog formally endorses Mr. Andrew Georgi to be our next McHenry County Clerk. In doing so, we reaffirm our commitment to democracy and open elections in our county. A vibrant democracy depends on the active participation of its citizens. Mr. Andrew Georgi is a very responsible, committed, caring, honest, and qualified progressive candidate. I thank him in advance for his courage and spirit of service. Having said this, I should make Mr. Georgi aware of the fact that, if elected, he must be prepared for never ending in-your-face picture taking from every possible angle by our sunshine blogger…tic, tock, tic, tock

  2. Paul Revere, just think of the possibilities, if our Fallen Angel, would be his Campaign Manager.

  3. This is very disrespectful. The implication is that Republicans can’t hold honest elections.

    Not sure what their problem with Mary is.

    So what’s your problem, Andrew Georgi?

    How has Mary denied the Dems??

  4. As an election judge in this county, no comment could have offended me more.

    Also, since the Clerk’s job is to accurately and efficiently be the custodian and administrator of county records, one would think that organization and accuracy be two traits electors would want in such a candidate.

    Go to Mr. Georgi’s website and you will find information for a fund-raiser held OVER one year ago and that the site itself is promoting his failed bid for Board District 6…. nothing is mentioned about the Clerk’s race at all?!?!

    Is a wimply-looking Democrat who can’t even get a WordPress website to reflect current information really someone we want running the Clerk’s office?

  5. Go, Mr. Georgi, go! This sunshine blog supports you. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. Hey isn’t the fellow who collects and eats roadkill, presumably after its cooked?

  7. Just another freeloading Dem who can’t get a real job.

  8. It’s obviously a threat, Rye. Some kind of time bomb he is ticking off.

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