Chuck Wheeler Asks for Equal Treatment for Republicans

Under member comments at Tuesday’s McHenry County Board meeting, McHenry’s Chuck Wheeler said the following:

Thank you Chairman Franks.

Chuck Wheeler

A few weeks our governor signed and placed into law the Trust Act.This bill is one of those things that was hastily drafted and riddled with “unintended consequences” Not only was it a bad idea but our sheriff’s office budgets over $8.2 million annually to the feds for holding federal detainees.

I believe our Sheriff Bill Prim and States Attorney; Patrick Kenneally should be commended for challenging this law and as the County Board I think we should draft a resolution in support of their actions along with supporting resolutions co-sponsored by our State Reps David McSweeney & Allen Skilkorn repeal laws of the Trust Act.

I would urge our citizens to call the governor to work on a compromise so that we will not have to raise taxes.

Our budget will be impacted negatively, and the citizens of McHenry County need to be sure that criminals are not out in our streets when they belong behind bars.

I would respectfully request that Law & Justice take up the matter and offer our officials support.

After all, Federal law trumps State law when there is a conflict.

Jesse White speaking to the McHenry County Board.

I would like to thank the chairman for inviting our Secretary of State to discuss with us the importance of us working together.

I think that that is important both across the aisle and within this aisle.

I feel that while we don’t have to agree with each other all the time but we can refrain from name calling and treat each other with respect and dignity.

I would also like to add that we are a public body beginning in an election cycle and in fairness we should extend the invitation to the other side to address the same topic in the near future.

Fair Is fair.

Thank you Mr. Chairman!


Chuck Wheeler Asks for Equal Treatment for Republicans — 11 Comments

  1. I would love for you all to meet Ericka Harold!

    Impressive young woman.

  2. Lani, please stay on topic.

    Harvard law School, eh?

    That’s a big strikein my book.

    Wheeler for Co. Bd Chairman!

  3. Lani, I think you mean J.C. Griffin who is running against Jesse White. Young military man with some great ideas on how to run that office at a fraction of the cost. Seems very disciplined and energetic.

    Ericka Harold is running for Attorney General (Lisa Madigan’s position, and the one Jack Franks is eyeing)

    Thank you Chuck for equal time, fair and balanced proposal, which is why Franks will never go for it.

    He’s there to promote himself and his democrats.

    I think that’s called ‘Campaigning on Govt Property’ which is a big NO NO!.

    But then again, so is Lying on your Statement of Economic Interest.

    In fact, it’s a crime.

  4. Was this before or after they voted to spend $12 million with an consent agenda?

    No discussion but will talk to hear their own voice for 4 hours on things they don’t understand?

    This board is an embarrassment.

  5. @OldManWinter

    Harvard Law School isn’t as lockstep liberal as Harvard College or Harvard’s Kennedy School.

    John Manning, HLS’s new dean, clerked for Judge Bork and Justice Scalia, and is very well respected in conservative legal circles.

  6. Feel free to point out who doesn’t understand what.

    The audio, agenda, and agenda packet for the Regular Board meeting was on September 19, 2017 starting at 7PM, and was 2:54:31 in length.

    Chuck Wheeler speaks near the beginning of the audio.


    The audio for the Special Board meeting has not been posted.

  7. You’re a nice guy, Chuck, but PLEASE
    no more resolutions and thanking Franks for inviting Jesse White to…blah blah blah.

    OMG You dont see through all of this yet?

    And have you not sorted out the County officials who cater to Austin and Franks?

    Stop putting them on pedestals and learn how their offices function and the huge $$$ they spend.

    And stop using those tired old cliches.

    Youre sounding more and more like a politician.

  8. Chuck seems to be mistakenly believing “You get more flies with honey”. Doesn’t work when you are fighting pure evil.

  9. It’s county politics, focus on solutions rather than on party politics. Set an example to the staff who work for the county.

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