Jack Franks Did Nothing Sneaky re Valley Hi Nursing Home

The Daily Herald ran an article today on Tuesday’s McHenry County Board meeting.

That was the meeting where Board Chairman’s secret move to get proposals from agents abouit leasing the Valley Hi Nursing Home got reversed.

‘”Isn’t that special?”

[See “Jack Franks Backs Down on Leasing, Perhaps Privatizing Valley Hi“]
Franks’ normal allies, including the only Democrat, Paula Yesen, did not rise to his defense.

Two Franks’ quotes in the article say,

  • “Education is key here,”
  • “As long as we’re having a discussion on the future of Valley Hi, that’s the most important issue.”

But Franks didn’t care to share what he was doing before he did it.

And Craig Wilcox, Chuck Wheeler and Jeff Thorsen called Franks out on his actions.


Jack Franks Did Nothing Sneaky re Valley Hi Nursing Home — 21 Comments

  1. Yeah right “nothin to see here”

    My response to that is:



  2. Jack loves a parade, loves to Run, Skip, and Jump, and passing out Candy.

    You know, not a care in the world, until he became McHenry County Chairman.

    Well Jack, the Taxpayer’s are watching, and you can not run or hide.

    You will be held accountable.

  3. And those plastic freezer pop wrappers are left littered along parade routes in which Franks participates.


  4. Well I did not think Jack would pass out freezer pops, on his own.

    He would get sticky fingers.

  5. Jack Franks gives lying sacks of sh!t a bad name!

    And now we can include this ‘news’paper in that category-And THIS is why we have the McH co blog.

    I noticed they didn’t mention his crime if being dishonest on his affidavit re: economic interest.

  6. It’s time to cleanse McHenry County of all the snakes and liars!

    Franks and Gasser must go!

  7. Cal =creepy franks obsession.

    The man could literally sneeze wrong and there would be a blog post titled “sneeze-gate”

  8. It seems like Jack Franks wants to be County Board Executive with a county board executive form of government.

    After all, he promoted the county board executive form of government, including a debate between himself and former Republican State Representative Michael Tryon on the topic, a clip of which is archived on YouTube.


    That referendum failed in the November 6, 2012 election.

    Thus Jack Franks is not County Board Executive and McHenry County does not have a county board executive form of government.

    But Mr. Franks is acting more like a County Board executive with a County Board executive form of government.

    He is the one that is not being bi-partisan and he is the one that seems to have repeated requests that Peter Austin do this or that, without knowledge of the full county board.

    Did the county board have a repeated problem with County Board Executive Peter Austin doing things that the county board was not aware of, prior to Jack Franks arriving?

    That does not seem to be the case.

    The position of McHenry County Board Chair given its current form of government does not seem to be a good fit for Jack Franks.

    Seems like he wants to be the man in charge calling the shots, he does not want to involve the full county board on various issues from the get go, and tends to rush measures he believes will be controversial.

    Anyone can read the 11 page McHenry County Request for Qualifications # 17-37 dated August 17, 2017 and learn more about the county’s intentions of issuing the document.


    An initiative that seems to be initiated at the behest of Jack Franks, not something that County administration brought to the attention of Jack Franks about.


    Here is how the story broke on McHenry County Blog on August 18, 2017:

    “In a move of which no McHenry County Board member attend State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s fundraiser last night was aware, Jack Franks has asked for Requests for Proposals to lease Valley Hi, the County nursing home.

    One member of the County Board asked retiring Purchasing Director Don Gray how long he had been working on the RFP and was told since June.

    Next Gray was asked why he didn’t tell anyone.

    He is reported to have said that Chairman Jack Franks and Administrator Peter Austin told him not to, to keep it quiet.”

    and the story continues here:


  9. Mark. Please explain to me how that information regarding what Don Gray may or may not have said is factual?

    Lots of innuendo here to fit a narrative that simply does not exist.

  10. Facts please would never understand this, but here goes.

    Jesus instructs us to love our enemies.

    Tell them the truth to set them free.

    Cal is absolutely guilty of that.

  11. Guess you’ll have to take my word for having been told that about Gray by a County Board member that night.

  12. Cal speaks truthfully.

    I was there and heard the same information passed.

  13. Name the member or source then…

    there is nothing secret about having an RFQ sent out when the strategic plan states to explore other options.

    Making something out of nothing people.

    The board acts like Valley Hi is in the sole control of Franks and he can sell it or lease it on his own authority.

    They couldn’t be more wrong on that.

  14. Facts Please: Are you Stooge Craver, Franks’ paid scribbler?

  15. The Request for Qualification idea was not initially sent to a committee to be vetted.

    That would be standard protocol for something of its scope and significance.

    The link to the Request for Qualifications is above.

    The link to the post which discusses Don Gray’s alleged comment is above.

    Taking Don Gray out of the equation, why didn’t County Administrator Peter Austin initially bring this idea to a board committee or any board members?

    It seems as if Peter Austin and Jack Franks kept this to themselves.

    Similar to what they did with the Oliver Serafini and Bridget Geenen patronage hires, although if I recall that was leaked to a few Jack Franks friendly board members.

    Why didn’t Jack Franks say anything about these topics initially to the other board members?

    Where was the bi-partisanship?

    Nowhere to be found.

  16. There are people on the County Board with a lot more experience in Valley Hi than Jack Franks.

    For Jack Franks to not involve them from the beginning via the committee process with the Request for Qualifications idea is stupid and prompts one to wonder about his motives.

    Just because there is a 2016 Action Plan (is that what you are referring to as a Strategic plan?) that has 1 page about Valley Hi, does not mean the County Board Chair should not involve the committee process and people who have experience in Valley Hi.

    That should be obvious.

    What in the one page about Valley Hi in the 2016 Action Plan leads one to believe a Request for Qualifications would be issued?

    Especially without having the idea first go to a committee.

    Any such alleged indication is a stretch.

    It’s really a slap in the face to board members who have spent a lot of time on Valle Hi.

    Jack Franks waltzes in and decides to do his own thing.

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