Will Rauner Break Pro-Life Ties?

In the summer of 2013, Bruce Rauner was one of four Republican gubernatorial candidates who courted Pro-Lifers at Irene Napier’s Pig Roast.

The first appearance of Bruce Rauner in McHenry County was at the McHenry County Right-to-Life Pig Roast.

Bruce Rauner talks to Pro-Life leader Irene Naprer as other McHenry County Republicans looks on.

In fact, the support of Pro-Lifers was so crucial in that Republican Primary Election that every GOP candidate showed up at Irene Napier’s farm.

Now Rauner has a bill on his desk that will re-establish taxpayer funded abortions as well as institute the provision of Roe v. Wade should the U.S. Supreme Court roll it back.

Will Rauner veto the bill, thus alienating those who are pro-abortion?

Or try to salvage what little support he has among social conservatives?


Will Rauner Break Pro-Life Ties? — 11 Comments

  1. Of course he will.

    His wife is a Liberal DEMOCRAT, and he signed legislation
    making Illinois a “sanctuary state”, didn’t he ?

    Riddle me this:

    Why are people moving out of Illinois in record numbers year after year ?

  2. His day of infamy has come and gone.

    He enables the leftists to move their propaganda forward.

  3. What a damnable fraud Rauner is.

    When he ran the first time, he took great pains to claim he was a ‘Christian’ and was raised ‘as an Episcopalian on a farm.’

    Hmmph! Did he covert when he married his Jewish wife, a major contributor to Emily’s List and other far left causes, or when he paid for his kids’ bar and bat mitzvahs?

    Look what this Jewish publication had to say about it all:


  4. RINO

    One word says it all.

    Yes I know RINO isn’t a word ( it might be after the upcoming election is District 6).

    I was thinking of ‘Liar’

  5. It is House Bill 40 (HB 40) in the 100th General Assembly.

    The bill passed the State House on April 25 and the Senate on May 10, 2017.

    But then a motion was then immediately filed to reconsider in the Senate, where it remains today.

    Thus the bill has not yet been sent to the Governor.

  6. Are those 2 ladies pointing a gun at Governor Rauner? Sunshine blogger, contact law enforcement and get to the bottom of this…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  7. Many of the loonies at the breed more rallies are reasons their parents should have bought rubbers

  8. Too bad yours didn’t take that advice, Doodie.

    Buying rubbers and using them are two different matters.

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