Two Dems Launch Attorney General Campaigns

Two Democrats have announced that they would seek the Democratic Party nomination for Illinois Attorney General, but one of them is not McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

The first out of the box was State Rep. Scott Drury.

Drury is the Democrat that made bold moves in the Illinois House that Jack Franks followed.

Drury is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney with the guts to vote against Mike Madigan for House Speaker.

For inexplicable reasons he was running for the Democratic Party nomination for Governor before Lisa Madigan announced that she was not running for a fifth term.

Drury says Lisa Madigan has done a good job on the civil side, but not on the criminal side of the office.

State Sen. Kwame Raoul was the second to announce.

He was an Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney before taking Barack Obama’s State Senate seat in 2004.

Raoul also gave credit to Madigan for her civil law activity and said he would do more on the criminal side.

The Republican candidate is Harvard Law School graduate Erika Harold.


Two Dems Launch Attorney General Campaigns — 7 Comments

  1. Ericka Harold, former Miss America, Harvard Law School Graduate and successful Attorney.

    And dhe’s not a politician!


  2. Franks doesn’t have the smarts or the guts to run for that.

    Straight up
    The Left is all about Identity politics.

    The Right is about Legal or Illegal.

  3. **And dhe’s not a politician**

    This is her 3rd at attempt to get an elected office.

    So not quite sure what “not a politician” means.

    And Franks isn’t running.

  4. **The Left is all about Identity politics.
    The Right is about Legal or Illegal.**

    LOL – yup, the Trump campaign didn’t play ANY identical politics. *eyeroll*

  5. SERCO is in control at the very top of the octopus. Northern Trust (yes, the one in Chicago!) owns everything. All the players in the evil that is perpetrated all over the world.They own the BAR association. Do not forget that Bar is an acronym for British Admiralty Registry. The BAR enables things like the new world order, smart meters and agenda 2030. (They write ALL your laws do not forget.) The Attorney General is put in place to protect the Crown’s land. If you doubt this, see this page and just do a search on the page for the word Crown to see the definition of the office. Do your homework.

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